Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 21 The So-Called Gathering


Behind a hillside.

Hack came here with the reservists, and then said, “I think you all know the goal of this mission.”

“It’s up to you to arrange a suitable tactic or formation to attack the enemy.”

“I won’t take action unless you encounter an irresistible enemy.”

“Be careful, the enemies are all vicious pirates, they must not have the slightest mercy.”

His tone was low and serious, and it attached great importance to this combat mission.

The pirates in the New World are all hungry wolves. They have been battling for a long time and have killed countless people.

In order to ensure the safety of the reservists, Hack even dispatched some revolutionary army cadres from the coast base.


Numerous reservists responded in a low voice, all of them were a little nervous, especially Rez and his group.


The strength and ferocity of this kind of people are almost heard from childhood, and no one dares to underestimate them, because anyone who does, ends up dead.

“Rhod, what do you think?”

Rez asked Rhodes beside him in a low tone.

Rhodes gave him a strange look and said:

“What do you think, just kill them.”

“Anyway, they’re all scum, it’s such a waste of clean air.”

Rhodes didn’t have any good feelings for pirates.

The pirates in this world, except for a very small number of existences such as Luffy, and Red Hair, most of the others are criminals who have committed many crimes, and they have to be killed.


Rez was speechless, you are so harsh.

At this time, Nia, Shanoa, and other captains came to Rhodes in a group and invited him to discuss the tactic together.

This is a world where strength determines status. Rhodes’ performance in the last mission has obviously made the captains recognize him.

“The leader of the enemy is a powerful pirate with a reward of 83 million, nicknamed Black Fist, he should be a strong individual.”

“It’s very likely that he learned how to use Haki. This guy will be handed over to Shanoa. It’s okay to hold him back, right?”

“As soon as we solve the other scumbags, we’ll come to help you.”

Nia seems to be a tactical analyst, and spoke straightly: “Comparing the number of people, we are a little less, but it doesn’t matter.”

“It can be like this, and like this…”

She speaks extremely fast and eloquently, she was obviously a proficient tactic specialist.

The rest of the captains nodded frequently, and even the great swordsman Shanoa showed approval.

Her strength has not reached that point where she can ignore the number of people.

On the side, Rhodes secretly sighed helplessly, they had already discussed it, why did they call him.


It seems that this group of pirates had to change its course due to sudden sea storms. After accidentally discovering the island Baltigo, they docked to explore and repair their pirate ship.

There is a camp in the open space on the shore.

Some pirates are in charge of guarding, the rest are resting, and a few people have been sent to explore the island.

This is the habit of pirates. When they encounter an island, they will go forward to explore, and they may find some treasures and the like.

In the center of the camp, Black Fist stood with his hands behind his back, and said lightly, “How long will it take to repair.”

“Half a day.” Someone replied.

Black Fist nodded and turned to look back it was dusk and looked quite atmospheric.

“What about the others who went to explore the island? Why haven’t they come back?”

Black Fist narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling that something was wrong. He was a meticulous person and attached great importance to the concept of time.

Anyone under him who is late will be severely punished, whipped at every turn, and even shot on the spot in serious cases.

His crew knows this, so it rarely happens.

“A problem must have occurred. There is danger on this island be careful! ” Half a minute later, he ordered everyone to be on alert.

Immediately, the pirates scattered on the beach began to gather at the camp. Although they were not panicked, their vigilance was extremely high.

Boom boom boom!

At the same time, dozens of cannons suddenly flew in the distance, bringing up a trail of flame tails and bombarding the pirate camp.

The earth trembled, and dust rose to the sky.


Black Fist stood in the center of the audience.

He looked extremely calm, he was really used to standing in such battles.

This firepower still can’t make the smallest pirate in the New World flinch.

Most of the rest of the pirates did the same. They didn’t panic, but instead, a cold bloodthirsty look flashed in their eyes.

After being tossed by the storm, these pirates were in a very bad mood, eager to kill to satisfy themselves and vent their emotions. It would be better if they could find one or two beautiful women.

Nia didn’t intend to cause any casualties, she just used the artillery fire to divide the pirates and break their formation


The next moment, the captains of the reverse force and their team members rushed to the pirate camp from all directions.

All of a sudden, everyone was shouting, and on the beach under the setting sun, the ground was painted red with blood.

With the advantage of the raid, the reservists achieved good results.

But the pirates of the new world are not easy to mess with. If it wasn’t for the strength of the captains such as Shanoa and Nia, and the well-equipped reservists, there would have been casualties already.

“It’s not over yet, it’s better not to be positive.”

Seeing this scene, Rhodes shook his head gently and then headed towards the pirate ship.

His mission is to destroy the pirate ship and cut off the pirate’s back path. This is a mission specially assigned by Nia based on his ability.

As he was walking, he suddenly felt something in his heart and looked forward to the left.

Near a makeshift shed, two tall pirates with strange blushes on their faces looked at him sharply with evident murderous intent.

“huh, okay bring it on.” Rhodes’ eyes became cold.


A violent force erupted, and the ground shattered instantly, leaving spider web-like traces.

At the same time, Rhodes rushed toward the pirates as fast as lightning.

The murderous intent in the eyes of the pirates had not faded, and they only came to their senses and tried to turn around and run after it was already too late.

“Boom”, the temporary shed was blown down by the strong wind.

At the same time, a figure ripped open the air and was approaching quickly.

The two pirates felt the increasingly fierce wind noise behind them, they looked at each other, gritted their teeth, and let out a loud roar, their skin instantly flushed, their muscles swelled, and countless blue veins emerged like earthworms.

A sturdy aura permeated from the body.

As elite pirates in the new world, how can they get this far without a special skill?

This was an advanced physical technique similar to the Tekkai, which can temporarily strengthen the body’s strength, similar to other techniques.

But the disadvantages are also very serious, it makes people lose their blood and energy, exhaust their spirits, and be unable to fight for a few days.

However, at this moment, they do not have a lot of options

This young man who charged at them with a sword was extremely terrifying. If they didn’t try their best, they would have definitely died!

“Go to hell!”

The two were ready to fight to the death.

However, just as they turned around, they saw a flash of lightning flashing across their eyes, extremely bright and fleeting.

After that flickering of lightning, the space seemed to stand still, only the whistling of the sea breeze remained.

Rhodes looked calm and sheathed his sword.

Behind him came the sound of a corpse falling heavily to the ground.