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R.P Chapter 33: A Bold Idea


With the remainder of the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao found that many of the contractors around him changed their faces.


It seemed that the time for the contractors to enter the derivative world was about the same.


“What a joke, how can I enter the world of Hunter X Hunters, I’m done, I’m done completely, I’m gonna die. Who can form a temporary adventurous group with me, I am willing to give you all my money, 2000 paradise coins.”


The cry of a female contractor came from far in the distance, and Su Xiao looked over there.


After the female contractor shouted, the contractors near her looked at her with ridicule.


There were several high-risk derivative worlds in the reincarnation paradise, One Piece, Bleach, and Hunters X Hunters and so on.


Most of the contractors who entered these derivative worlds were dead, seldom people came back.


There were rumors that 30 contractors had entered the one piece world. At the time of the flight between monkey D. Luffy and Morgan, only two contractors survived, and the rest of them did not survive.


“Who wants to help me, please.”


The female contractor revealed desperation and looked helplessly at contractors in the surrounding.


The contractors around her had no mercy, and some people even smiled coldly. It was so cruel in the reincarnation paradise. Contractors only could rely on themselves, unless they had a stable adventurous group.


Su Xiao did not have a mindset of a saint. He did not care about the others’ lives and deaths.


But when the person talked, he noticed a word, adventurous group, which should be a way of teaming between contractors.


Su Xiao softly consulted to the reincarnation paradise and got a hint from the paradise.


There were two types of adventurous groups, namely, temporary adventurous groups, and permanent adventurous groups.


As the name implied, the temporary adventurous group was a group of unknown contractors who had formed an adventurous group before entering the derivative world.


In the trading market, many contractors had marked the recruitment information. If they entered the same derivative world, they could form a temporary adventurous group.


The permanent adventurous group was a bit special, you must first go to the adventurous hall of the reincarnation paradise, and then the reincarnation paradise will release the mission.


After completing the task, the contractors will be able to obtain a permanent adventurous group, become the leader of the adventurous group, and invite others to enter the adventurous group.


After entering the permanent adventurous group, the contractors with similar levels will enter the same derivative world, which will undoubtedly increase the chance of surviving.


Su Xiao as a hunter, of course, will not join any adventurous group, if the goal of hunting is teammates, it will be really embarrassing.


However, from the hint of reincarnation paradise, the permanent adventurous group had a special bonus, which made Su Xiao somewhat interested in.


Maybe he could build a permanent adventurous group alone without any partners 


Su Xiao did not care whether he had teammates or not, but he was very interested in the bonus of the permanent adventurous group.


It was still too early to consider these things, he could only build a permanent adventurous group after reaching Lv.10.


There were three minutes for entering the derivative world, Su Xiao took a deep breath and prepared to welcome the transfer of the reincarnation paradise.


At this time, a familiar voice came.


“A worker is paying for someone to help in the other world. I am quiet and can support.”


Su Xiao looked at the person who shouted, she surprisingly was the little girl Xi lo lo who looked like Kanna.


In the information marked by Xi lo lo, Su Xiao saw the words “Tokyo Ghoul”. Xi lo lo surprisingly will enter the same world as him.


She was a worker who entered the derivative world once in two months, and she coincidently will enter the same world as him. It was really coincident.


Su Xiao did not come forward. He had a hunting mission in the Tokyo Ghoul world so he will not accept the commission others person.


Su Xiao was only good at killing people and wasn’t interested in bringing people along.


[Time’s up, the derivative world: Tokyo Ghoul is open, the world needs to be reset, the timeline is refreshed, the refreshment is completed, and consumes 0.03 ounces of the power of space-time.]


[Because of the consumption of 0.03 ounces of the power of space-time, the contractor’s lowest complete rate must at least reach C level.]


There was a sudden noise in the reincarnation paradise, and several contractors were particularly desperate.


Xi lo lo’s face was pale, her fists were tight, and her eyes were desperate.


An old man with a gold-colored scepter suddenly screamed.


“Which bastard has destroyed the balance of the Tokyo Ghoul world, it must be that the protagonist was dead before the beginning of the plot. Kaneki Ken is a jerk in the early period.”


