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R.P Chapter 135: Purchase!

Su Xiao controlled the urge in his mind, he did not buy a sword, for the time being, he had other things to do.

After unlocking the skill five ‘Extreme Blade’, Su Xiao was ready to unlock the next skill.

When Su Xiao was ready to unlock the next skill, he found that he was temporarily unable to unlock the next skill.

This line of text appeared below the skill list.

[The unlocking skill has reached the limit. After the three main attributes reach 30 points, the follow-up skills can be unlocked. Otherwise, the body will not be able to bear the follow-up skills.]

Su Xiao was stunned, it seemed that this skill six that could not be unlocked was very strong, his current physique surprisingly can’t bear it.

Since it was impossible to unlock new skills, Su Xiao chose to upgrade the sword specialization first.

Now his sword specialization had reached Lv.3, only Lv.3 of sword specialization could let him fight closely with SSS class such as Takatsuki Sen.

He hesitated for a moment, Su Xiao took out two soul crystals (small), he was ready to temporarily upgrade the sword specialization to Lv.5 to see if there would have any changes.

However, he had a kind of feeling that the sword specialization may not be different from the heart eyes skill. The limitation of the sword specialization was not only as simple as Lv.10.

[The ‘sword specialization’ had been upgraded to Lv.4.]

[The ‘sword specialization’ had been upgraded to Lv.5.]

The soul crystal in Su Xiao’s hand broke and shattered into a large piece of light particles into his body.

He could not help but close his eyes, Su Xiao ‘saw’ a figure formed by the soul crystals’ fragments. The figure was as same as his height and appearance. The figure was standing in the void and practicing the sword. The passing time seemed to stop at this moment. 

Cut, pick, cut horizontally, multiple movements change, the movement of the figure was getting faster and faster.

Didn’t know how long it passes, the figure finally stopped. After stopping, the figure suddenly rushed to Su Xiao and finally broke into his body.

Su Xiao, who was sitting on the bed with closed eyes, suddenly opened his eyes. At this moment, his eyes were extremely sharp, as if a sword light flashed in his eyes.

His gaze gradually became peaceful, Su Xiao’s sword expertise had been upgraded to Lv.5.

Although the sword specialization was upgraded to Lv.5, it did not have the situation that heart eyes skills reached Lv.5 appeared, which made Su Xiao somewhat confused.

Asking the reincarnation paradise, the reincarnation paradise gave an explanation.

[Because the sword specialization is a high-level power system, it needs to reach Lv.10 to give rewards.]

Su Xiao understood, it was because the sword specialization was a relatively strong skill, it would give rewards after reaching Lv.10.

This made Su Xiao expect that what rewards will appear after the sword specialization was upgraded to Lv.10, can cut out a sword light? Perhaps too early, it may be other abilities.

But one thing was certain, the reward that appeared after the sword specialization reached Lv.10 must be strong.

Su Xiao checked the sword specialization.

sword Specialization: LV.5. (passive)

Skill effect: increasing the close attack power by 18% and the proficiency of the sword genre weapons.


Every level sword Specialization upgraded would increase the close attack by 2%. Of course, this was the situation when he used sword genre weapons.

2% did not look much, but if the level of the sword specialization is high, the increasing effect would be very impressive.

After strengthening the sword specialization, Su Xiao played with the remaining two soul crystals (small) in his hand.

He had a total of five crystals, he used one for unlocking one skill, and two for upgrading the sword specialization. About the remaining two, Su Xiao was a bit hesitated, whether he should continue to upgrade the sword specialization or upgrade the Qing Gang Yin.

After hesitating for a long time, Su Xiao decided to upgrade Qing Gang Yin.

Qing Gang Yin performed very well in the battle, and True damage, the pain caused by burning the enemy’s energy could be regarded as a pseudo control.

Su Xiao who had no control skills for the time being. He planned to develop Qing Gang Yin deeply.

