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R.P Chapter 147: The Fraternity [EDITED]

The defense at the battle line was still holding. Under the alternate defense of Su Xiao and Bloody Rose, several titans were fought back.

After Bloody Rose killed a titan, the titan gradually turned into a large piece of steam, and a halo of green light emerged in the steam.

“A green treasure chest.”

The contractors in the distance gasped in admiration, their eyes full of greed.

“What bad luck, only one green treasure chest after killing so many titans.”

As Bloody Rose picked up the treasure chest, her sentence left Su Xiao somewhat speechless.

“This is normal.”

Bloody Rose looked at Su Xiao in a strange manner.

“How could that be normal? I can’t count how many titans you killed today. I also killed a lot. Normally, we would have five or six green treasure chests by now, instead of only one.”

Su Xiao coughed. If the number of titans he killed was removed, the drop rate of the treasure chests was indeed normal.

“This treasure chest is obtained by me killing the titan, but I will not have it alone. Everyone present gets a share.”

After Bloody Rose said that, Su Xiao, Dust and Enthus winked at each other.

The other contractors hearing this were obviously happy. They would surprisingly get a share. At this time, the way they looked at Bloody Rose changed.

This woman was good at drawing people’s hearts. Su Xiao was very interested in how this woman would do that, she basically bullshitted them, first, no matter whether he agreed or not, Dust and Enthus would not agree.

Those contractors did not do anything, they had no contribution besides shooting randomly. The Titans could not be killed by the guns they had, so they were pretty much useless.

The sky was slightly darker now, and the titan’s attacks gradually weakened. By about 7 pm, the titan’s attacks had stopped completely.

The titans would only be active during the day, and were very quiet at night, no longer attacking humans.

The first day of the attack and defense war ended, all the contractors felt relieved.

[Night fell, the attacks of the Titans stopped. The attack and defense contribution value will be calculated.]

[First place: Byakuya, the contribution values of attack and defense was 1650.]

[Second place: Icy Luna, the contribution values of attack and defense was 1630.]

[Third place: Adam, the contribution values of attack and defense was 1619.]

[Fourth place: dust, the contribution values of attack and defense was 315.]

[5th place: Bloody Rose, the contribution values of attack and defense was 268.]


Su Xiao’s ranking had directly rushed from the original 120 to the first place, showing how many titans he had killed during the day.

The speed of which he killed the Titans was insanely fast, he usually killed a titan in two attacks.


In the first zone, a bunch of bonfires was lighted, firewood was sizzling, some flying insects were surrounding by bonfires. From time to time, flying insects were burnt by the flames and fell into the bonfires.

There were dozens of female contractors sitting around the campfire, and the fire illuminates their faces, it could be regarded as a hundred flowers blooming.

“Sister, someone managed to take your first place, who is this guy?”

“We tried to let sister kill the Titans in the daytime, and I noticed the rankings of all the contractors before. This guy wasn’t in the top hundred.”

A female contractor wearing a black-framed glasses gnawed on her nails. She was the brain of Lycoris Radiata adventurer group, she was loyal to the head, Icy Luna, but she was also a cynical woman.

“Sister, no need to care about that, we only need to care about making sure sister gets first place, she needs those soul crystals.”

A female contractor with a cigarette was frowning. She was wearing a jungle combat uniform, carrying at least six long and short guns.

“Don’t be so close to me, the smell of gunpowder will affect my thinking, and secondhand smoke contains… well, it affects the brain.”

The cynical woman blamed her for a while longer, but no one knew what she murmured.

“Rose has just reported to me, it is a very strong contractor, and one thing makes me care.”

The woman that spoke was wearing a white sorcerer robe, she was completely gorgeous, her voice was soft, but there was a sense of coldness. She was the head of Lycoris Radiata adventurer group: Icy Luna.

“The contractor is a male, estimated to be about 20 years old. His main weapon is a sword. His combat experience is extremely abundant. He one-hit-killed another strong contractor, Rose said that the man should not have a particularly extensive range of skills, he only depends on his sword skills.”

Icy Luna frowned and looked at the cynical woman with bright eyes.

“Little Black, what do you think.”

