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R.P Chapter 112: The truth, the dark side of the CCG

Clop, clop, clop

Slow footsteps came, Arima Kisho walked out of the passage.

Wiping off the blood at the corner of his mouth, Su Xiao looked at Arima Kisho.

“Arima Kisho, do you know what you are doing?”

Just a few seconds ago, Arima Kisho attacked him surprisingly with Quinque, which was clearly to protect Takatuki Sen.

“If you come a bit later, I would’ve been killed by this guy.”

Takatsuki Sen went near Arima Kisho, a ghoul was standing side by side with a ghoul Investigator.

“Byakuya, I didn’t want to talk to you about this before we get out, but it seems like I need to say this now.”

Arima Kisho stood beside Takatsuki Sen, he was not even vigilant. It seemed that the two were familiar.

“What, are you going to attack me with Takatsuki Sen?”

Su Xiao clenched dragon flash tightly, ready to flee.

In the current state of Takatsuki Sen, he had 90% of possibility to win, but with Arima Kisho, he could only withdraw strategically.

“Don’t be so vigilant, I don’t want to fight with you, it’s meaningless.”

Arima Kisho took up his Quinque and asked Takatsuki Sen to stop her actions.

“Shit, this bastard wants to cut off my head several times, and I should leave it?”

Takatsuki Sen was obviously unwilling, staring at Su Xiao with hatred.

“We cooperated 13 years ago, but it does not mean that we will continue to cooperate now, Kaneki Ken is dead.”

Arima Kisho’s words made Takatsuki Sen shocked.

“Got it.”

Takatsuki Sen was angry, she turned her head and no longer looked at Su Xiao and Arima Kisho.

“Are going to work with this guy? He killed a lot of my subordinates.”

“I also killed a lot of members in Aogiri tree.”

Arima Kisho looked at Takatsuki Sen indifferently, Takatsuki Sen just turned white.

Su Xiao looked at the two people with astonishment. Their personalities were somewhat different from the original animation. Are they faking this?


Arima Kisho was relieved as he lifted his eyes.

“Don’t be so vigilant, get closer.”

“If you have something to say, this distance is very good.”

Su Xiao would not be close to Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen, they were obviously cooperating.

It could be known between their conversations that the two started to cooperate 13 years ago.

CCG’s strongest Investigator cooperated with one-eyed Owl, Su Xiao thought that there must be a huge secret is hidden and it seems there are also huge benefits coming his way.

Exploring the deep secrets in the derivative world, the benefits will be abundant. Otherwise, Su Xiao would complete the task immediately.

“Byakuya, what kind of organization do you think CCG is?”

Arima Kisho looked serious, and there was a slice of hatred in his eyes.

”Killing ghouls? Protecting humans?”

Su Xiao did not know CCG’s purpose, just answered carelessly.

“Ha, protecting humans? Will CCG protect humans? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The Investigators will protect humans, but CCG will never.”

Takatsuki Sen combed her hair which became messy because of the battle, she seemed to be very disdainful toward the CCG.

“No, CCG is not protecting humans at all. They are raising humans and ‘controlling humans….”

After Arima Kisho figured out his thoughts, he started to tell CCG’s secrets to Su Xiao.

The Ghoul Countermeasure Bureau (of Counter Ghoul referred to CCG)

General Speaker: Washuu Tsuneyoshi

Director: Washuu Matsuri

CCG handled the ghouls’ related events around the world. All matters related to ghouls were handled by CCG, and they had great rights.

On the bright side, CCG was protecting ordinary people and killing ghouls. But was this reality?

Su Xiao had a doubt a long time ago, that was, why did CCG not use the powerful thermos weapon to deal with ghouls? Will it be considering civilians’ safeties? In Su Xiao’s opinion, this was not the case at all.

Some powerful power machine guns could shoot through ghouls’ Kagune. It was like the battle at the entrance of 24th district previously. It only needed to set up a few powerful machine guns and keep shooting madly. In such a narrow terrain, even a few thousand ghouls could be killed in half an hour.

Even if the power of the heavy machine gun was not enough, the power of AWM would be enough.

