Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 58: Mark Resonance

“An achievement has also been completed…”

As he watched the fusion of the magic mark, Ron heard a system prompt in his ear. He couldn’t help but smile slightly.

The process did not last long, and after a few seconds, Nami opened her eyes again. The glitter in her eyes was a little brighter than before.

“How do you feel?”

Nami sighed and said: “Very comfortable…” (E/N: huuuh!!? xD)

Ron almost asked her how “comfortable”, but thought that he may get punched over such a question, so he changed the topic and said: “let’s try it out then! open the window…”

Nami gradually recovered, and looked a little excited. She came to the window, pushed the porthole open, and then closed her eyes, concentrating, applying what Ron taught her previously.

After two seconds.


A wind blade condensed from thin air, flew out to the sky, and then landed on the sea.

“… Seiko (success)!”

Ron looked at the released wind blade with a twitched mouth. [it took me long to decrease my wind blade release time… it took her only about two seconds…release time]

Her talent was too…No, Nami practiced many times, and Ron personally directed it. She was guided, her talent was definitely not as good as her shishou (teacher).

Yes, that’s it.

Looking at the wind blade falling towards the sea, Nami first was stunned in place, then rushed towards Ron, jumped and hugged him, showing a delighted smile.

“Thanks! Captain!”

Although Ron’s physique was average, Nami, who was fifteen years old, didn’t have much weight. He stood there firmly and smiled back, but he pretended to ponder: “… Nami, how much do you think this magic mark is worth?”

Nami’s body stiffened, and she jumped back suddenly, looking at Ron with a smile, and said, “I’m your only crew member on the ship now. If we encounter an enemy, I’ll be able to fight with you, right, captain?”

“So, improving the strength of your crew should be a win-win action.”

Hearing Nami’s words, as Ron was about to refute a few more words, his expression suddenly froze, and looked at Nami strangely.

Absorbing the magic mark, Ron felt some special connection between him and Nami, which originated from the spiritual level.

[This feeling is…]

After Ron froze for a while, he immediately summoned the interface of the achievement system, and then saw on the career interface, a special area, which appeared at the bottom.

At the top of the area, there was a four-sided golden magic mark, and his name ‘’Ron’’ was marked below.

Under the golden quadrilateral mark, there was a green line extending down to a golden triangular shape, having Nami’s name labeled under.

Besides her name, there was also a bracket, with a few small characters marked inside.

Resonance: 0 points.

Wondering about the meaning of this feature, a new interface popped out.

[When you have a mid-level magic mark, you can give up to two first-level magic marks to others. When you have a high-level magic mark, you can give up to two mid-level magic marks and four first-level magic marks to others. and so on]

[The given magic marks are all linked to the highest being in the hierarchy. When the magic level of the subordinates is improved to a certain extent, the resonance generated by their magical marks will be fed back to the highest being, which will increase his mental power slightly]

There was a total of two text descriptions, they appeared one after the other, and disappeared the same way.

“Wow…what is this…mental power increase?”

Seeing all the text disappear, Ron was lost in thoughts. So, after giving the magic mark to Nami, if her magic level was improved to a certain extent, he would get a small boost of mental power in return!

Not bad!

Analyzing the situation, Ron showed a grin. He obtained a new way to enhance his spiritual attributes, but in this case, the magic mark shouldn’t be given casually, it should be granted to talented people with promising spiritual powers.

Doing so, he would get greater feedback.

Recalling the last part of the first message “and so on”, Ron was sure that the high-level magic mark was not the end of it, and there should be higher levels than that.

Ron’s thinking speed was far superior to ordinary people, so the whole process of evoking the interface, reading the descriptions, and thinking about the matter was basically less than a second in the real world.

Back to reality, he looked at Nami again, which was smiling in an attempt to divert the topic, from the value of the magic mark. He laughed, then said:

“It was just a joke, the magic mark is a gift, don’t worry. However, it is made from the blood of the magician, and it is not that easy to make…So, the only thing I want to say is…Don’t waste it.”

“of course.”

Nami lifted her chin slightly, with a confident expression on her face, looked at Ron, and said: “Relax, you will soon witness what a genius can do.”


Ron didn’t know where her confidence came from, as if she was talking about sailing.

But he couldn’t help wondering…if he didn’t have the achievement system, and they both relied on cultivation alone. Would Nami surpass him?


“I have taught you the basic runes of wind magic. I will also teach you the derived runes. Then you will practice wind magic exclusively.”

Ron thought that the wind system should be the most suitable for Nami, and maybe the Thunder system in the future. After all, those types of magics could be a great asset for her.

Nami could predict a storm in advance, she can keenly catch the changes of wind or water vapor.

She seemed to be mostly interested in the wind system. After all, as a navigator, acquiring wind magic would enhance her capabilities to take control over the ship, even in times of storms or bad weather. It would give a great boost of confidence too.

After teaching Nami the other derivative runes of the wind system, and the enhanced version of the first-level, Ron left the room.

Returning to his cabin, without hesitation, Ron immediately dived into practice.

Five days later.

The warship arrived at the marine headquarters!