Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 14: The Beauty of a Fight

Thick smoke rose into the sky. The stinky smell produced by the burning hair smell mixed with the smell of the burning gunpowder made the smell weird. Su Xiao frowned after smelling it.

And his sight was blocked by smoke, he could not judge the exact position of the huge tiger.


An angry sound of tiger came from the thick smoke. After hearing this sound, Su Xiao concentrated his attention while loosening his muscles.

Because tight muscle will lead to a slow reaction, it will have a fatal weakness during the fight.

He let the long sword in his hand casually hang down, and the top of the sword was against to the ground.

The huge tiger did not appear, it was hiding in the thick smoke, but Su Xiao could feel that it had already found him.

The strong wind blew from the forest suddenly, and the smoke was blown away.

At that time, a huge figure with some smoke rising from it came out, it was that huge tiger.

The huge tiger that appeared in Su Xiao’s sight wasn’t as strong as it was originally. The long hair on its body was burnt, and some of its skin was burnt as well.

That huge body was seriously injured. Countless iron nails were stuck on his skin.

The most serious injury was its left eye, it was surrounded by iron nails, and black, red liquid flowed out.

After finding the tiger’s injuries, Su Xiao smiled, even though the tiger did not die, this kind of injury will at least decrease ninety percent of its fighting ability. Su Xiao’s trap was useful.

A human was the most dangerous creature in nature.

Compared to this kind of a huge tiger, Su Xiao was not as high as its leg.

But for an unknown reason, Su Xiao’s heart started beating faster, fighting with this kind of huge enemy made him a bit excited.

Without waiting for the giant tiger to attack, Su Xiao slammed his feet on the ground, and the dead leaves splashed. He rushed to the front of the giant tiger in a few steps, and his long sword slammed into the front paw of the giant tiger.


Blood splashed, the front paw of the giant tiger was wounded, [dragon flash]’s rate was 10, it surprisingly can be effortless to break the large tiger skin and deeply penetrate its muscles.

The huge tiger shouted in pain, the explosion made him dizzy and couldn’t react like it usually did.

At the time that the huge tiger prepared to fight back, Su Xiao had already jumped to the side, it was the side of the injured eye of the tiger, so he directly went into its blind spot.

The two claws of the tiger were continuously scratching forward. They shined in metallic luster.

Taking this opportunity, Su Xiao’s hands clasped the handle of the sword as he slashed the tiger’s claw.

The reason why he chose to attack the tiger’s claws was because of the height difference. He had no way actually to attack his throat or head.

Because of those two claws, Su Xiao did not dare to attack the important parts of the huge tiger imprudently.

But it was not a big deal, he still got a few hours to finish the task, but the huge tiger did not.

The tiger was struggling, it lost too much blood, and it would collapse at any moment.

Huge tiger knew this as well. It stared at Su Xiao resentfully with one eye and wanted to leave at the same time.

The beast was doing things like this, most of the beasts will choose to run away when they in an extremely bad situation, except when they need to protect their offspring.

Escaping danger was not only an instinct of humans, but beasts also had it. Furthermore, the intelligence of this huge tiger was high.

The huge tiger breathed heavily, and the claws were deeply immersed in the soil, preparing to run away at any times.

Coming this far, how can Su Xiao let this huge tiger run away, he had spent precious time to set this trap.

When the huge tiger was thinking to leave, Su Xiao’s [Dragon flash] in his hand continued to slam on its body which left few marks on its body.

Looking at the Hp bar on the Tiger’s head, Su Xiao saw that only 8% left in it.

Maybe if it were someone who had the ‘Reincarnation Paradise’, he would explode with power even though he only had 10% hp or lower, but someone normal would be extremely weak when he reaches that state.

The tiger now could not even run fast, its attacks were without sequence. It only wanted to run away.

Su Xiao thrust his sword into the foreleg of the tiger.

The sound of the blade passing through the muscles was very special. Su Xiao, who gripped the handle, clearly felt the slight vibration of the blade when the muscle was split.

The giant tiger mourned, and a very deep wound appeared on its leg, and blood filled the wound. As he pulled the sword, Su Xiao saw that the bone on that leg was broken.

It meant that the huge tiger had already lost the opportunity to run, it will definitely die today.

Maybe the huge tiger found out this fact as well as it roared at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao stood in front of the giant tiger, and the shirtless upper body was splashed with the tiger’s blood.

The warm and smooth feeling of blood makes Su Xiao more violent.

Su Xiao smiled especially warm and stood in front of the violent beast which was as big as a house.

The host of Colubo Mountain for several years had never been afraid of any creature.

But at this time this huge beast was a bit afraid of Su Xiao, because this human who was smiling may take away its life.


A yell with some anger and fear spread through all Colubo Mountain.

Su Xiao’s footsteps rushed to the giant tiger and changed his position from time to time.

The huge tiger lowered his body seemed to prepare to fight for life with Su Xiao.

The tiger’s claws were like a hurricane moving toward Su Xiao, this giant tiger actually hid its speed and only revealed it now. It seemed ready to take Su Xiao with it.

If Su Xiao is touched by this attack, even he doesn’t die, he would be heavily injured.

Su Xiao looked at the tiger as he stood in front of him, the difference in strength was too big.

But if he is directly attacked by the huge tiger, the fight will probably end by his loss.

The attack came from the front, Su Xiao didn’t avoid it, he chose to face it directly.

Just as Su Xiao was about to be scratched by the tiger’s claws, his legs were opened, and he was in a kneeling position, his body weight was lowered, and the whole body leaned back.

The tiger’s claw with a strong bloody smell slid past Su Xiao’s nose, and the strong wind blew his hair.

Standing on his knees, the leaves on the ground were lifted, and Su Xiao’s escaped the tiger’s claws.

Su Xiao caped a hand to the ground and jumped up, he was directly under the tiger’s head, the throat of huge tiger appeared.

Su Xiao didn’t hesitate at all as he swung his sword.

Blood splashed on Su Xiao’s body.

When Su Xiao was fighting with the huge tiger, there was a thin and tiny person hid in the distance, it looked like a child.

“Wow, so strong.”

The shrubs shook, the child’s head came out of the shrubs, and the straw hat child’s head was still covered with green leaves.



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