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R.P Chapter 150: The head of the team, do not leave us behind! [EDITED]


An anguished female scream spread far, along with the sound of crying.

Bloody Rose, who was leading the contractors back to the third zone, heard this scream.

“Something happened, hurry up.”

They started running, and after arriving in the third zone, they saw that Mikasa was holding a piece of leg while she was crying.

The contractors were all stunned, but after seeing Su Xiao standing next to the body of a titan, Bloody Rose thought that this guy must have done something.

Did this guy kill the protagonist? No, the Paradise did not give any notifications about that, and the lucky Eren would not die so easily.

“It’s still early, and with the current lighting, titans are unlikely to be active, so what’s going on?”

A contractor’s eyes widened at sight of Mikasa crying, He wanted to go forward and check the situation. If he could get Mikasa to like him, he would make a big profit.

But the contractor was pulled back by Bloody Rose when he was about to walking forward.


The contractor was somewhat inpatient. He only supported Bloody Rose, but did not follow her commands.

“Idiot, look over there.”

Bloody Rose to lift her chin up and signaled the contractor to look at the direction of Su Xiao.

The contractor turned his head, and after seeing the cold eyes surrounded by the steam, he had no desire to move forward.

That gaze seemed to say, any who dare come will die!

“It seems that he is trying to block the hole, but his method is really bold.”

Bloody Rose was not stupid, she could roughly guess Su Xiao’s plan.

Although the steps of the plan were not complicated, it needed a lot of courage, and if it failed, he would end up wanted by the corps in the wall, and would be hunted down by Mikasa.

“We can pretend that we did not see anything, this plan is good for us.”

Although Bloody Rose said so, she had already begun to consider how to destroy Su Xiao’s plan. The reward of the attack and defense value for the first prize should belong to Lycoris Radiata, she would not allow others to take it.

Bloody Rose carefully looked at the body of the titan, she did not find the human’s body, it seemed that she guessed Su Xiao’s plan correctly.

Eren disappeared, and Enthus also disappeared. This must have something to do with it.

But even if she knew that, it was still useless. Bloody Rose could not outright ask Su Xiao, not with their difference in strength. She still remembered the reminder of Icy lunar last night.

Boom, boom.

The titans outside of the wall were now fully active, and began to rush to the hole.

“Brother Byakuya, the attack and defense task is starting again.”

Bloody Rose euphemistically said as she gestured Su Xiao to guard the hole.

Su Xiao did not move, he just sat on a ruin.

“I got hit hard by the titan, so we can only depend on you to defend the hole for now.”

After that, Su Xiao took out some jerky, and started eating slowly.

The contractors changed their expressions. If he did not guard the hole, what should they do?

“Don’t think about having Enthus heal my injury, because the distribution was uneven yesterday, he has left the third zone.”

The reason why Su Xiao did not continue to guard the hole, was to improve the success rate of the plan.

Even if Eren, who was in the titan’s belly, really became a titan, and raised a huge stone to block the hole, who could guarantee that Eren would definitely block the hole of the third zone? Instead of the holes of the first zone or the second zone.

Although Su Xiao let Enthus hide the titan who ate Eren in the vicinity of the third zone, this was not safe enough.

But what if the Titans rush into the third zone? Eren would definitely choose to block the hole which the titans entered through.

Also, Su Xiao had an advantage in this aspect. He dared to let the defense line fell, but the other two heads would never dare to do this.

If the hole fell, fighting would become immensely more dangerous for most contractors. The life or death of the contractors has nothing to do with Su Xiao, but those leaders would not abandon their members, at least not on the openly.


Su Xiao called Mikasa, and Mikasa immediately raised her head, her tearful eyes glared at Su Xiao, it looked like she wanted to kill him.

“What did you give us to drink yesterday!”

Mikasa shouted, which had the contractors observe with strange feelings. They did not complete the attack and defense tasks, so how did this guy communicate with Eren and others.

