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R.P Chapter 142: The treatment for a gunman

The contractors did not use detect equipment or skills on each other. It was a naked provocation, it would likely cause a fight.

Under the inquiry of bloody rose, the contractors talked about their advantages in turn, bloody rose would be very enthusiastic if she found the contractor was good at a close fight, and a sorcerer called dust with a green quality staff was the main target of bloody rose.

That wink which could not be distinguished for intentional or unintentional let everyone knew the importance of the sorcerer to bloody rose.

However, the sorcerer did not care about that but stood silently in the crowd.

“This hunk, you must be good at a close fight, right?”

Bloody rose stood in front of a muscular man, the muscular man was shirtless, the muscles in his upper body were sharp and angular, and the white teeth seemed to be shining that appeared when he was laughing.

“Miss, I am a gunman.”

The muscular man took out a shotgun and put several professional shooting positions.

The contrast between his tough, muscular looks and his flamboyant moves made Su Xiao sick to his stomach. 

Bloody rose’s mouth twitched trying to keep the charming smile in her face.

“It’s not good to use a poor white gun as a gunman.”

The sight of bloody rose became a little dangerous.

The muscular man sighed and showed the attributes of the gun to bloody rose.

“Oh, you’re really a gunman, but it’s a pity having these muscles.”

The muscular man’s arm bowed in front of the lower abdomen, posing in the posture of the bodybuilder.

”I am a fitness instructor, these muscles are just appearance.”

Soon, all the contractor’s advantages were known by bloody rose, and some contractors also wanted to be gunmen, but they were all found out by bloody rose and given two choices.

The first was to be expelled from the third zone so that their mission completion would be zero, the mission would fail, and the second was to meet the titan in front and fight close to the titan.

Those contractors chose the second option, no one wanted to fail the task.

According to the advantages of the contractors, bloody rose helped the contractors to arrange their combat positions one by one.

Su Xiao was now a ‘gunman’ and was naturally placed in a backward position.

Including contractors who came after, there was a total of 43 contractors gathered in the third zone, including 12 for a close fight and 31 for a remote fight.

Most of these contractors for the close fight were forcibly found out. Otherwise, the number of contractors for the remote fight would be more, showing how low the proportion of contractors for a close fight in the reincarnation park.

“Everyone listens to the order, the people for a close fight are responsible for dragging the titan, the people for long-range fight use full firepower, start the war.”

Bloody rose screamed and rushed to the titan Su Xiao was somewhat speechless in a dozen meters away. What was this command mode? Was this woman really a deputy’s head? There was a PY transaction.

The hunk who was somewhat helpless was not far away from Su Xiao.

“Hey friends, my name is Enthus, we’re both ‘gunman’, we have to take care of each other.”

Muscleman grinned at Su Xiao.


Su Xiao subconsciously stepped back. This guy was definitely not a gunman he thought in mind. Otherwise, he would swallow the broken Elf.

“If I remember correctly, you are Byakuya, right? Don’t worry, my sexual orientation is normal, I prefer the type there.”

Enthus pointed at bloody rose in the distance.

Su Xiao laughed and did not say anything, the woman must be a thorny rose, with poison, he began to observe the contractors in the first row, if there are only the four titans now, these contractors will be able to deal with it, but if there are more than ten titans, whether the contractors can resist will be unknown.

However, considering that bloody rose had a blue weapon, the short-term defense should be no problem.

These were not really important, Su Xiao had heard Lycoris radiate adventurous group which bloody rose said before.

Before he killed the black white in the last world, black white once said such a sentence, ‘Lycoris radiata adventurous group will not let you go.’

In other words, the queen, black white, and leaves may all be members of Lycoris radiata adventurous group.

Some people had just mentioned that there were only women in Lycoris radiate adventurous group, and that should not be wrong.

As Lycoris radiate adventurous group that could independently defend a district, the strength should be strong, he may be cautious in the future.

It was also a coincidence that the two adventurous groups that Su Xiao had contacted had come to the titan world.

Or it was unfortunate, his comprehensive evaluation of clearance in the last two worlds was too high, so the difficulty of the world he entered was higher than his rank, and he also had the identity of the hunter to ‘add to the difficulty’.

In Su Xiao’s pondering, the team of close fight in more than ten meters away had made contact with the titan.

The titan’s figure was too large, many contractors wanted to attack the Titans’ Achilles tendon to let the titan fall to the ground, then jump to the Titans’ back to attack its back neck.

The contractors did not have the black technology of ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, they could only use this stupid method.

The target of contractors to attack in the distance was the Titans’ eyes or thighs.

First thing was to blind it, then cut down, and finally attack the neck.

It sounded simple, but the actual operation was difficult.

“Let’s go!”

A large group of contractors rushed to the feet of the Titans and was about to be close to the Titans.

The wild tank who was called bull was at the forefront, he stared at the Titans’ legs.

The shout from contractors caught the attention of the titan, which was a ten-meter titan.

The titan bowed his head and looked dumb, it was like an idiot bowed down to see many contractors.

The pace of the contractors suddenly stopped, the power just disappeared.

“Is this a titan?”

A contractor with a machete swallowed, and cold sweat fell off from the forehead.

Unlike watching anime, standing in front of a titan were completely two different feelings.

The huge body, the dull expression, the flat teeth which were as big as a basin, and the big fat belly.

What was the feeling of biting by the flat teeth which were as big as a basin? What was more, after being swallowed into the big belly which was full of blood.

“Don’t wait for death, rush with me.”

Bloody rose rushed to the front, the long barreled gun in her hand rotated for a few times, dancing out.

Gun flower.

After many contractors hesitated for a while, they finally rushed forward.

The contractors for the close fight had rushed up, Su Xiao, who was a gunman in the distance, could not just look.

Boom, boom, boom…

After shooting six times by the broken Elf in his hand, six bullets formed by the kagune passed through the air, arousing the layers of the airwaves and inserting into the titan’s cheeks.

Crack, crack, crack…

Several holes which were as big as fists appeared on the titan’s face. One of the six bullets hit the titan’s eyes, the situation was good judged by the fortunate shoot. The luck was quite good.

The broken Elf would automatically generate bullets, which took two minutes, so Su Xiao lit a cigarette and sat on the big stone to wait for bullets generated.

Ahhh! Boom.

A big shout and the subsequent gunshot made Su Xiao stunned, looking aside, it was Enthus on the side, this guy would shout every time when he shot, the power was stronger than those of those contractors for a close fight.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao was speechless, this guy fooled around was too exaggerated.

Unlike Enthus fooled around, the sorcery called dust had elements surging around, and a fireball which was as big as fist continued to expand in mid-air, and soon became a big fireball with a diameter of two meters.



The fireball flew quickly with the tail flame and directly hit the head of the ten-meter titan.

With a crack sound, the flame wrapped the titan’s head and exploded. The titan swayed like being drunk and fell to the ground.

Those contractors for close fight saw the dead titan and showed a respective sight to the dust.

He killed a 10-meter titan in a second, this sorcerer was not weak, his intelligence property should at least be 20 points.

Bloody rose charmingly smiled and looked at the dust with a little different sight. The sorcerer who fought so hard at the beginning was rare.