Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 23 A Punch To The Guts

“Is this the strength of a pirate with a reward of more than 80 million?”

Rhodes slowly floated down from the sky, with a little bit of evident confusion.

To be honest, he was a little disappointed.

The bounty for pirates was originally just a bounty mechanism created by the world government in order to encourage strong individuals to hunt and kill pirates.

But now, the bounty has become a symbol of status and strength, and a bounty of more than 80 million is considered quite good in this sea.

If it is placed in the four seas, such as the south, south, north, and west, it is completely enough to become a hegemon.

Even in the first half of the Grand Line, you can get a good position. With a little bit more effort, you can become a supernova!

You know, after Luffy defeated the Shichibukai, Crocodile, his bounty was only 100 million.

“Damn kid, do you think you’ve already won?!”

Hearing this, Lancelot, Black Fist, was furious.

He let out a loud roar, the veins all over his body throbbed violently, and the whole person swelled in a circle, turning into a big man with a height of three meters.

He should have looked terrifying, but it’s just that his explosive hair made him look a bit funny.

“His skin has turned black!”

“It’s the “Black Fist” secret technique that even the captain is so proud of. I have only seen him use it twice. I didn’t expect him to use this trick against such a young man.”

“Since the captain decided to use this technique, the battle will probably end here.”

Not far away, the pirates who were attracted by the big movement here all showed awe when they saw Lancelot’s appearance.

On the field.

After he used his secret technique, Lancelot let out a roar, raised his hand, and rushed in.

This time, his speed was a little slower than before, but the power of this punch was as heavy as a mountain, and the power was incredible.

When Shanoa, who claimed to be the number one in the reserve force, saw this, her face turned pale again. If that guy used this secret technique from the beginning, she was afraid that she would not be able to take a single punch.

In the field, Rhodes stood on the spot indifferently, he didn’t seem like he was planning on dodging or evading. When Lancelot’s fist approached, Rhodes suddenly grabbed the hilt of the sword and slashed out.

The thunder flickered and attached to the blade, making this ordinary long sword as sharp as a famous sword.


The light blue blade collided with the black fist.

In the field, like a thunder blast, the aftermath of the huge energy rushed out in all directions, and all the debris, tents from the camp, and other rubbles on the ground were thrown out.

The people nearby had to retreat one after another and were forced to stop fighting. They all looked at the battlefield here with awe.


Black Fist’s expression changed slightly, and he was forced to take a step back, while Rhodes just kept attacking.

The head-on collision between the two clearly determined the winner.

Although Lancelot’s physique has been honed to the extreme, Rhodes’ physical strength has also been improving.

“How can that be?!”

Black Fist was shocked.

He was extremely confident in his own strength, especially when using the secret technique, there are even some famous pirates with a reward of over 100 million, and he is confident he can win against them.

And now a young man who is only sixteen or seventeen years old can compete with it.

This has surely felt like a punch to the guts.

“I do not believe this!”

Lancelot roared, if one punch isn’t enough, another punch will do, followed by an elbow and a knee, and a barrage of hits.

Every punch and every kick is unbelievably heavy. His body was wrapped in Busoshoku Haki, and it can easily smash boulders and hills.

The mighty fist was Lancelot was waving madly sending sand and stones flying.


Rhode’s face was expressionless, and his eyes did not fluctuate.

More than twice the intelligence, not only gives him an extraordinary learning speed but also allows him to have efficient information processing capabilities.

In such battles, he had strong control over the situation.

The speed of thinking and reaction is beyond that of ordinary people. In the face of any situation, he can deal with anything his opponent pulls out at him calmly, and come up with countermeasures in an instant.

“Ah ah ah ah ah……”

Lancelot was like a madman, making use of every physical skill he have learned in his lifetime to the extreme. Every part of his body turned into a dangerous weapon, trying to tear Rhodes apart.

Although this barrage of attacks was continuous, the power of each blow was inevitably a bit weaker.

With the speed of his reaction and his body speed enhanced by the lightning mode, Rhodes coped with it more easily.

“Is that all there is to it?”

Rhodes said lightly.

He was no longer planning of using Lancelot as a stepping stone to gain more combat experience.


The dazzling lightning burst and the sudden strong light made Lancelot narrow his eyes slightly and subconsciously threw his fists into the void.

Rhodes dodged his fist to the side easily, stepped forward, and then decided to thrust his blade deep into Lancelot’s heart.

The height difference between the two made it impossible for Rhodes to strike him, and could only attack its vital points.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

Lancelot was not afraid, arrogantly believing that his Busoshoku Haki could stop Rhodes’ sword.

However, almost in the next instant, the sneer at the corner of his mouth suddenly froze. The sword tip, which was wrapped in the power of thunder, forcibly broke through the protection of the Busoshoku Haki, and then pierced the heart!

The battle came to an abrupt end.

The two stood there, motionless.


Lancelot barely spat out a word, before he coughed blood, and darkness started to cover his vision. A second later he started to feel dizzy and then fell to his knees.

Fighting a swordsman is so dangerous and cruel, once they break through the defense, one hit can be fatal, unlike fighting an unarmed opponent, even if the nose is blue and the face is swollen, you can still fight for several rounds.

After being pierced in the heart, Lancelot didn’t die immediately. He fell to his knees and pressed his left hand on the heart, but he was unable to stop the gushing of blood when he realized that his face was full of panic.

“I wouldn’t be so proud of such an uncompleted technique if I were you.”

Rhodes sheathed his sword calmly.

Lancelot raised his head and opened his blood-filled mouth. Just as he was about to say something, the blood rushed out of his mouth. The secret technique he performed could no longer be maintained, and his figure returned to normal.

Then, with a thud, he fell to the ground, and the blood that flowed out quickly formed a pool of blood on the ground.

“Dead…dead? The captain is dead!”

“How is this possible?!”

“We’ve traveled all the way to the new world, how can we die in such a place!”

At this time, the pirates saw the ending of their captain, and they all took a breath of air, showing shock.

“Kill them all!” The reservists raised their weapons and shouted loudly, their morale was soaring.

Instantly, the reservists rushed at the pirates, who were frustrated, they didn’t dare to face the enemy head-on, they just wanted to escape.

“Amazing, you are stronger than me.”

The captain of the first team, the swordsman Shanoa, came over with a sincere tone, and then let out a deep breath and said with full of fighting spirit: “However when I learn Haki, I will definitely defeat you!”


Rhodes responded indifferently, turned around, and joined the ranks that were chasing the pirates.

Although these ordinary pirates provide very little energy, no matter how small the mosquito is, they’re still worthy of killing. Rhodes has no habit of wasting opportunities.