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P.A.S Chapter 57: Bestowing The Magic Mark

“Defensive magic?”

Hearing the prompt in his ear and perceiving the changes in his body, Ron raised his eyebrows in surprise, holding the elf wand in his left hand, and tapped twice on his right arm.

Bang! Bang!

It made a sound as if he was knocking on a stone.

Ron could only feel a slight vibration of his right arm, he didn’t even feel the wand touching his skin. Even with more effort, nothing changed.

Ron clenched his fist and threw a punch at the steel-cast ship wall. It made a heavy thud. However, Ron still didn’t feel a thing or even the shock.

“It’s a little bit like Hardening…”

Ron retracted his fist and looked at his arm with his head crooked. He could clearly see that the color of his fist and arm changed to a stone-like yellow.

Slumming the wall again, Ron came to some conclusions.

This stone armor technique belongs to the defensive magic type, and it should be able to block a first-level magic attack, such as the wind blade.

Even if it didn’t fully withstand it, most likely, it would only leave a small wound.

Unlike Busoshoku Haki, which provides incredible armor and defensive capabilities, the stone armor was purely a protective technique, with no additional offensive boost.

After a certain judgment, Ron could not help shrugging. Thanks to his guardian magic of the eternal system, Ron should be able to block his second-level combined spell of wind and fire.

Coupled with this extra stone armor technique that could be used while maintaining the magic barrier, his defense power actually exceeded his attack power.

“That’s great, this should be more than enough. No more worries about my defensive ability for the time being!”

Ron tilted his head. It turned out that his new earth magic was useful after all, and it gave his strength a little push forward.

Before the acquisition of his Stone armor, Ron judged that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Headquarters rear admirals, which were able to use Haki and Moonwalk. Even though it was still a bit difficult to win, with this new technique, he should be able to have a decent match, a 50-50 fight!

With his current level, It should difficult for the rear admirals to break through his defense line, using just six techniques of “Rokushiki” and Haki.

Of course.

Needless to say, people like Garp would shatter the f* barrier with one punch. Ron estimated that he needed at least a 3rd level of guardian magic to barely resist one or two blows from that legend.

Ron thought that there was no need to rush into studying other earth magic abilities for the time being. Instead, he pushed the cabin door open and walked towards Nami.

Garp granted Nami and Ron the cabin to rest, which had two rooms. One of them was originally an office and was temporarily made into a bed.


At that time, Nami was lying in front of the table, showing a listless look.

When she saw Ron walk in, she looked at him without even raising her head, and then went back to her dull mood.

Nami looked so miserable.

After all, the newly bought boat was gone…

Although she knew that something similar might happen as soon as they crossed the Calm Belt, but the boat was worth more than 100 million Berries!

100 million Berries, gone… the perfect boat was gone!

Although it was Ron who bought the ship, it was waste to let such a ship go…

“It’s just a boat…Don’t be like that.”

Ron looked at Nami, exuding a negative aura.

She couldn’t help but laugh at first, but she fell into this state as soon as they arrived on the warship.

Hearing Ron’s words, Nami suddenly raised her head and glared at him, having an angry face, showing her teeth, then yelled at him: “Just a boat?! it’s a boat worth 100 million Berries!”

After shouting at him, she silently bowed her head and wept, sadly: “If you didn’t provoke the sea king… how could you make us abandon the ship…”

Ron: “…”

Talking to Nami made Ron feel as if he had committed some heinous act…But he had news that should wipe out her negative aura.

Ron walked in front of Nami, reached out and patted her head, then smiled: “Cheer up, come, look here, look at this …”

As he spoke, Ron opened his right hand.

A golden light spot emerged above Ron’s palm. It was not a rune, but a delicate and exquisite crystal-like thing.

Nami raised her head and saw the golden crystal floating over Ron’s palm. Her eyes widened, then said: “This is… Huh?”

Ron looked at Nami and said in a dignified tone:

“This is a holy magic mark condensed from my blood. With it, even those who were from a magician’s bloodline would use magic with this.”

“… really?!”

Nami showed a surprised look. Although she felt that Ron’s words were a little unconvincing, she couldn’t help staring at the golden crystal mark, amazed.

Ron nodded, then said: “Well, I’ve been thinking about how to make you release magic. After recalling ancient magic, I finally found a way to form a magic mark.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Nami couldn’t help feeling a little moved, but then she was a bit suspicious and looked at him:

“Why haven’t you mentioned this before…”

“Because I wanted to surprise you.”

Ron said unchanged: “It takes a lot of energy to make even a little part of the magic mark. I finished making it today… Come, try it.”

Without giving Nami a chance to reply, he grabbed her hand. The golden crystal mark floated towards Nami’s face. It flew to her eyes level, and then, suddenly, it penetrated in like an illusion.

For a moment, a delicious feeling of damp coolness spread across her face and body, that made her close her eyes unconsciously, and couldn’t help but let out a small moan.

[Tip: You gave a first-level magic mark to others]

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