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R.P Chapter 109: I don’t have much time left! [EDITED]

Su Xiao and other two people entered the underground passage and began to look for ghouls.

Strangely, when Su Xiao had wanted to avoid ghouls, they stumbled across several groups, but now they couldn’t be seen anymore.

After they walked for five or so minutes, Su Xiao smelled a little blood in the air.

Arima Kisho nodded to signal him, the two then slowly walked forward to the corner and heard the sound of ghouls eating food in the distance.

A ghoul weighing at least three hundred pounds was gorging on a corpse, an ordinary ghoul.

The three hundred pounds weighing ghoul was not strong, his level was probably between B and A.

“Arima Kisho, this one is good, it has lots of meat.”

Arima Kisho nodded.

“But we’ll need a strong rope.”

The massive ghoul was shocked by the duo’s conversation. He looked at the two men numbly. He held a ripped off leg in his hand, which was already gnawed clean, only the white bone could be seen.

“The white and the black Reaper…”

As the three hundred pounds’ ghoul saw Su Xiao and Arima Kisho, he was so scared that he sat on the ground and trembled.

If the three hundred pounds’ ghoul didn’t carry the remains of a leg, and if his face wasn’t full of blood, he would look like a poor guy being bullied, but unfortunately, the ghoul looked like a perverted killer, eating his victim’s body after the murder.

Arima Kisho and Su Xiao rushed forward, neither of them used weapons, they wanted to get him alive.


The massive ghoul screamed with a high-pitched voice.

Su Xiao kicked against the ghoul big belly, rolling him over, then Arima Kisho hit the back of his neck.

His body went slack. Under the cooperation of Su Xiao and Arima Kisho, even if they fought unarmed, the ghoul could not resist at all.

They had the bait, so they left for the city.

As for why they lifted him together, that was because this guy weighed more than three hundred pounds, and they did not know when he might wake up, it was too risky for only one person to carry him.


In the center of the underground city, there was a well with a diameter of more than ten meters. The well was too deep to see the bottom, and the interior was dark, as if it was leading straight down to the core of the earth.

The inner wall of the well was a steel structure, it was overgrown with moss.

On the moss, dense hand- and footprints could be seen, the primitive ghouls should have climbed up from there.

There were two semi-circular well covers on both sides of the wellhead. The well covers were very thick, if the well covers were put together, the wellhead could be closed down tight.

At this time, the well covers were wide open. There was a hole broken into the well cover, which was ten centimeters thick.

The primitive ghouls probably broke a hole through the well cover, rushed out of the well and then opened the well cover.

But the primitive ghouls were not supposed to have such a high intelligence, when Su Xiao went into the 24th district the last time, he noticed a primitive ghoul that looked like a leader. That guy had been smart and could command the remainder of the primitive ghouls.

At this time, Su Xiao hid near the wellhead, while some primitive ghouls were wandering around.

“Arima Kisho is late.”

Just as Su Xiao just finished murmuring these words, he heard the sound of an explosion from afar.


The light of flames shone onto the high roof of the cave, giving off heavy smoke.

The primitive ghouls in the central city looked at the explosion and ran towards it, roaring as they went.

After a dozen seconds, Su Xiao appeared from his hiding spot and ran towards the edge of the well.

He tried to lift a well cover.


The heavy sound of metal slamming shut echoed, Su Xiao’s face was turned red from exertion.

“Arima Kisho, you asshole, this thing weighs at least eighty pounds”

Su Xiao screamed and lifted the well cover with his 15 points of strength and pushed it up.

“Tick… crash.”

With one side of the semi-circular well cover closed, Su Xiao was already sweating.

He looked at the other well cover on the other side. Su Xiao snorted and regretted that he did not choose to ‘seduce’ the primitive ghouls. [E/N: No idea…]


Another well cover was lifted by Su Xiao. Fortunately, there was a thick link between the well cover and the edge of the wellhead, otherwise he may not have been able to lift the metal well cover by himself.


The well covers on both sides were now closed, but the hole with a diameter of more than one meter in one of the well covers was particularly conspicuous.

Wiping off the sweat from his forehead, Su Xiao ran to the hiding place he had been staying in, dragged the ghoul out, and tied a rope to his hand.

After tying up the ghoul, Su Xiao kicked him into the hole in the well cover, as if he were fishing. He tied the end of the rope to the other side of the well cover.