The cynical woman rolled her eyes, of the whole group, only Icy Luna dared to call her Little Black.

“I will retreat if you call me Little Black again.”

The cynical woman glared angrily at Icy Luna.

“Alright, I won’t call you Little Black, so tell me what you think, Little Black.”

The female contractors around her smiled, while the cynical woman sighed and then spoke with a serious look:

“If sister Rose thinks that he is very strong, then his strength may not be lower than yours. With a single strike…, using a single sword strike to kill a contractor that is not particularly weak…, he possesses no large-scale skills and is still very strong….”

The cynical woman bit her nails as the fire reflected in her pupils swayed incessantly.

“Sister, we better not to provoke that man. Remember the pervert in the Genei Ryodan adventurer group, the one that uses the revolver?

If I’m right, they might have developed in a similar direction, just that the guy using a sword might be stronger to an extreme, since even sister Rose couldn’t see through him.

If we are in PVE mode, these two guys are in PVP mode, they’re stronger in killing contractors than in killing the creatures of the derivative worlds.”

After the cynical woman’s words, the other women in Lycoris Radiata were shocked.

The man with the revolver had left a shadow on them, his shooting speed was incredible and each bullet could break their shields, their defense lost their meaning under his Mithril bullets, and his attacks occasionally contained true damage, which almost made them desperate.

“Hey, hey, hey, cynical girl, don’t make it sound so terrible, I almost died last time. Now you said that this guy is even stronger? I want to jump into a river.”

A petite woman shrank her body. The last time they encountered the revolver man, she was the main target of that guy. If she did not have their leader covering her, and Queen shielding her, she would be dead now.

“Little Black, that sounds a bit too exaggerated. How can that man be compared with the monsters of Genei Ryodan, also, this world is in a peaceful mode, killing contractors won’t give out scarlet cards so the possibility of us fighting each other is not big.”

Icy Luna comforted her members and sent a look at the cynical woman that said ‘Don’t fight the momentum’.

The cynical woman sighed. This was the reason why she could not be at the head of a team. Although she was really clever, she did not consider the feelings of the weaker members.

In the eyes of the cynical woman, everything had to be prepared. If she were the head of a team, she would never recruit weak members, as to her, it was a sin to be weak.

The cynical woman was only loyal to Icy Luna.


Second zone. There was also a campfire.

From far away, you could smell barbecue and liquor.

A group of shirtless men were sitting around the fire and drinking and eating, occasionally laughing together, some of them were roughhousing, the atmosphere was very warm.

Some of the contractors were obviously newcomers, but after seeing the seniors laughing around them, could not help but smile. In the cruel Reincarnation Paradise, they were be lucky to join the Fraternity.

This was a real fraternity. As long as they entered the group, they were brothers, living together and dying together, they never took people on probation.

“Boss, come and have a drink with us.”

A drunken man with a red face came to Adam, the smell of alcohol wafting from his body, and handed Adam a bottle of liquor, which had about half left.

Adam was checking the record of the battle. He was not angry when he was interrupted by the man. Instead, he took the open bottle of liquor and took a deep swig, liquor dripped down his chin. He did not express any repulsion.

“Strong. How about the infusion of Rc cells, do you still have the thoughts of wanting to eat human flesh?”

Adam’s tone was calm, but from the action of drinking, Adam was also an outgoing person, but it was not obvious to see from his appearance.

“Where did you get these two things, the effects are rea~lly good. I have returned to normal taste, but there is still the urge to eat people. It should be completely disappearing soon.”

The person’s strong, shirtless upper body was covered with reddish lines, he occasionally picked up the meat in his hand and bit pieces off of it. It looked like he had not eaten barbecue for a long time.

“It’s a coincidence that the person who sold me these things also entered the Titans’ world. Right now, he is in the third zone with little Dust, but he’s not very friendly. I hope that little Dust is fine. Although little Dust is arrogant, he is a good man, and he never shows his arrogance in the group.”

Adam sighed; he was a bit worried about Dust.

“Don’t worry, boss, if that guy dares to hurt Dust, our whole group will go take it up with him. He’d have to kill all of us when that happens.”

The strong guy laughed and took a swig himself.