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R.P Chapter 154: Proceeding [EDITED]

The steam lingered, Su Xiao and Hange Zoe stood on Eren’s back.

“We need something large to control this guy, it looks like he will recover soon.”

Hange Zoe looked worried.

“Get rid of them, have to, get rid of them.”

The voice was very quiet, surprising Hange Zoe.

“Did you hear that? It sounds like someone is talking.”

“Ah, I heard it too, it’s coming from the nape of this titan.”

Su Xiao arrived at Eren’s nape, and stabbed Dragon Flash into ‘Titan Eren’s’ nape.


‘Titan Eren’ screamed as his body began to sway. Hange Zoe staggered and was almost thrown off of Eren’s back.

“Don’t kill him.”

Seeing Su Xiao’s move, Hange Zoe yelled anxiously.

Su Xiao was not going to kill Eren. The ‘Titan Eren’ was not in danger from him, at least not before it carried the big stone to the wall.

Feeling the slight vibration in Dragon Flash, Su Xiao knew that the sword had stabbed too deep, he might have stabbed Eren’s true body.

He didn’t know exactly where Eren was, but listening to the scream of ‘Titan Eren’, the wound should be very painful.

Su Xiao pulled Dragon Flashes partway out and used both hands to pull the sword down.

With the sound of flesh tearing, a more than a meter long wound appeared, and Su Xiao saw Eren’s true body.

Eren was wrapped in bright red muscle tissues, and his eyes were closed, as if he was asleep.

Su Xiao plunged his upper body into the titan’s body and grabbed Eren’s shoulder with one hand.

As his upper body plunged into the titan’s body, he felt a burning feeling from all around him, the temperature in the titan’s body was at least 70 degrees.

After grabbing Eren’s shoulder, Su Xiao pulled him out with force, but his hand slipped, the muscle tissue wrapping Eren was very slippery.

As the high temperature continued to burn Su Xiao, his eyes locked on to Eren’s hair, which was not wrapped by muscles.

Grabbing Eren’s hair, Su Xiao dragged him outward.

Crack, crack.

Several strips of muscles were pulled off, and with a shout, Su Xiao dragged Eren’s entire body out.

Feeling a fresh breeze on his cheek, the burning sensation faded. Su Xiao was sweating all over his body.

“This is….”

Hange Zoe quickly stepped forward and glanced at Eren’s body, like an X-ray.

If there had been a dissecting table there, that woman would most likely immediately start dissecting Eren.

Su Xiao remained silent. If he said something about the secrets of the titan world, he would just be suspicious, and he knew it would be fine even without him saying anything. There was no need to talk.

The plot characters were not fools. If Su Xiao told a lot of secrets, the plot characters might not believe in him, but the royal family would try their best to chase him.

Now, it was only necessary to properly let the situation develop. Even if Su Xiao did nothing Hange Zoe would unintentionally continue his plan.


Mikasa rushed down from the roof with her ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, quickly arriving next to Su Xiao.

Today, Mikasa suffered some hardships, her mood changed from great joy to great sorrow too fast, so this teenage girl was physically and mentally exhausted.

After rushing to the vicinity of Eren, the scene before her eyes had her happiness disappear, and she looked down.

“Let go.”

The voice of Mikasa was a bit cold. At this time, Su Xiao was holding Eren by his hair. Eren was fainted, his body was half lying on the ground.

“Do you even know what you are talking about?”

A sight more chilly and violent than Mikasa herself appeared. Mikasa was calmer, she just killed people when she was young, while Su Xiao had slaughtered too many ghouls to count in the world of Tokyo Ghoul. His eyes were dozens of times more horrible than Mikasa.

Seeing Su Xiao’s gaze, Mikasa immediately drew two sharp blades, she was like a scared little leopard.

“You are called Mikasa Ackerman, right? Byakuya’s actions are correct. We have to take this person away.

Who can guarantee that the titan just now was not controlled by him? Or that it was only this titan he controlled?”

Looking at the gasifying body of the titan, Hange Zoe spoke with certainty.

“Mikasa, calm down. The situation is too strange now, Eren he… he may…”

Armin quickly pulled Mikasa aside, but Mikasa still glared at Su Xiao.

“Let go of Eren’s hair, even if you want to take him, don’t grab him by his hair.”

Su Xiao nodded and grabbed Eren by the back of his neck instead.

“I’ll kill this bastard.”

Mikasa whispered, she felt helpless, the situation began to develop in a bad direction, and according to Mikasa’s estimates, if she were to fight with that man, she would most likely die.

The Wall Rose was broken, then the strange drink, Eren being eaten by the titan, Eren turning into a titan, the intervention of the Survey Corps, with so many things happening, Mikasa couldn’t think clearly.

“That, I have something to say.”

Armin stood up; his thinking was clear. He prepared to say something.


Hange Zoe answered Armin.

“How will you deal with Eren? Even if Eren was in the titan’s body, we can’t be sure that Eren has become a titan. Before this, Byakuya said that Eren had been swallowed by the titan. This is the fact that he witnessed.

It would be more likely that after Eren was swallowed, he used his weapon to dig out of the titan’s stomach, but lost his way in the titan’s body. When Eren arrived at the titan’s nape, he was just too exhausted after going through a lot of muscle and eventually got trapped in the titan’s neck. The titan was pretty resilient, so that could’ve easily happened.”

After Armin’s explanation, the recruits around him understood. After all, it was too ridiculous that humans could become titans.

“The explanation is barely plausible, but there are two points. First, Eren was not swallowed by this titan, the one that swallowed him was the five-meter titan.

Second, being trapped in the muscles would have suffocated him, Eren was trapped there for about half an hour, do you think that he looks suffocated?”

Su Xiao’s two sentences overturned Armin’s speech. It was obvious that Armin was trying to save Eren. If things continued according to the current situation, Eren would likely be taken to the dissection table.

Mikasa looked awkward. Just now, Armin convinced almost everyone, but this guy just had to speak?

“Byakuya’s words make sense. In short, this guy will be sent to be judged by the head of the team. Whoever blocks us will be punished according to the ‘Military Secret Act’. By the way, Byakuya here was sent to prison because he killed people.”

Hange Zoe signaled Su Xiao to follow, and the two rushed to the inner wall, Wall Sina.

“Armin, let’s go together, if the situation is not right, then let’s grab Eren by force.”

Armin agreed and they followed, but would things develop in a good direction after they went to the Wall Sina?

The answer was obviously ‘No’, because Su Xiao would be there.

Soon, Su Xiao and Hange Zoe arrived at the Wall Sina, and were greeted by a row of cannons standing on the Wall Sina.

“Stop, the Wall Sina is a restricted area.”

The military police regiment on the wall raised their flintlock rifles.

“I am Hange Zoe of the Survey Corps; this is also a former member of ours.”

The military police officer signaled for the two of them to wait. After reporting to the head of the military police brigade, they signaled for the people on the wall to put down their guns.

Su Xiao took Eren to the wall, and immediately saw two people coming forward.

The Head of the Survey Corps: Erwin Smith.

The Head of the Military police regiment: Nile Dok.