Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 26 Training Time!

There was a long silence in the training room.

After a long time, Hack recovered from the shock, but his expression was still complicated.

A moment ago, he was talking about how difficult it is to awaken Haki. No matter how good the talent is, it will take a long time to control it. A few seconds later, Rhodes managed to awaken it…

Rhode looked at him innocently and said, “It seems… it’s not that difficult.”

“As soon as I closed my eyes, I sensed it, and with a little guidance, it came out naturally…”


Hack’s whole body didn’t feel well, he can see that it is the truth, but because it is the truth, it hurts his heart even more.

“Next, I can finally practice Haki,” Rhodes said.

“Y-Yes, you can……”

Hack’s tone was a little heavy, and he suddenly felt powerless, because Rhodes’ talent was just too strong, and he couldn’t stand it.

Next, Hack began to explain Haki in detail, he explained how to awaken Haki before, and now he is talking about how to master Haki.

Hack never thought that the awakening of Haki and practicing it would be explained on the same day…

Busoshoku Haki is closely related to physical strength.

The stronger the physique, the stronger the Busoshoku Haki one cultivates. If the physique is weak, even if one practices the Busoshoku Haki, it will be very weak.

It’s like the Kuja tribe on the Amazon Lily Island. On that island, all of the women are soldiers. Almost everyone can use Haki, but their physique is too weak. Even if they use the Busoshoku Haki, the strength is still weak.

Under normal circumstances, the best time to practice the Busoshoku Haki should be when the physical training enters a slow period, and it is difficult to make a big breakthrough in a short period of time.

But Rhodes is a little different. In just over two months, he has cultivated his physique to the threshold level. This kind of bond and rules mean nothing to him.

He himself is an incomprehensible monster.

So Hack didn’t mention this.

“The strength of the Busoshoku Haki varies from person to person and is closely related to the strength of the physique. Everyone is different, but there are still some divisions in the degree of control.”

Hack packed up his mood and explained in a detailed and steady manner.

“Practicing the Busoshoku Haki to surround the weapon or fist, increases the attack power.”

“What you want is to attach it to the weapon or fist with a high density, this way it will harden it and make it stronger. This is the true mastery of the Busoshoku Haki.”

“As for going a step further, it is to cover every inch of the body’s skin with the Busoshoku Haki, so that the whole body is hardened, which is considered to be proficient.”

As he spoke, Hack demonstrated the state of each control level.

“However, what I want you to keep in mind is…”

“The root of the Busoshoku Haki is physical strength. If the strength is not enough, no matter how perfect the control is, it will not help.”

Rhodes nodded lightly, but these were pretty much what he had guessed.

Hardening the whole body does not mean being strong.

Just like Vergo, one of the top officials of the Doflamingo family is a typical example. Although he can harden his body, he was still killed by Trafalgar Law.

Physical strength is the foundation of a strong Busoshoku Haki!

Just like when Black Fist Lancelot was killed by Rhodes before, even when he used the Busoshoku Haki on his chest, he was still pierced by Rhodes’ sword because he is not strong enough.

“For you, as long as you implement some of the Busoshoku Haki on your body, that should be enough.”

“To focus on defense is an insult to a swordsman,” Haku said.

Rhode nodded, showing approval.

A Swordsman, huh?

Do you want to know what a swordsman is?

He’s a man with a sword in hand that can cut the world!

That is what a swordsman should aim for!

Perhaps it is not as hearty as a person with strong martial arts, nor as flashy as a devil fruit person, but there is also a different kind of romance in it, that is gorgeous and dangerous.

Seeing Rhodes nodding, Hack showed a look of relief, and his tone became serious:

“Then, the next step is to officially start your Haki practice, you have to…”


A month later, the training room.

Rhodes held the sword horizontally in front of him with one hand and stared intently at the sword body. The sword body was surrounded by strands of strange aura, invisible to the naked eye.

But Rhodes could clearly sense it. This is the potential that anyone in the pirate world possesses, called Haki!

In one month of practice, Rhodes not only grew a lot in terms of strength thanks to practicing Haki but also completely mastered its entry-level of control.

At this time, he is practicing his Imbuement.

“Busoshoku Haki…Imbuement!”

With the movement of Rhodes’ thoughts, the vain aura on the sword suddenly trembled, and then slowly surged, as if to condense together.


Before these breaths were completely condensed together, and even before the bright black that was unique to the Imbuement of the Busoshoku Haki, it collapsed directly.

“Did it fail?”

Rhodes let out a light breath.

Compared to the reservists of the same class, he was undoubtedly too far ahead. At the age of seventeen, he began to practice his Busoshoku Haki.

But when it comes to mastering Haki, he is still a freshman, and he has to explore and practice it step by step.

Fortunately, the Hack is extremely responsible and knowledgeable, and can basically solve any problem, so he did not encounter any bottlenecks, and his practice process was stable.

Occasionally, when he performs well, he can imbue his blade, but it cannot last for a long time, and it easily collapses.

This is an urgent problem to be solved.

At the same time as he was Busoshoku Haki, he was also working on his Kenbunshoku Haki.

To be more precise, he didn’t really need to practice at all, because the special state he felt before was actually the Kenbunshoku Haki, but it has not been developed and cannot be applied in actual combat.

Under the guidance of Hack, Rhodes quickly mastered the use of the Kenbunshoku

This type of Haki is a sense of ability to capture the opponent’s movements in order to attack or dodge in advance.

The stronger the Kenbunshoku Haki, the more details are captured, and the larger and more sensitive the sensing range is.

When you practice it to the extreme, you can even predict the future for a short period of time!

When it comes to the ability of the time, even if it is just a little bit of power, it is always beyond the imagination of mortals, and it is difficult to discover.

Rhodes’ cultivation speed made Hack, who had been following him, feeling a bit complicated.

In the beginning, Hack could still give some pointers. After all, he has practiced Haki for many years and he was very experienced. He has a unique approach to many applied skills.

But Rod’s learning speed was too fast, almost to the point of inferring other things that Hack never thought of, and it didn’t take long before he finally was out of any more knowledge to share.

Now, regarding Rhodes’ practice, he already has an attitude of “quietly watching you while pretending to be thoughtful.”

The way things went so far, Hack seemed to have already moved on and looked no longer surprised by Rhod’s sudden breakthroughs.

Even if Rhodes suddenly comes to him now saying that he mastered Hardening and Imbuement he wouldn’t be surprised. At most, he will just raise one brow.

Well practicing Haki and using it in actual combat are two different things. Hack is still ready to help Rhodes in this regard.