Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 24 The Return

After half an hour.

The chasing finally came to an end, and the reservists were cleaning up the battlefield. They worked hard to restore the battlefield to its original state as much as possible. And now it cannot be seen at a glance that fierce battles have broken out here.

At the same time, it is also necessary to salvage the sunken pirate ship and find possible spoils from it.

The captains gathered together and reported the results back to Hack.

After all, the enemy was a pirate from the New World, the group was cunning and ruthless.

Even if there were revolutionary army cadres to rush in if anything went wrong, and the average quality of the reservists was better than that of the other party, there were still a few casualties, but most of them were just injuries, and there were only four deaths.

In this battle, the most stunning performance undoubtedly belongs to Rhodes, and no one from the reservists will object to this.

Seeing is believing.

The strength Rhodes showed in the battle, destroying the pirate ship and getting rid of their captain, “Black Fist” shocked everybody.

After the battle, the reservists, including the captains, looked at Rhodes with a trace of awe in their eyes.

This is the awe that the strong deserve!

If he was just a bit stronger than them, like Shanoa, the captains would dare to challenge a little bit, but for a monster like Rhodes, forget it.

It’s only been over two months!

He immediately became the strongest in the reserve force, the strongest without any doubt.

Since the revolutionary army started training reservists, there has never been such an existence.

“Perhaps, among his peers, only Sabo, who trained under the leader very early, can overwhelm him.”

Nia and other captains all had this idea in their hearts.

After this battle, Rhode finally had a clearer idea of

his own strength, and clearly understood what class he belonged to in this world of pirates.

With a reward of more than 80 million, Rhodes could kill Black Fist so neatly.

Of course, this is due to the sharpness of his blade, but it is also enough to prove that his strength is at least on the right level to be in this sea, and pirates with the reward of 100 million aren’t that scary anymore!

To a certain extent, Rhodes has accomplished the first goal he set after coming to this world, no pirate with over a 100 million bounty can stand in his way!

The destruction of the pirate ship, the defeating of Black Fist, and the final pursuit all brought a lot of energy to Rhodes.

The energy accumulated by the Book of Knowledge jumped from 149 points to 170 points, a full increase of 21 points!

It was worth more than ten days of training!

This means that the power of thunder that Rhode could use has risen sharply, and it may not be long before the strength brought by the power of thunder will even surpass his swordsmanship itself!

“If I want to grow faster, I will have to rely more on battles.”

Rhodes sighed emotionally, sat cross-legged on the ground, and cleaned his blade, with calm eyes and a trace of leisure.

The material of this sword is very ordinary. If it weren’t for the power of thunder that strengthened its sharpness, I’m afraid it would not have been able to keep up with his growing pace.

Especially today’s collision with Black Fist, his blade would have been easily overwhelmed.

However, things such as famous swords can only be encountered but not sought after. Rhode is not in a hurry. Learning Haki comes first, and he will be able to continue his life with this sword until he finds a good famous sword.

Soon, the battle was over.

Hack returned to the coastal base with the reservists. After resting for a night, he hurried to the headquarters castle.

This time, the military training can be said to have achieved great results, especially the discovery of a super rookie such as Rhodes. Hack was in a very good mood, smiling all the way, which made Koala secretly feel amazed.

In her impression, Hack is a true master who upholds the spirit of martial arts, he rarely seen is in such a state.

After several days of trekking, the team came under the headquarters castle.

Looking at this majestic and quaint building, and the town that could be seen in the distance, Rez felt a bit emotional.

“Huh, what a pity.”

Rez’s eyes were a little red and his expression darkened because one of the four who died was his good friend.

The two grew up together, trained together, made an appointment to join the revolutionary army together, and worked hard for their dreams, but he never thought…

“After all, we were still not strong enough.”

Rez clenched his fists tightly until his knuckles turned white. If he had the strength of Rhodes, he wouldn’t have let such a thing happen.

“Okay, you have a day off to relax.” Hack said.

Immediately, the reservists scattered one after another, leaning on their shoulders.

Rhodes stood on the spot, and blinked his eyes, feeling a little stunned.


What an unfamiliar word…

For more than two months, he has been exercising every day, practicing every day, and even sleeping has been replaced by exercise. Truly sometimes, Rhodes felt really tired, not physically, but psychologically.

After all, he is just a normal human being, not a robot.

“Take a good rest today.”

He whispered to himself.

Sometimes rest is also part of training.

He directly slept through the afternoon and at night, which completely relaxed his body. It was not until the next morning that Rhode got up. And he felt an indescribable sense of comfort and relaxation all over his body.

This kind of ease comes not only from the body but also from his soul and will.

After two months of high-intensity exercise, his mind reached its limit. After he relaxed and rested his whole body, Rhodes seemed to have relieved some kind of burden, and his mind and will have been tempered.

Vaguely, even when Rhodes closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to perceive the movement around him.

This is slightly different from the breath of all things that swordsman understands, it is more intuitive and clearer.

“Is this the Kenbunshoku Haki?”

Rhodes smiled slightly upon discovering this pleasant surprise, but it should have something to do with the perception bonus of the Book of Knowledge.

This is equivalent to strengthening Rhodes’ talent in this regard.


Dining room.

Rhodes was about to order food, but unexpectedly he saw a familiar face.

This familiarity is not seen in this life, but on the screen in a previous life.

The future Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army and the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, the second brother of the original protagonist Luffy, Sabo!

“I don’t know how strong he is now.”

Rhodes got a bit excited.

When Sabo appeared in the original book, he showed extremely domineering power.

He has successively defeated the top cadre of the Doflamingo family, Diamante, and Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Now the year is 1521, Sabo is nineteen years old, and with his talent, I am afraid that his strength is currently far better than that of Rhodes.