Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 22 Divine Punishment


Lancelot commanded from the center, his expression was calm, but there was a strange look in his eyes.

“Where did they come from? So many young strong men.”

“Is this island the base of a major powerhouse?”

“We must retreat immediately!”

Between the light and the flint, he made this decision.

As a pirate who reach the New World, he was very experienced and avoided the pursuit of the Marines multiple times.

Sailing in the New World’s water for years, he is well versed in the value of the wind and knows that keeping their lives is the most important thing.

Thus, he was about to order a retreat.

The silver sword energy suddenly came from not far away, tearing apart the earth as if it could tear everything apart.
“A swordsman?”

Lancelot’s brows furrowed even tighter. To be able to shoot such a strong Sword Qi, this mysterious force is really incredible.

Chi Chi!

The sword energy was heading toward him, the strong wind was surging, and Lancelot’s long hair fluttered backward.
However, he unexpectedly stood there motionless, and when the sword Qi approached, he suddenly clenched his hands into fists.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

The jet-black energy suddenly colored his arms.


When his black fists collided with the sword energy, the void exploded, like the roar of artillery fire.
The stalemate didn’t last more than a moment, and the seemingly unstoppable silver sword Qi was shattered by Lancelot’s punch, and the aftermath of the broken sword Qi scattered out, tearing the surrounding earth into dense tiny cracks.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

Not far away, Shanoa walked backward slowly, full of fear.

Lancelot noticed her, but his face was expressionless.

He suddenly clenched his fist, and the void around it made a humming sound.

In the next second, he rushed out at an extremely fast speed and reached Shanoa’s front instantly, and his fist that was covered by the Busoshoku’s Haki suddenly slammed her.

Shanoa didn’t have time to dodge, so she had to condense all her strength and strike out with her sword.


There is no suspense, Shanoa was blasted out.

“Time to go.”

Lancelot didn’t pursue her, because he didn’t want to offend this unknown powerhouse, he just wanted to retreat.

But he just turned around.

He heard a sudden screeching sound from his ship, and when he looked at it, he suddenly shouted, “No!”

He was startled and hurriedly rushed toward the sea.

On the top of the ship the lightning was flashing dazzlingly, the rumbling sound of the thunder was deafening, and the ship looked like it was about sink at any moment.

Rhodes’ action of destroying the ship was hardly hindered in the slightest.

Those who stayed on the ship to repair it were ordinary pirates with relatively weak strength. Facing Rhodes at this time, they had no chance at all.

On the contrary, this pirate ship that was strong enough to sail in the new world, took him a lot of effort to destroy, because of its extremely hard material.


Under the terrified gazes of all the pirates on the ship, Rhodes stood above the void with his sword, bathed in thunder, like a god of thunder from ancient times.

“Lightning: One Sword Style: Smite!”


Heaven-shaking sword chants resounded through the sky.

An azure blue thunder sword Qi lit up the whole world, striking out with an unstoppable aura.

As soon as the top of his sword fell, the deck of the pirate ship, the cabin below, and the hardest keel were all cut open, revealing the sea below.

Track, prick, prick!

Infinite electric current raged on the hull, and it was charred black.

Fortunately, most of the pirates in the New World were physically strong and would not be electrocuted to death, but they almost lost their consciousness.

The ship was ruined with one strike!

At this moment, the battlefield at the beach was as silent as death.

Everyone stared blankly at the sword-wielding figure bathed in thunder in the distance.

“Is this bastard really a reservist in the same class as us?”

The reservists gasped, unable to accept this depressing fact.

“What a powerful sword intent and amazing swordsmanship!”

Nia and the other captains were also full of surprise and shock.

When the task was assigned, some people raised objections and felt that more captains should be sent to cut off the way back, but Nia advocated that Rhodes should go alone.

However, Nia herself was stunned. She believed that Rhodes could complete the task, but she did not expect him to do it so well.

“The destructive power of a swordsman, who has comprehended the Thunder Sword Intent, is really terrifying.”

Even the Hack, Koala, and other revolutionary army cadres in the rear couldn’t help but admire it.

The entire battlefield was shocked by his sword.

The moral of the pirates plummeted, their eyes moved left and right as if they were looking for a way out.


Black Fist looked ugly and cursed in a low voice.

In the waters of the New World, there are not enough sturdy ships, and if you want to go to sea like this, it is simply courting death.

Having just experienced a natural disaster at sea, he has a deep understanding of this.

The back road was cut off and the situation of being trapped on an isolated island aroused the murderous bloodthirsty intent in Lancelot’s heart.

He understands very well that if the secret base of such a big powerhouse is discovered, they won’t think twice before inevitably killing all people. They only sent these young kids to train them as soldiers.

“I won’t go down without a fight!”

Black Fist roared abruptly, and his voice spread throughout the battlefield: “Fight to the death!”

The pirates froze for a while, they obviously understood the current situation.

They were just unlucky.

But sometimes being unlucky is enough to end up trapped inside one of the powerhouses’ camp base.

A dazzling thunder sword Qi suddenly bombarded from the sky, as if the gods descended to earth, bringing divine mortals’ their divine punishment.

“Huh, so flashy!”

Lancelot snorted coldly and stood on the ground, disdain to dodge at all.

He suddenly stumped the ground, swaying a layer of invisible airwaves, and then the whole person jumped up and greeted it head-on!

He regarded himself as one of the strongest pirates on this sea, once he decides to fight, he will not have the slightest fear.


Lancelot shouted loudly, inciting his whole body strength, and at the same time clenched his black-jet fists, which were blasted at the sword energy above without any fancy.


The violent power burst out, and the thunder sword Qi stagnates slightly, then collapses and splashes.

“So it’s just flashy!”

Lancelot smiled proudly, but the next moment, the smile on his face faded away.

Stab, stab!

Endless lightning currents surged out, and in the matter of a second, they directly enveloped all of his body.


It all happened in a second, and Lancelot was completely unable to dodge and was directly burned by the electric current, and his physique, which had been honed to an extremely strong point, couldn’t help him withstand such a strong lightning power.

He has not yet mastered the Busoshoku Haki to implement it on his whole body, thus, he was unable to resist such an all-around attack!


The next moment, Black Fist, Lancelot, was shot down by the remaining power of the sword Qi and slammed onto the ground.

However, he is worthy of being a pirate from the New World. It didn’t take him long before, he stood up again.

However, it was a little embarrassing.

His hair was messy, he literally had an explosive head. And there were also some dark traces on his skin, which were burned by the high temperature caused by the lightning current.