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R.P Chapter 110: The benefits during the battle!

Pressing the button of the explosive device, the metal iron pipe on the well cover quickly turned red, as if some roots were burnt red.

Boom. boom…….

A few explosion sounds came one after another. This unknown bomb had extremely strong power, the location Su Xiao stayed in was also affected.

A broken well cover flew over Su Xiao’s head, he quickly leaned down.

After the explosion, a heat wave hit, and the pungent sour smell spread. It seemed that the firelight disappeared. Su Xiao looked at the explosion point.

The closed well cover had disappeared, and the well was bombed into a funnel shape, surrounded by broken, charred bodies.

These primitive ghouls were not weak, even if Su Xiaohe and Arima Kisho cooperate, they may not be able to fight with this number of primitive ghouls.

But now they all became charred bodies because they had no wisdom.

The two jumped from the roof to the well that had been blown up.

Just entering the explosion area, Su Xiao felt the burning from his shoes. When he looked down, his shoes had somewhat melted, and the soil on the ground had been vitrified by high temperature.

“Blow up this wellhead quickly, something will come up soon.”

Under Arima Kisho’s command, Su Xiao took out two metal iron pipes and threw them into the well.

“1, 2, 3.”

After murmuring three seconds, Su Xiao pressed the explosive device.


The muffled sound came from the ground, the ground under the foot was shaken, the well was completely blown up.

Something happened made Su Xiao unexpected, the reincarnation park gave a hint.

[You have blown up the existence of the ‘Diekman’ tribe and gained 5% of the world’s source. Now you have a total of 29.3% of the world’s source. .]

Bombing this well surprisingly let him get 5% of the world’s source? This made Su Xiao stunned.

There must be a secret under this. So is the ‘Diekman’ tribe the primitive ghouls’ tribe?

They did not have enough clues, and it was still unclear.

After bombing the so-called ‘Diekman’ tribe, Su Xiao’s camp mission was completed.

[Faction mission: reinforcements.] (completed)

Difficulty level: Lv.5.

Mission introduction: Getting into the deep area in the 24th district reinforcement special search officer: Arima Kisho, and assist Arima Kisho to complete expelling the primitive ghouls.

Mission Information: The CCG camp mission will not be counted in the clearance evaluation.

Mission period: 2 nature days.

Mission reward: 15000 points of camp contribution value.

Failure penalty: CCG official position fell for a level, demotion to the top search officer.


Yes / No completion [Camp mission: reinforcements.]

After selecting completion, the 15000 points of camp contribution value was added, and Su Xiao checked his contribution value.

[Prospective search officer: Camp contribution points 21370/130000.]

After redeeming [Human Gene Enhancer], he still had some camp contribution points left, plus the income of this mission, and the thousands of primitive ghouls were killed.

Bombing primitive ghouls could get the CCG contribution value, but the bomb didn’t belong to Su Xiao, so he only obtained a little.

After seeing more than 20,000 camp contribution values, Su Xiao was happy.

More than 20,000 contribution points were enough for him to redeem many things from the 24th district.

He had completed the main line task (2), and obtained enough contribution points, Su Xiao suddenly found out that he will soon be able to get rid of CCG’s restriction.

After he had redeemed the two items in the 24th district, he will consider completing the main task (2), and see what the main task (3) is and whether it was still closely related to CCG.

Su Xiao’s situation was getting more and more dangerous. The dangerous task constantly assigned by CCG made him wary. It was time to consider getting out of CCG. This ‘human’ organization was weird.

The primitive ghouls were all killed, and the well was bombed. The crisis in the central city was resolved. It was time to return to the ground. Su Xiao will go to the temporary division of the 24th district to exchange items as soon as possible.

Asking Juzo Suzuya and Mado Akira out from their hiding point.

The four gathered and walked to the exit of the central city. This underground city with unsmooth air circulation made people want to get out soon.

