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R.P Chapter 39: A Beauty Like a Flower Bites Like a Wolf [EDITED]

After all the members of Aogiri tree had retreated, the battle stopped.

Su Xiao put away [Dragon Flash], picked up his shirt and put it on his shoulder.

During the fight with Takatsuki Sen, he had lost a total of 12% of his life value and because his lower abdomen was still bleeding his Hp was still slowly decreasing.

Su Xiao also paid attention to Takatsuki Sen’s health bar. His previous attacks caused Takatsuki Sen to lose about 10% of her Hp.

It must be said that the vitality of ghouls was really amazing. Takatsuki Sen was in her Kakuja-form, her Vitality was at least as high as 15 points.

When comparing attributes, Takatsuki Sen should be stronger than Su Xiao, but comparing their combat strength, they were hard to compare.

In Su Xiao’s view, Takatsuki Sen had a lot of combat experience, but her combat skills were terrible. She was basically relying on brute force for all her fights.

This was also the reason why he could beat S-class ghouls without much difficulty. During battle, ghouls were always rushing in without thinking, defeating their enemies with their superior physical capabilities.

Otherwise, CCG’s investigators would not be able to fight ghouls at all.

CCG’s investigators were just ordinary people with their good physical bodies. They were fighting with ghouls by using tricks and techniques. Of course, there were exceptions among them.

The appearance of Amon Koutarou means that this place had been surrounded by CCG. It was undoubtedly a good opportunity to join them.

Su Xiao slowly went over to Amon Koutarou after sheathing [Dragon Flash].


Amon Koutarou shouted and pressed the button on the handle of the suitcase. The suitcase started changing, some object inside was rapidly expanding.

As the suitcase landed on the floor, Amon Koutarou had a strange weapon in his hand.

A metal staff with its upper half wrapped in a Kagune, this was the Quinque of Amon Koutarou.

The strangely shaped Quinque surprised Su Xiao, can he really fight with this weapon?

“What kind of person are you? Ghoul or human?”

Amon Koutarou held his Quinque tightly with both hands, watching Su Xiao with vigilance. The scene of Su Xiao chasing the One-Eyed King really excited this first-class investigator.

“Have you ever seen a ghoul fight with a sword?”

Su Xiao pressed his hand on the handle at his waist and continued to walk to Amon Kotaro.

Amon Koutarou just wanted to answer, but Su Xiao continued to speak.

“Don’t be nervous. If I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead.”

A white light flashed, [Dragon Flash] appeared in Su Xiao’s hands and rested directly against the neck of Amon Kotaro.

Amon Koutarou swallowed. The speed at which Su Xiao drew his sword was too fast.

“So, don’t be nervous.”

Putting away [Dragon Flash], Su Xiao patted the shoulder of Amon Koutarou.

Amon Koutarou was frustrated with himself. If this had been a ghoul, his head would have already rolled on the ground.


“What.” Amon Koutarou looked at Su Xiao in confusion.

“Do you need more people in the CCG? The ghoul lying over there is my meeting gift to join CCG.”

Only now, Amon Koutarou grew aware of the headless body of Gecko.

“This is…. The S-ranked ghoul, Jason?”

Amon Koutarou held his Quinque and walked over to Gecko’s body in a few steps. Gecko was named Jason in the CCG’s files.

“You haven’t answered my question yet.”

Su Xiao took out some medical bandages from the item box, wiped the blood of his wound, and wrapped the wounds indiscriminately.

Amon Koutarou was hesitant, but he knew this to be an opportunity. Su Xiao could fight off the One-Eyed King, he was strong, no doubt about it.

There were no more than two people who can do this in CCG.

“Joining CCG requires a rigorous assessment, but your situation is a bit special. We just need to confirm that you are not a ghoul. Joining the CCG should be fine.”

Getting a clear answer, Su Xiao smiled.

The thing he was most afraid of was that joining CCG was too troublesome, and his time of solving the main task won’t be sufficient.

The sound of footsteps rang, an old man carrying a suitcase ran into the room.

The old man’s hair was completely white. One of his eyes was far bigger than his other one and his movements were somewhat neurotic, it gave people a kind of a sick feeling.

“Where is it? The owl must be here.”

The person that just came in was the boss of Amon Koutarou, the first-class investigator Mado Kureo.

Mado Kureo was originally an investigator with a sense of justice. He was modest, but then his wife was killed by ghouls and had her face being eaten in front of him.

His temper changed, he grew extremely hateful and obsessed with making Quinque.

But even then, Mado Kureo was nice to his coworkers, he taught Amon Koutarou seriously.

“Mr. Kureo, you are here.”

Amon Koutarou greeted him and talked about something with Mado Kureo, keeping his voice quiet.

After a while, Mado Kureo’s uneven eyes suddenly rounded up and he stared at Su Xiao with awe.

Mado Kureo took a few steps toward Su Xiao, his movements unfittingly agile. Then, he acted like an animal and started sniffing around Su Xiao.

“Completely human, it can’t be wrong. The smell of those animals, I will not forget it even if I die.”

After confirming that Su Xiao was a human being, Mado Kureo became very enthusiastic.

“Hello, I am Mado Kureo, did you really fight the One-Eyed Owl?”

Inside Mado Kureo’s eyes, there seemed to be a burning flame. He was full of expectations.

Seeing these eyes, Su Xiao sighed. This was a familiar sight. He used to have these kinds of eyes.

Eyes full of hatred, endless hatred.

“Oh, yes I did fight with her. The terrain was somewhat unfavorable, and the ghouls escaped, unfortunately.”

“Ha, hahaha.” a sick and nervous laughter escaped Mado Kureo’s lips.

“You want to join CCG? Follow me, I will be your guarantor.”

At this time, Mado Kureo did not care about the origin nor about the identity of Su Xiao, as long as he could kill the One-Eyed King, he would give everything, including his life.

“Mr. Kureo, please calm down.”

Amon Koutarou put his hand on Mado Kureo’s shoulders, who took a breath and nodded.

“What is your name?” Amon Koutarou asked, smiling at Su Xiao.


“Where are you from?”


Su Xiao’s silence caused Amon Koutarou to feel somewhat helpless.

“How about this, Mr. Byakuya. You were injured during the battle with the ghouls. We have a medical team below. As for joining CCG, we will go to the 20th district to discuss matters in detail.”

Su Xiao squatted and finally nodded as he followed Amon Koutarou downstairs.

Mado Kureo had by now discovered Gecko’s body. He picked it up and followed the two.

At this time, besides the building, more than a dozen cars had arrived, the sirens were blaring everywhere and the red and blue lights were blinding.

The CCG may have received reports from citizens. There were two ghoul investigators here, so the police officers present were only responsible for evacuating nearby civilians. Against ghouls, these police officers had no chance at all.

Inside an ambulance, Su Xiao sat on a simple bed, a beautiful, short nurse was focused on dealing with his wounds.

“That…” the voice of the little nurse surprised Su Xiao, who had stared at the air.

“The wound is too deep, we need to use the anesthetic, otherwise…”

“No, the anesthetics would affect my reflexes. You can go ahead and suture them.”

The little nurse snorted and finally nodded.

Although the little nurse was beautiful, seemed a bit timid voice and would be easily thrown around, her way of dealing with the wounded was violent. Su Xiao’s face was twitching from time to time.