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RWBK Chapter 18 Special Session

The Rokushiki is the culmination of all physical techniques. It is a practical physical technique developed by the strong men of the marines for hundreds of years. It is useful to almost anyone, whether it is a martial artist, swordsman, or basically any person.

At this level of physical arts, the threshold for learning is naturally very high. Not just anyone is qualified to practice, at least someone with a Doroki that is close to “super-human” is qualified to learn.

Among the newly recruited reservists excluding Rez, I am afraid that only two or three are barely qualified, and it is very likely that they will not be able to learn.

The rest of the newly recruited reservists may even have to practice for several months or even half a year to barely reach the threshold.

However, this is still incredible. When these reservists grow up, I am afraid they can all be very reliable agents.

“It seems that the reservists recruited by the headquarters this time are all trained as seedlings of cadres.”

“It’s no wonder that the threshold for recruiting is 200 points of strength. After three years of training, I am afraid that almost all of them will have strength close to or comparable to the cadres of the revolutionary army.”

This thought flashed through Rhodes’ mind, and he suddenly became enlightened.

From this point of view, somewhere in the four seas, there should be a sub-base similar to the island of Baltigo, which is under the control of the commander of the four armies, responsible for training ordinary soldiers and building the grassroots of the revolutionary army.

“It’s similar to the Marines.”

It’s just that the Marines have a bigger booth, spreading all over the world. Even the marines branches and marines bases in the first half of the Grand Line, all have the function of training new recruits. If the talent is good enough, they will be sent to the elite battalion of the headquarters of the marine for in-depth training.

In this way, the Marines’ heritage is simply terrifying, and it deserves to be one of the most powerful forces in the sea, not even just one of them.

However, the revolutionary army can be regarded as a threat by the world government that has ruled the world for 800 years. Apart from these conventional forces, there should be a lot of things hidden secretly.

“In the next period of time, you will practice Rokushiki.”

Hack said in a deep voice, “It doesn’t matter if you can learn it or not. The Rokushiki are physical techniques that surpass the limits of human beings. They can speed up your physical growth. However, be careful, and do not force it, because it will then damage the body, and it will not be worth the gain.”

“Now you can go! But Rhodes, you stay.”

“Yes!” Everyone responded, got up, and left. Before leaving, everyone looked at Rhodes with envious eyes.

This is obviously going to be a special session for him.

However, they have no choice but to accept it. With Rhodes’ performance in the mission, he has proved that his strength is far beyond them.

Rez sighed in his heart, and couldn’t help but feel a little funny. Before, he thought he was the strongest in his group.

“I will definitely catch up to you!”

He looked at Rhodes who seemed calm and swore in his heart.

Rhodes didn’t know what this was all about, and he wouldn’t care even if he knew it. With his cultivation speed, once Rez was overtaken, it will be almost impossible to catch up to him again.

After everyone left, Hack slowly came to Rhodes, sat down, smiled, and said: “With your talent, although the demonstration was brief, you should be able to understand it. If there is something you don’t understand, you can ask questions now.”

Seeing his attitude, Rhodes suddenly realized, that this teaching of the Rokushiki is more aimed at him alone. After all, it will be hard for Rez and others to learn it with their current strength.

After pondering for a while, Rhodes asked a few questions, all of which were detailed questions, about Soru and Geppo, and about daily practice.

Hack is a master of martial arts. He has been teaching for many years. He has a general idea of

what problems students will encounter in the process of training. Therefore, when he answers, he is organized and explains in simple terms. With Rhodes’ intelligence, he naturally understands it all at once, which feels like a sudden realization for him.

Previously, he practiced alone, unknowingly, and aimlessly. It might not harm him for now, but if he continued to practice this way for a long time, he might damage his body.

The human body is the most precise instrument.

Small mistakes can lead to severe consequences.

And with Hack’s wisdom and experience, Rhodes felt that not only could these mistakes be corrected, but the efficiency of future practice might also be improved by one or two percent.

Don’t think that this is very little. Even if it is half-effective, it is extremely impressive in the case of accumulation over time.

After answering another question, Hack looked at Rhodes patiently, and said: “Do you have any other questions?”

“No, thank you, Teacher Hack.”

Rhodes sincerely thanked him.

“It’s my responsibility to teach students, so you don’t need to thank me.”

Hack smiled and said, “Your talent in swordsmanship is something I have never seen in my life, work hard and don’t waste it.”

“Student must keep this in mind.”

Seeing Hack’s attitude, Rhodes was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that the power of thunder was probably regarded as his sword intent.

However, this is all in his plan, and it is not surprising.

Low-key has the advantage of low-key, and high-key has the advantage of high-key.

As long as the exposed things are still within the scope of understanding, there will not be too much risk.

Currently, Rhodes is at best regarded as a good seedling with extraordinary talent and unlimited potential.

Whether it grows up or not, it’s still two things to say.

“Okay, go on and practice hard.”


Rhodes nodded lightly, got up, and left.

In the back, a bearded man in a coat, with a cigarette in his mouth slowly walked over: “Is this young man that talented? You even made a special session for him to answer his questions.”

“It’s you, Gilteo, this kid is indeed very talented. At the age of sixteen, he realized his own sword intent.”

The person who came was the intelligence controller of the Revolutionary Army, Tery Gilteo, a high-ranking officer and one of the senior cadres of the Revolutionary Army.

“Oh? Sixteen years old? That’s amazing.”

Gilteo took a deep puff and asked quickly, “What type of sword intent?”

There are many kinds of sword intent, and it can even be said that every sword master can comprehend his unique sword intent. There is no strong or weak sword intent, it mainly depends on the sword master himself.

“The power of thunder!”

Hack raised the corners of his mouth lightly, and his eyes were full of smiles.

“Element class?”

Gilteo narrowed his eyes slightly, and said, “Although the elemental sword intent is superior to the physical type in terms of destructive power, it will hinder the advancement of a great swordsman.”

As the intelligence controller of the Revolutionary Army Headquarters, Gilteo even knew something about great swordsmen who stood on the top of the sea.

Hack was stunned for a moment, then shook his head with a smile and said, “But if it doesn’t, then he would be stronger than anyone.”


Gilteo also smiled, “Come with me, I gonna buy you a drink.”

“Let’s go, I’ve been eyeing your bottle of Icefire Wine for a long time.”

Hack’s eyes lit up and he walked out first.

Seeing this scene, Koala, who was forgotten by the side, couldn’t help but shake her head. She stretched and walked slowly to a room.

RWBK Chapter 18 Special Session