No one spoke on the way, Mado Akira looked somewhat weird, she felt that she knew something she shouldn’t know. The primitive ghouls and the underground city ruined her original perspective.

Just as the four people were about to enter the underground passage, several figures came forward.

Su Xiao and his partners will return to the ground, and the few people were entering the center city. The two groups faced each other.

The group that walked out of the passage was a group of ghouls, and their strength was not weak.

Takatsuki Sen, Tatara, Noroi, Kirishima Ayato.

There were members of Aogiri tree, four people.

All the people’s footsteps stopped at the place, and they were staring at each other in a dozen meters.

“Suzuya, you deal with the guy with the red mask.”

Su Xiao let angel Suzuya fight with Tatara, although Suzuya was only a second-class Investigator, after wearing the ‘Shi,’ there was no problem in dealing with Tatara, even if he could not kill him, it was no problem to drag him.

“Arima Kisho, I will deal with the guy with the bandage, are you okay to handle the other person?”

Su Xiao stared at Takatsuki Sen. The person fled away after attacking him, it seemed that she was fleeing after showing off. So he could not let the person go this time.

“I am going to fight with the guy, you deal with others.”

Arima Kisho surprisingly went straight to Takatsuki Sen.

“I am not good at the group battle, you should know.”

After that, Su Xiao quickly rushed to Takatsuki Sen.

Arima Kisho frowned and seemed to want to stop Su Xiao, but Su Xiao had already rushed to Takatsuki Sen, and he could not stop it.

In helplessness, Arima Kisho only was able to walk to Noroi and Kirishima Ayato.

Mado Akira was standing in the same place, she looked Su Xiao’s back seemed somewhat awful, Su Xiao had not asked her to deal with anyone.

She was responsible for the beauty in the battlefield, miss Mado Akira.

Looking around in the battlefield, Mado Akira excluded Noroi and Tatara , they were both powerful ghouls who were recorded in the case. She was not their opponent.

In the end, Mado Akira looked at Kirishima Ayato.

Kirishima Ayato even did not care about Mado Akira’s sight, CCG’s famous white reaper was rushing to him, even if he cooperates with Noroi, he still had no confidence.

After ghouls and Investigators met, the two sides did not have the possibility to cooperation, they only have to fight!

Regardless of other’s fights, when Su Xiao rushed went to Takatsuki Sen, Takatsuki Sen showed some helplessness.

Kirishima Ayato was still nearby, she was hesitant to reveal her true identity.

Looking at Su Xiao who rushed forward with a sword, Takatsuki Sen sighed and turned to ran in the channel behind her.

The timing was not ripe yet. She could not reveal her identity.

Su Xiao followed, and the two rushed into the channel one after the other.

When Takatsuki Sen in the human state, her speed was unexpectedly fast. With Su’s 13 points in agility, he couldn’t catch up to her.

The two moved in the passage. After a few minutes, Takatsuki Sen stopped and the two confronted in a very spacious space. This was the battle place chosen by Takatsuki Sen. The spacious space was more suitable for her in kakuja state to fight.

Takatsuki Sen grew up in the 24th district and knew everything about it.

“You won’t escape now?”

Su Xiao slowly approached Takatsuki Sen, turning on Qing Gang Yin, and the surface of the dragon flash had an electronic arc flushing, releasing a blue light.

“It’s bad luck, why did I meet you?”

Takatsuki Sen’s voice was dull, loosening some bandages on her body, revealing white skin, and even revealing her two pinks peaks on her chest.

Takatsuki Sen was not seducing Su Xiao, she wanted to enter the kakuja state, these bandages were in the way.

Stepping into the ground, Su Xiao rushed to the front of Takastuki Sen. The sharp blade in his hand cut through the air and smashed into Takatsuki Sen’s neck.

Her Kagune was surging under the bandage before the dragon flash fell, Takatsuki Sen was wrapped in the shell of kakuja.

The battle was starting.