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RWBK Chapter 69 Dragon’s Breath

The dazzling thunder gradually ceased.

What appeared in front of people’s eyes was a pitch-black scorched earth and a mass of black unknown objects.

The burning smell was so strong in the air.

The residual high temperature distorted the air, making the white figure standing in the center of all of this a little blurry and mysterious.

The thunderstorm has a wide range and is very destructive, but the thousands of people were not all crowded together, and the ones at the outer edge were lucky enough to escape.

Seeing this terrifying scene, these people all took a deep breath; some of them felt fragile, and even fell to their knees with shocked looks, almost incontinent.

Lightning is the power of heaven, it destroys everything, and that’s what makes it the most awe-inspiring.

The little bosses who were at the front of the team before and were not affected by this attack looked at each other and could see the deep fear and panic in each other’s eyes.

Step, step, step……

The crisp footsteps emitted as if triggering something.

These little bosses turned like birds in awe, exclaiming and wanting to flee, but it was too late.

The figure in white flashed by in the field like a ghost.

He drew his sword, sheathed it, and finished the job in one go; Rhodes didn’t even look back at them and continued to walk forward.

The five little bosses were shocked.

A bloodstain appeared on the neck almost at the same time, and a trace of blood spurted out.

They were terrified and subconsciously wanted to touch their necks, but just as their hands moved, their heads fell off.

This scene left a strong impact on everyone in the revolutionary army, making them all gasp.

The previous magnificent thunderstorm made them feel a heartfelt shock.

But this scene when he killed these five in a flash made them feel a little bit of horror in their hearts and chills down their spines.

Extreme speed, extreme sharpness, no one dared to think that he can stop his sword.

“It’s only been less than a month since I was arrested, when did such a strong man appear in the revolutionary army?”

In the rear, Yuri, a cadre of the revolutionary army, was stunned; if being arrested is what it takes for such a man to appear then so be it.

If there are more young talents of this level, the dream of overthrowing the world government may be realized in a few years.

After defeating a thousand enemies, Rhodes calmly walked to the vicinity of Sabo’s battlefield; he wanted to see how strong Sabo is now.

In the original book, Sabo appeared in Dressrosa in 1524. As soon as he appeared, he showed incredible physical skills, easily defeating many strong men including the captain of the first team of the Blackbeard Pirates and Vice Admiral Jesus Burgess, who is extremely powerful.

It is now August 1521.

His eldest brother, Fire Fist Ace, is already famous in the new world and joined the Whitebeard Pirates. It is estimated that he will soon become the captain of the second division.

His younger brother, Monkey D. Luffy, will also set sail from the East China Sea next year, stirring up the situation.

These three people can be regarded as beings with the fate of the protagonist, and their strength cannot be viewed from a conventional perspective.

Bang bang bang…

Perhaps aware of Rhodes’s gazes, Sabo subconsciously stepped up his game, showing the special physical technique of Dragon Claw Fist to the fullest. There is a unique momentum in it.

Suddenly, Sabo seized the opportunity and kicked the Poison Wolf into the air.


With a light roar, his figure flashed and instantly appeared above the Poison Wolf. His hands flashed with dark and shiny black colors, and then he pressed it on the Poison Wolf’s chest.

Dragon’s Breath!

There was a flash of sharpness in Sabo’s eyes, and his fists brought a vague phantom that fell like a violent storm.

After this extremely fast blow, Poison Wolf was forcibly hammered from midair to the ground.


The earth cracked open instantly, and a huge amount of smoke and dust rose to the sky as if a big explosion had occurred.

“He has already developed this technique?”

Rhodes narrowed his eyes slightly, showing some surprise.

This zero-distance attack method similar to Bruce Lee’s One-Inch Punch was also used by Sabo in the original book. It smashed the ring of the Colosseum in one fell swoop. Its power was incredible, truly, like the breath of a dragon.

When the smoke was cleared, Rhodes found that the famous Poison Wolf was dying, coughing up blood, it seems that Sabo’s attack has destroyed his internal organs.

“What a really…really unique…physical arts.”

Poison Wolf’s eyes widened as if he wanted to imprint Sabo’s image in his mind, and then he turned his head slightly and looked at Rhodes not far away. He was suddenly surprised to find that the culprits of his death were nothing but two young men in their twenties.

“Oh, have I also become a stepping stone…”

When this thought crossed his mind, the look in the Poison Wolf’s eyes gradually faded, his breathing slowly stopped, and he died completely.


Seeing this scene, Sabo let out a long sigh of relief; he was relieved that he didn’t fall too far behind Rhodes, and barely kept his composure.

At this time, Koala also walked over with the group of revolutionary army agents.

“Let’s go, it’s not advisable to stay here for a long time.”

The two nodded lightly and walked forward first.

When passing through the scorched black area, Sabo couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement:

“Dude, your destructive power is too exaggerated.”

“It’s only been three months, but you’ve become so much stronger. It looks like you’ll be able to surpass me soon.”

He looked solemn, obviously not joking.

“I told you Rhodes has become a monster, maybe he can defeat you now.”

Koala mocked: “What’s more, he’s two years younger than you!”

Sabo’s face suddenly turned green, and he felt that his heart was pierced.

In the past, when making comparisons, he always had the advantage of being young. Even if he was inferior to others, he could use his age as a cover.

But compared with Rhodes, this advantage is completely lost, and it’s even the other way around.

Listening to the conversation between the two, everyone in the revolutionary army took a deep breath.

The man who solely and instantly killed a thousand people, was only seventeen years old?

At this age, what kind of food are they eating?

Everyone fell into deep thought for a while.

“Let’s get out of here first.”

Rhodes shook his head amusingly.

He is growing fast, but Sabo is not slow, after all, he is the second brother of the protagonist.

If there was a real fight, Rhodes claimed that the odds of winning should be slightly higher, but it was not necessarily so.

After all, Sabo’s physique skills are extremely high, and he has a strong fighting talent. The special force method of his original technique dragon claw fist is still very threatening to Rhodes.

Even if he can win, it should be a tragic victory, and it is even possible that they will end up dying together.

However, these gaps will quickly widen after Rhodes starts to use the power of thunder to temper his internal organs!

“It shouldn’t take too long.”

Rhodes could clearly feel the powerful beating of his heart. His internal organs were being strengthened little by little, and it would not be long before he reaches the safest limit.

He just needs to wait a bit longer.

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