The roar of the old man was not over yet, and Su Xiao hade felt the transmission of the reincarnation paradise.


The familiar sense of transmission appeared that was similar with last time he returned from the one piece world.


In the midst of consciousness, Su Xiao secretly speculated whether he would encounter Yoshikune Hayato or not.


This was just him being too anxious. Him encountering Yoshikune Hayato was a chance of one in a hundred million.


When consciousness recovered, Su Xiao was already in a building.


This should be a company’s building, Japanese-style decoration, on one wall, there was a giant fish tank on the wall, which also had a fish swimming in it.


The time was now at night, the building was brightly lit, but no one was there.


Just as Su Xiao wanted to move away, he suddenly noticed a circle of light around him, pushing him back gently, and a series of countdowns appeared in front of him, 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


The situation was very obvious now, it seemed he can leave only after five minutes.


There was not only Su Xiao, but there were more than a dozen people near him. It could be seen from the dressing that these people were contractors, and Xi lo lo was one of them, and she was in the same circle of light with several contractors. It seemed that she had found shelter and had formed a temporary adventurous group with several people.


Temporary adventurous groups were reasonably reliable, at least they could not fight each other in the derivative world, but there was a drawback, that is, the contractors only needed to pay 10,000 paradise coins of default fine, and they could forcibly withdraw from the temporary adventurous group.


There were 18 people including Su Xiao on the court. There were two groups of adventurous groups, one group of five people and one group of seven people. Others were fighting alone. It could be seen from the circle of light that restricted their actions.


“Everyone be careful. The current situation is that that timeline is reset. The plot is restored to the very beginning. I am cold fish. I don’t know if you have heard of me.”


Su Xiao had seen the old man with the wand taking the lead in speaking. The intention of the person was apparent. It was drawing people’s hearts. As the leader of the temporary adventurous group of seven people, the action of the cold fish was normal.


The adventurous group where the cold fish stayed had the most significant number of people on the scene, and it was also the adventurous group where Xi lo lo stayed.


The other adventurous group of five people changed their faces slightly. It seemed that they had heard the cold fish and those contractors fight alone who was staring at the old man.


Su Xiao did not pay a lot of attention to cold fish. He felt that someone was approaching quickly as the improvement of his Intelligence attribute made him more perceptive.


It’s arriving, behind the wall on the left side of the hall.




When the cold fish just wanted to talk, a loud noise came, the wall on the left side of the hall was broken, several figures flew out from the broken wall, and then downed to the ground, no one could tell whether they are still alive or not.


A purple beauty walked out from the hole of the wall, her figure was excellent and had a smile on her face.


“Why do you want to run, isn’t it good to be eaten by me?”


The purple-haired beauty walked up to a few people and seemed to be unaware of Su Xiao and others.


“Save, save me.”


A middle-aged man looked like a white-collar worker, difficultly raised his arm, he did not know who he was asking for help from.


The purple beauty walked forward and grabbed the white-collared arm with one hand, and stepped on the person’s back and squatted.




Blood splattered, accompanied by mourning, the arm was dragged down by the woman, it was hard to imagine, this beautiful woman with a nice figure, actually had this strange power.


The chilling thing happened, and the purple-haired beauty took the broken arm in her hand and bit it.


The terrible chewing sound came, and then there was a moan.


“So delicious, more, give me more.”


This scene fell on many contractors’ sights. The cold fish that was still calm before, the face was scared and blue, it seemed he was terrified of purple hair beauty.


“What’s wrong, what is the difficulty of Tokyo Ghoul world, how can we meet the Kamishiro Rize in S class?” No, this guy is between S and SS.”


Other contractors looked at Kamishiro Rize with fear. If there were no protection from the light circle, they would become the delicious food in the mouth of Kamishiro Rize.


Su Xiao surprisingly looked at Kamishiro Rize who was the beautiful woman in Tokyo Ghoul, and his eyes were full of doubts.


He suddenly had a strange feeling.


He seemed to be… able to fight with Kamishiro Rize.


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