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R.P Chapter 108: Unveiling the mystery! [EDITED]

“The Well?”

“Yes, a well, a deep well into the ground. These primitive ghouls came out from there. What we have to do is expel them back into that well.”

After listening to the description of Arima Kisho, Su Xiao’s face had a ‘Are you kidding me?’ expression.

There were thousands of primitive ghouls in the underground city. Don’t even talk about fighting with these many. Right now, as soon as their position was exposed, the two of them were dead.

“Arima Kisho, I wish you success.”

Su Xiao put on Arima Kisho’s shoulder and turned to leave. The decisive attitude shocked Arima Kisho.

“Do you want to defy the orders of the general directorate?”

Arima Kisho talked slowly, not threatening, as if he was testing something.

“I am an Investigator, but I will not execute a mission in which I will certainly die.”

Su Xiao’s answer let Arima Kisho close his eyes, he was thinking.

“You will be dismissed if you defy the order of the general directorate, but the situation is different now. If we do not complete this mission, we will die if we return to the surface.”

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped and he looked at Arima Kisho. Arima Kisho was somewhat strange today, but he did not detect any difference. It was just an intuition.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think the ghouls here are natural? Most Investigators will never see these primitive ghouls.

If I’m right, your mission is to reinforce me. The general directorate probably arranged one or two Special Class Investigators for you. Kuroiwa Iwao? Anura Kiyoko? Or maybe Marude Itsuki, there’s not many other available.”

Arima Kisho was in the deep area of the 24th district for a long period now. He had had a few calls with Su Xiao, but later on, because there was no signal underground, he lost contact with the outside. He surprisingly guessed the Special Class Investigators sent by the general directorate. Su Xiao wouldn’t have believed it if it didn’t happen.

“What are you saying?”

“Complete this mission. You have to, it has to be completed. If you can return to the surface alive, pretend that nothing has happened. Remember, even if you are unwilling, you must appear to be obeying.”

Su Xiao stared at Arima Kisho, thinking about whether Arima Kisho was credible.

In the original novel, Arima Kisho kept listening to everything that Washuu Matsuri said, it seemed like Arima Kisho was a puppet.

But now, it seemed like Arima Kisho would never be a ‘gun’ in another’s hand. He should know a lot of secrets about CCG. If he was disobedient, he would be killed.

“Answer me a question. If I return to the surface now, who will be sent by Washuu Matsuri to kill me?”

Arima Kisho breathed deeply, he had been judging Su Xiao.


The simple two words revealed too much information.

“What if we two defy him together?”

Su Xiao did not know whether Arima Kisho was credible or not. He was just testing.

“If we cooperate, there is hope for us to survive, but after that, we would face overwhelming pursuit. Enemies will be at every corner.”

Silence, a long silence.

In addition to the occasional quiet roaring of the ‘primitive ghouls’, there was dead silence.

“Trying to expel these ghouls with only the two of us is madness, we have to look for a different way.”

The attitude that Arima Kisho just showed was almost a kind of concealed agreement. After Su Xiao said, ‘If we defy them together’, Arima Kisho did not show anger or loyalty to CCG. Instead, he clearly answered Su Xiao’s question.

Neither of them knew whether the other was credible, they could only test each other.

There was a point that Arima Kisho just mentioned. Su Xiao fully believed him when he said that if Su Xiao were to return to the surface, without completing his orders, he would be in danger of being hunted down.

Su Xiao learned more and more about CCG, with his outstanding combat strength, CCG may want to train him into the second ‘Arima Kisho’, an ‘obedient gun’.

Arima Kisho’s attitude towards CCG was false compliance, this guy may be planning something.

Su Xiao sighed, he only watched the two seasons of Tokyo Ghoul, he did not read the subsequent Manga, most of the things he knew about the world were from reading posts in a forum.

He decided that once he returned to the real world, he absolutely had to make up for it.

Not for entertainment, but for intelligence.


Arima Kisho grabbed his Quinque box, he probably had a good thought.

“We need a plan, my idea is like this….”

Arima Kisho described his plan in detail. It was very simple, they could use fresh flesh and blood as bait to attract the primitive ghouls in the vicinity.

While the crisis of their mutual trust was temporarily resolved, new problems arose. Where could they find fresh flesh and blood?

“Anyways, we can leave first, we can’t do anything here at the moment.”

Su Xiao looked at primitive ghouls around, there were only a few, as long as they were cautious, they would not be discovered.

“What have you been doing here before we arrived?”

“Ahem, I was dehydrated and hungry, and a little exhausted, so I was resting for a bit. Let’s leave this place and look for the ‘bait’.”

Arima Kisho was a bit embarrassed, after all, it was a bit embarrassing to end in this state.

They both cautiously avoided the primitive ghouls. While both of them were extraordinary fighters, when comparing their stealth-skills, Su Xiao came on top.

Jumping on the rooftops of the steel buildings, Su Xiao arrived at the entrance of the underground city.

Su Xiao made a gesture for Juzo Suzuya and Mado Akira to remain on standby, after that, Su Xiao and Arima Kisho entered the tunnel.

For fresh bait, they would have to look for it in the tunnel network.

After entering the tunnels, Su Xiao felt relieved. They could talk easier now, they had to whisper before after all, to not get noticed by the ghouls.

“Arima Kisho, are you familiar with the route? Won’t we get lost?”

Arima Kisho shook his head.

“No, after this happened, the ghouls in the main control room have all escaped, and the primitive ghouls will not manipulate the machinery in the main control room.”

It seemed that Arima Kisho knew a lot about the underground city.

Understanding Su Xiao’s doubts, Arima Kisho continued to say.

“The central city is this underground city. It is the largest gathering place of ghouls in Tokyo. Most of the ghouls live here, just like humans live on the surface.

The main control room is a bit more complicated to explain. In short, the main control room is one of the most important buildings in the central city. It can control the meat walls of the entire district and make the walls change. Because of this machinery, we previously got lost in the underground passages.”

Arima Kisho revealed a huge secret about the ghouls under Tokyo.

Humans lived on the surface in Tokyo, and the ghouls lived in the underground, beneath them. It seemed that a certain balance had been reached. Only CCG could maintain this order.

In Su Xiao’s view, this order was somewhat distorted. Human and ghouls were at war, they could never coexist. And yet, CCG allowed the two sides to coexist. Why?

Su Xiao could now confirm one thing, that was, CCG’s existence was not to protect humanity. CCG’s motives might be far more terrible than imagined.