Su Xiao killed too many titans yesterday, and Eren was extremely hateful of the Titans as well. Otherwise, even if the barbecue smelled delicious, Eren would never eat it.

“What did you drink? That was a fruit drink.”

Su Xiao’s tone was indifferent, he did not care about Mikasa’s questions.

“It’s impossible, I will kill you, I will kill you for Eren.”

Eren’s ‘death’ had caused Mikasa to lose her calm.

“But I also drank it?”

Mikasa’s body went stiff. This was true. This man had also drunk with them. Why didn’t he have any reaction? Was it poison?

Just as the thought crossed her mind, Mikasa abandoned it again. She instinctually felt that this was all caused by this bastard in front of her.

“By the way, this titan did not swallow Eren. There were two titans that attacked us. The titan who swallowed Eren went to chase my ‘companion’, the one we had dinner together with.

According to my experience during the Investigation Corps, there is hope for rescue within an hour after being swallowed. Although Eren’s leg was bitten off, he was swallowed alive.

The titan’s swallowing would cause its abdomen to be full of air, and the Titan’s gastric acid was not very corrosive. Most people chose to commit suicide in the titan’s body out of fear instead of being digested.

How long do you think Eren can last in that dark stomach? Ten minutes, half an hour?”

Su Xiao’s words were like the devil’s whisper to Mikasa’s ears.

“Eren is not dead yet?”

Mikasa felt unbearable, the two sharp swords in her hands were aimed at Su Xiao, it seemed that she would rush at Su Xiao at any time.

“Mikasa, even if there is a little hope, I will go to save Eren, and…”

Before Armin, who was full of tears, had finished his words, they heard a loud noise from the distance.


Golden lightning fell from the sky to the ground, a fifteen-meter-tall titan appeared in the Wall Rose.

One of the nine titans, the Attack Titan appeared. The current inheritor was Eren.

Su Xiao was smiling, the plan partially succeeded.

“Did that titan swallow Eren?”

After Mikasa saw the titan’s suddenly appearance, she went mad. The jet holes at the back of 3D Maneuver Gear spewed gas, and Mikasa jumped onto the rooftops and rushed to the titan.

Looking at this scene, Su Xiao was somewhat stunned. Would Mikasa cut Eren? It was very likely to happen. If the back of his neck was cut, Eren would die. Then his whole effort would be useless.


Su Xiao ran to the direction of Eren, but compared to the speed of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, his speed was way slower, he could only run on the ground, faced with various road conditions and obstacles.

“Hey, you….”

Bloody Rose was dumbfounded. He left? What should they do with the defensive line?

“Bloody Rose, why are you shouting in the morning.”

Dust arrived with other contractors.


Bloody Rose pointed to the back of Su Xiao.

“What? What about the defensive line?”

Dust observed Su Xiao leaving, his sight turned black, the strong were always so willful.

“We have two choices, we try our best to guard it, or we retreat. As long as the third zone is not completely occupied by the Titans, our mission will not be considered as failed.”

Bloody Rose spoke and looked at Dust.

“Of course we retreat.”

“I won’t keep guarding it.”

No one here was stupid. The current situation was not good for Lycoris Radiata and Fraternity. The two would not continue to defend. At most, they would fail the mission. The two had their own adventurer groups, so even if the mission failed, they would not be in danger.

If Bloody Rose and Dust ‘returned home’ their adventurer groups would protect them, but the more than 30 contractors they’d leave behind could only depend on themselves.

“Should we guard it?”

A contractor spoke up, as other contractors just sighed. Of course they would leave, who would stay there and die. They all saw the strongest combatant of the third zone leave.

Su Xiao quickly ran on the street and planned his next move.

In the previous world, he was the only one in his camp, and the world was less difficult, so he could kill as much as he wanted.

But this world was different. Although he was much stronger than back then past, there were two adventurer groups in this world. He had to be cautious.

First of all, he had to complete the attack and defense task. Otherwise, he would not be able to get the precious small soul crystals.