This wasn’t finished yet though, Su Xiao took off his backpack, which was very heavy, Arima Kisho had just handed to him.

Su Xiao took out a few silvery metallic iron pipes from the backpack. The iron pipes were ten centimeters long, as thick as his fist, and there was a device which could get stuck at the end.

After sticking the silvery metal iron pipes on the well cover, Su Xiao’s mission would be completed. He quickly left the well cover and came to a high position nearby.

After arriving at the vantage point, Su Xiao discovered that Arima Kisho had been waiting for him. This was a meeting point they had agreed on by themselves before.

“You told me that the well covers were made from a special alloy. Each of them was supposed to be only three hundred pounds, but the coverings were at least eight hundred pounds, or even heavier.”

Su Xiao stared at Arima Kisho, who felt weird.

“I thought it should be three hundred pounds? The information was given to me by the General Administration…”

When it came to that, Arima Kisho stopped talking.

Su Xiao was also silent. He vaguely guessed something. Perhaps, CCG had begun to give up on Arima Kisho? Would CCG let him die in this mission, when he had such combat power?

“It seems that you do not have many friends in the high CCG positions. In your current state, it’s impossible for you to lift the two well covers. I estimated them to be eight hundred pounds each. They send me here, maybe as a safety measure, so that if you fail, I can replace you.

Arima Kisho chuckled. He didn’t know why, but Su Xiao felt that Arima Kisho’s emotions had become more enriched, unlike the previous ones.

“I don’t have much time.”

Arima Kisho suddenly said this sentence, as if openly admitting that the CCG may give up on him.

“White Reaper, you killed a ghoul called Kaneki Ken last time, right? He was a one-eyed ghoul and had white hair.”

“Yes, during the fight with Aogiri tree in the 11th district.”

“I see… After this mission, I can tell you a secret, but you need to do something for me. We can talk about the specific situation later.”

From Arima Kisho’s behavior, Su Xiao was wondering if he was going to betray CCG.

“Don’t refuse me now, I have noticed that you are different from other Investigators. You are not loyal to CCG. Although I don’t know your purpose, we can cooperate, and I will pay you.”

Su Xiao’s eyes were bright, some amazing secret or weapon may be revealed in front of them, the more secret things, the more the worlds source could be obtained, he was very interested in the secrets from Arima Kisho.

“We’ll talk once were back to the surface, it’s too early to talk about it now.”

After the explosion wen of, the primitive ghouls in the central city moved closer to the explosion point. After discovering that there was nothing there at the explosion point, many primitive ghouls gradually left.

The central city had become their territory, so they were patrolling.

“Did you hit him too hard? How come this the ghoul is still alive.”

Su Xiao looked helplessly at the closed well covers.

“He should wake up soon, he is just too fat. Also, it is not too easy for me to control my power.”

The two men waited at the vantage point near the well and waited for the giant ghoul sleeping in the well to wake up.

Half an hour later, the sounds of the ghoul crying for help could be heard from the well.

“Is there anyone? Help me!”

“Which bastard Investigator hung me here, it’s so dark. Help me, please!”

The shouts were getting louder and louder. The primitive ghouls in the central city heard the shouts, and they paid attention. The sound that suddenly appeared in the well seemed to touch the primitive ghouls’ nerves, they were vigilant.

“Are you sure that these primitive ghouls will not enter that well? I feel like these ‘beasts’ are completely irritated and will tear that guy to pieces.”

“I’m sure the primitive ghouls will not enter the well, I have tested this before.”

Since Arima Kisho said so, Su Xiao did not ask anymore.

“Come on!! Help me!!”

“White reaper, I…”

After the initial fear, he cried out a few more times, this was undoubtedly a good thing, hundreds of primitive ghouls were attracted to the bait.

“Brother, I call you brother, please just kill me, this is too painful.”

The ghoul began to beg for mercy.

A primitive ghoul sat down on the well cover and put his head carefully closer to the hole in the well cover. He did not dare to step beyond a certain threshold. As soon as he noticed the ghoul, he roared.


“Roar, roar….”

Roars came one after another, without end. A large group of primitive ghouls was anxiously wandering across the well cover. They wanted to kill the ghoul, but they did not dare to enter the well, as if they were afraid of something.

The timing was pretty good, so Su Xiao took out an explosive device.

The metallic iron pipes he had just attached to the well were bombs. He carried the bomb, so the detonator must be in his hand.