With an idea, Su Xiao consumed two soul crystals (small) and 2000 paradise coins to enhance Qing Gang Yin.

Something was different from upgrading sword specialization. When upgrading Qing Gang Yin, the soul crystal (small) were broken and directly integrated into the special energy of Qing Gang Yin. Su Xiao clearly felt that the energy in the body became stronger.

[‘Qing Gang Yin’ had been upgraded to Lv.2.]

[‘Qing Gang Yin’ had been upgraded to Lv.3.]

Skill one

Qing Gang Yin: LV.3 (active skill)

Using conditions: After launching (Qing Gang Yin), the hunter consumed 3 mana points per minute, the skill will stop when mana reach 1%.

Skill effect: After launching (Qing Gang Yin), it would burn the enemy’s 20 points of mana points each close fight and cause the same amount of True damage. The enemy would suffer a strong pain after mana burning.


The mana cost per minute of the Qing Gang Yin increased from 2 to 3, and the True damage also increased, from 10 points to 20 points.

If fighting with the warrior with less amount of mana, after accepting Su Xiao’s attacks for a few times, the person would only fight flatly, the scene was very touching.

After upgrading Qing Gang Yin, Su Xiao relieved. Although he upgraded various skills, his fighting style did not become complicated.

His main means of combat was based on sword specialization, Qing Gang Yin and heart eyes for support.

Su Xiao was good at the close fight. There were too many things to be considered after being close to the enemy so he would not learn a lot of different abilities. He would learn the passive skills that he did not need to use. His fighting style was to rush to the enemy, then cut.

Simple, rude but the effect was obvious.

Sorcerers or other occupations for long distance were different, they learned a lot of skills and used skills while fighting.

The two sides had different fighting methods and different developed directions.

Su Xiao pinched his forehead, he had been busy around after he returned to the derivative world. Now it was inevitable for him to feel tired. Things had already been done. After that, he only needed to buy some sword genre weapon for sacrificing, so he went to the trial field directly.

But his current state was not good, the proper rest could make him gain more in the trial field.

Lying in bed, Su Xiao had already slept in less than five minutes.

Without the pressure of the derivative world, Su Xiao completely relaxed in the exclusive space which was absolutely safe, which made him sleep deeply.

Didn’t know how long it took, Su Xiao, woke up by having a peep, if not about this peep, he could sleep for a while.

Su Xiao picked up the clock on the bed, he surprisingly slept for 15 hours.

After taking a cold shower, Su Xiao went out and went to the Trade Square.

His goal this time was a sword genre weapon. It was still unclear how much white weapons had to be sacrificed will Extreme Blade’s dragon flash’s Blade value be full, but it conservatively estimated that it needs more than two.

There were many sword genre weapons in the trading market, at least a lot of white quality, green quality could be seen occasionally, but the swords were somewhat rare, most of them were firearms. In the early stage, the firearms were far more popular than the close fight weapons.

It could be learned quickly, put low investments got high returns, but in the later period, these people will cry.

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped in front of a booth.

The various weapons in this booth could be described as abundant, with all kinds of sword, guns, and sticks. Su Xiao even saw a rocket launcher with white quality.

”What do you need to buy, here is the worker’s booth.”

The owner was a middle-aged man with a slightly fat body. Although the middle-aged man was smiled, it was obviously looked a bit horrible. This guy had a pair of mechanical eyes and a red light in his eyes.

“just looking around.”

Su Xiao scanned the weapons on the booth and quickly found the target.

[Killing head sword] (white), 850 park coins.

[Broken wolf fang] (white), 900 park coins.

He had previously observed the price of white close fight weapons, and white weapons with a score of 5 or more were above 800 park coins.

As for the score below 5, the property was poor, Su Xiao suspected that those weapons would only get poor blade value after sacrificing.

The price of this stall was very fair. Su Xiao bought the two swords directly and walked to the exclusive room.

Su Xiao would not use the Extreme Blade to sacrifice at the Exchange Square.