Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 19 The Lack of Control

Early the next morning.

After Rhodes had breakfast, he came to the training room, ready to start practicing Soru and Geppo.

“Soru is a high-speed movement, and the Geppo is kicking the air, based on learning how to use the Soru.”

“So I’ll start with Soru.”

Recalling the training method that Hack explained yesterday, Rhodes slowly came to the side of the training room.

The principle of Soru is not difficult, and it can even be said to be the easiest one of Rokushiki. The difficulty is only on the threshold. You must have a non-human level physique, and your body must be able to withstand the explosive movement speed of the Soru before you can be qualified to practice it.

Just like breaking the sound barrier, you must have solid material first.

Once the physical strength reaches the standard, it is not too difficult to practice.

“And many more.”

Just as he was about to start his training, Rhodes suddenly realized that something was wrong:

“This training room seems a little small…”

He took a look at this training room. As a revolutionary army base, of course, the construction materials are of the highest standard. They use special rocks that are only one step weaker than sea stones, and it is extremely hard.

However, even though this separate training room is fully equipped, the space is not large. It is enough for physical training, but he was going to practice Soru, things could get wrong in such a small room.

I heard Hack say that the biggest difficulty in the initial practice of Soru is the control of the explosive force, and it is easy to jump all the way out in a swish.

Rhodes shook his head. He had no hobby of hitting walls.

“I’ll go out and take a look at the training hall.”

Rhodes sighed, turned around, and walked out. Although he didn’t like to practice with other people, there was nothing he could do.

Along the corridor, Rhodes gradually came to the outside of a hall.

The space here is much larger, which is completely enough to practice Soru, but learning Geppo here will probably be a little troublesome.

At this moment, many reservists in the hall were practicing or chatting, and when they saw Rhodes appearing, they all looked surprised.

After the last mission, Rhodes was already regarded as the number one man in the reserve force and even regarded at the same level as the captains.

These kinds of people usually don’t come to the hall to practice.

“It is estimated that it is to find a place to practice the Rokushiki. The space of the personal training room in this base is not as big as that in the headquarters.”

“It’s amazing. After only one month of becoming a reservist, he has met the requirements for practicing the Rokushiki.”

“He just met the requirements. If he really wants to learn it, it will take at least a few months, or even longer. It took Shanoa more than four months to master two of them.”

“Hey, that’s not necessarily true. I heard that this guy is a real genius, a sixteen-year-old swordsman! You can’t really tell what he can actually do!”

“Swordsmanship and Physical Techniques are not in the same field at all, how can they be compared!”

There were a lot of discussions taking place, and things got a bit noisy.

This made Rhodes a little unhappy, he still prefers a quieter environment.

“I’ll go out and find a better place.”

He shook his head and walked along the corridor to the outside of the base.

After showing his identity, he came to an open space between the valleys, where there were several plants that happened to grow only on the Baltigo Island, which looked a bit like a cactus.

“That’s it.”

Rhodes marked a place in front of these special plants, and then slowly retreated to a far enough distance.


Recalling the way of using Soru, Rhodes took a deep breath, secretly adjusted his body strength, and then stomped the ground.


The ground cracked with spiderweb-like traces, and then he instantly rushed forward.

“No, the power is not superimposed and accumulated.”

“I need to focus more.”


The earth cracked again, and Rhodes’ body suddenly rushed forward. Although it was a little better, it was still far from the standard of the Soru.


Rhodes’ mentality was very stable. His talent is swordsmanship specialist, which is not compatible with martial artists. It is only normal that such techniques will take him longer to learn.

However, his intelligence is more than twice that of ordinary people, his way of thinking and calculating is very clear, and he can easily detect any flaws. With step-by-step corrections, his learning progress is not slow, at least much faster than normal people.

The Rokushiki are indeed advanced physical techniques that surpass the limits of the human body.

“I’m afraid this is also the reason for the slow learning.”

Feeling the state of his body, Rhodes curled his lips. After only a moment of practicing, he was already close to the limit of his physical strength. According to the recovery time of his physical strength, the number of times a normal person can practice such a technique in a day is pitifully small.

“But I’m different.”

Rhodes smiled and sat cross-legged on the ground.


A faint blue light appeared on Rhodes’ body.

Wisps of light blue electric arcs emerged, swimming around like little snakes.

This state is different from the lightning-forging body that strengthens his body at night. The current operation is more gentle, just like soaking in a hot spring.

Up until now, Rhodes has developed a total of three states using the power of lightning.

The first is lightning forging, which uses electric current to stimulate the cells in the body and improve their activity, thereby strengthening the body.

The second is the lightning mode, which is a state used in combat. It fully activates the power of lightning, which can stimulate the nerves of the body, and to a certain extent, enhance the speed of the body and the reaction speed of the nerves.

Currently, Rhodes can last for about one to eight hours in this state, depending on the intensity of the battle.

The third one is the present one. In a non-war state, it is used to relieve fatigue and accelerate physical recovery. The side effect is that it does increase food intake.

Soon, Rhodes’ physical strength gradually recovered to full value. He rubbed his legs, stood up again, and continued to practice.


Half a month passed quickly.

In the past two weeks, Rhodes spent most of his time practicing Soru and Geppo, except for the lightning forging at night.

Because he can relieve fatigue and speed up physical recovery with the help of electric currents, Rhodes’ daily practice duration and frequency far exceed that of normal people.

In just 15 days, he mastered the high-speed movement of the Soru. Though he still lacks some control.

To make it short, he can use the Soru technique, but he cannot precisely control the landing point.

This is fatal.

Using Soru again, Rhodes’ figure flashed like a flicker, instantly crossing a large distance, appearing in front of the big tree, and almost colliding with it.

“For the time being, I can only use it to move around. Using it in actual combat is currently impossible.”

Rhodes shook his head slightly.

He will simply be courting death if he dares to use this technique in battle.

“It’s really not that simple to figure out.”

“That’s right, the Rokushiki is the culmination of the profound understanding of various martial arts. Some pure martial artists managed to traverse the sea for long just by being proficient in a few of them. How could it be so easy to practice?”

Rhodes’ mentality is very stable, and he is not anxious at all. Compared with other people, he has learned quickly.

Due to the addition, he achieved in physical strength, his strength finally broke through a threshold under this daily hard work.

Rhodes estimated that he should be at the same level as Nia and other captains.

His fast growth is one of the reasons that helped him practice the Rokushiki so quickly.

The time has come to the winter of 1520, and a series of major events are brewing, which may break out at any time.

This made Rhodes always have a faint sense of urgency. He could not wait to split one day into two days of training. He was extremely eager to have more power.

“This is not enough.”

Letting out a breath, Rhodes loosened his muscles and continued to practice his Soru technique.

As for the Geppo. It is an advanced version of the Soru, a high-end application of the skill. After mastering Soru, the difficulty of practicing Geppo will be greatly reduced.