More than a dozen well-trained snipers, as long as they maintained a good distance, they could shoot Takatsuki Sen into a pile of rotten meat within five minutes in the situation of using AWM.

In the original plot, Kamishiro Rize was almost dead because of being hit by the steel that fell from the sky. It could be seen that ghouls’ Kagune were far less hard than they imagined.

Even if the above weapons are not useful, humans also have the king of weapons, tanks!

Under the steel beasts’ attacks, ghouls had no chance to fight back.

Could humans not able to completely kill ghouls? Don’t be kidding, human were the strongest creatures on the planet, a fact that had been proven over millions of years.

But why do human still live under ghouls’ threat today? Taking the dangerous areas of Tokyo, people lived there often encountered ghouls’ attacks.

The culprit that made this happen was CCG.

“Byakuya, there is no human on the top position of CCG. They are ghouls, the ghouls of Washuu‘s family.

In other words, there is a ghoul organization called V that lead CCG, and of course, ghouls will never completely eliminate ghouls. ”

The information that Arima Kisho told made Su Xiao suddenly understand.

It turned out that that CCG never used the powerful thermo weapon to kill ghouls because of this. It was hard for him to apply for several high-explosive grenades to CCG General Administration. It checked for several days. In the end, the General Administration only gave him one, and the power was low. Even an S level ghoul could not be killed.

If Su Xiao has not seen the power of high-explosive grenades, he may believe that the effectiveness of hot weapons was not good to deal with ghouls.

The CCG high positions were all ghouls, and ghouls will not completely eliminate ghouls.

If it comes to this, it is not only the top position of CCG but also national institutions and even the military’s top positions are all ghouls, it is terrible.

Ghouls’ usual appearances and human were too similar, and Washuu family also controlled the CCG, this kind of right department. Under cover of Washuu family, it was not difficult for ghouls to get into those institutions.

CCG had always instilled an idea in the Investigators, that was hot weapons were not suitable for dealing with ghouls. This kind of indoctrination was a kind of brainwashing, which began in the ‘ghoul Investigator school’, which was accompanied by Investigators. The lie became the truth over time, so Quinque CCG invented to let humans use to deal with ghouls.

In this way, new problems have emerged. Since CCG’s top positions were all ghouls, why would they let the Investigators who were human kill them and kill their companions?

This was actually a very simple question. The high-level human rights under ghouls’ control, ghouls, were natural enemies of a human. 

Therefore, CCG which was V organization thought of a way to use humans to eliminate some ghouls, so as to control the number of ghouls and let humans not go extinct.

This also gave a human a glimmer hope, so that human will not be desperate, leading to the organization such as the Rebels emerge.

Humans were the main food of ghouls. If humans are extinct, then ghouls will go extinct after.

Although ghouls could survive by eating their companions, the extinction of human will lead to the collapse of the whole society. At that time, there will have ghouls left on the earth, ghouls will kill each other, the civilization will be cut off by that and even return to the primitive society.

CCG neither wanted to let this situation happen nor wanted to let the ghouls extinct because they were ghouls, so the Investigators who used the Quinque to fight emerged.

The Investigator was like a diligent ‘street sweeper’ that controlled the number of ghouls.

Su Xiao cleared the 14th district before. This kind of behavior was very helpful to human. If CCG is fighting for human, then why did not they let Su Xiao clean up the other areas, but instead transfer him to the 24th district where no human lived to kill ghouls? Even if he kills all the ghouls in the 24th district, can humans live underground? Obviously not.

Ghouls in the 24th district may know CCG’s secrets, So CCG was killing them.

The confrontation between the Aogiri tree and CCG was not a war between ghouls and human, but an internal war between ghouls.

Aogiri tree gathered large numbers of ghouls and occupied a certain area. In the perspective of CCG executives, this was to challenge the authority.

If CCG hasn’t spread that hot weapon was not suitable for dealing with ghouls, and this thought is deeply reminded in people’s mind, CCG executives would’ve sent a plane with cannons to bomb Aogiri tree long ago.