Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 20 Invaders!

half a month later.

In the open space.

Rhodes stood calmly, eyeing the spot he planned as his foothold in the distance.


In an instant, Rhodes jumped out violently, turning into an afterimage that was indistinguishable to the naked eye, tearing the air, bringing a gust of wind, and then landing on the foothold with great precision, and almost in the center!

“This level should be enough for actual combat.”

Letting out a breath, Rhodes nodded, feeling somewhat satisfied.

In one month, he learned Saru, and the speed even exceeded Rhodes’ own expectations.

Although he has various advantages, such as the speed of learning, and the ability to speed up the recovery of physical strength, in the end, it is necessary to work hard in order to achieve something.

“It’s probably because my body has grown a lot.”

“After all, it’s only normal. The better you are, the more difficult it will be to get stronger.”

Putting aside these messy thoughts, Rhodes looked up at the sky and then jumped up.


At this time, his physical strength had already surpassed the limits of the human body, and his jumping power was extremely amazing. He barely exerted much effort before he came into the air, and then under the influence of gravity, his body began to fall quickly.

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for humans to stay in the air, let alone fly.

Geppo is one of the Rokushiki techniques, and it gives humans the ability to stay in the air for a short period of time.

Rhodes used both of his feet to step down; obviously, he was stepping in the air, but it looked as if he was stepping on the real body. He made a “bang”, and then his body rose a bit higher.

After several consecutive attempts, Rhodes fell back to pondering.

“Geppo is an advanced application technique of Soru, which enables human beings to force their way in the air and stay elevated for a short time, which is of great significance.”

“The disadvantage is that it is very inflexible, the physical consumption is greater than that of Soru, and it cannot be used for long-distance movement.”

Rhodes analyzed it attentively.

After all, the sky is not the domain of human beings. The Geppo can only give humans the ability to stay in the sky for a short period of time.

“However, the captains have more or less mastered two, or three moves of the Rokushiki. I learned it, and I just made up for the shortcomings in this area, so that I won’t be led by the nose when fighting.”

“The most important improvement is the power of thunder and swordsmanship!”

Level 2: Book of Knowledge

Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1


Swordsmanship Specialist – The combination of human and sword – The comprehension of swordsmanship is greatly improved!

Thunder Control – The Rebirth of the God of Thunder. You can freely control the power of thunder!

Energy: 149/1000

The energy broke through the 100 mark, and took a big step forward; a full 149 points of energy were gained!

At this time, Rhodes’ power of lightning was twice as strong as when he went to the monster island before!

The power of lightning at this stage, even if it is not attached to a sword and it’s shot out alone, can be regarded as a powerful weapon.

At the same time.

In terms of swordsmanship, after his physical strength finally reached the threshold, the sword Qi he can shoot out finally has considerable power in it. If he faces the beasts on that island again, he could slash them with a single strike of his sword Qi. The destructive power of that skill has greatly increased.

Before becoming a great swordsman, the most influential factor in the power of sword Qi is the swordsman’s own power.

Physical strength is the foundation of everything.

“To sum things up, with my current combat power, I should have a 90% chance of winning against Nia and other captains.”

“As for the first team’s captain, Shanoa, I heard that she is also a swordsman. I have never seen her make a move in person, so it’s a little hard to measure…”

After thinking for a while, Rhodes felt that as long as Shanoa hadn’t learned Haki yet, he has enough confidence to beat her!

It can be said that after more than two months of training, Rhodes finally has the power to step into this world by himself, and he can forcefully suppress the elite reservists and cadres raised by major forces such as the Revolutionary Army.

If he learns the Haki, Rhodes’ strength will also usher in a surge.

This speed seems terrifying.

In fact, in the world of pirates, it is not difficult to level up from an ordinary person to an ordinary strong person. If you are lucky, even eating a Devil Fruit would be more than enough to do it.

If it is a rare elemental fruit, it can even directly possess the power to traverse the world and even the first half of the Grand Line.

However, after reaching a certain level, it will be extremely difficult to go further.

For example, Doflamingo in the Shichibukai, or other members of the Yonko’s Pirate groups, are almost all existences who can fight against admirals without losing the wind, but to truly rank with an admiral, or even surpass the admirals, it is simply extremely difficult, and it may even be impossible to do for a lifetime.

But Rhodes is different.

The existence of the book of knowledge gave him endless possibilities, and he could improve almost unlimitedly.

The bottleneck does not exist!

The highest level is his goal!

Gilteo has been standing by the window for a long time.

“In one month, he learned Soru and Geppo, and be able to control them proficiently.”

“I’m afraid Sabo’s talent in martial arts is far less than that.”

After thinking about it for a while, he shook his head, with the light of wisdom flashing in his eyes, and muttered to himself, “No, it’s not a talent for martial arts.”

“Is it the learning speed? He can quickly detect mistakes, and easily correct them, this kind of sensitivity…”

“Also, the power of thunder, or the sword intent of thunder. I never knew that it can be used like this?”

This is the most amazing thing. He obviously didn’t expect that Sword Intent could be developed in this way and become a regular power.

After observing him for a while, he could naturally notice that Rhodes can quickly recover his physical strength with the help of lightning, thereby speeding up the progress of his training

“Geniuses, you can’t speculate them with common sense.”

Gilteo shook his head, returned to the desk, and sat down, continuing to sort out the information.

“Report!” A voice came from outside the door.

“Come in.”

“According to the pirate flag, it is the relatively famous Silver Sword Pirates in the nearby waters.”

“But the Captain of the Silver Sword Pirates is not here. The leader of the group of the Silver Sword Pirates is, “Black Fist” Lancelot, he has a bounty of 83 million.”

The soldiers of the Revolutionary Army gave a quick report.


Hearing this, Gilteo pondered slightly, and just as he was about to speak, Hack’s voice suddenly came from outside the gate:

“We finally have pirates here?”

As soon as he said this, Gilteo immediately shook his head helplessly, knowing that this guy was planning to bring those reservists to fight the pirates.

“I’ll leave this to you.”

“Don’t worry we got it.”

The Hack laughed, turned, and walked out.

Judging by his level of proficiency, this is obviously not the first time.