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R.P Chapter 156: Eren was dull through the process!

“Now it is time to decide which corps should deal with Eren Yeager, both of you, please state your proposals, Military police regiment first.”

Darius Zackley sat in the middle of the two Corps, he was not angry but looked powerful.

“Ha?” Nile Dawk coughed and took a step forward.

“The commander-in-chief…, the judge, the thing is that Eren Yeager can become a titan, which is very serious. If it is in the past, we will study it first.

Considering the current situation, If Eren Yeager is handed over to us, the Military police regiment will immediately execute Eren Yeager to rule out this unstable factor, that’s all. ”

After declaring the proposal, Nile Dawk took a step back. This was actually his personal opinion. The Military police regiment did what he said. Except for the orders from the royal family or the commander-in-chief, Nile Dawk would ignore them.

“The next one is Survey Corps.”

Darius Zackley gestured to Erwin Smith to speak their proposal.

“The Judge, I suggest that letting Eren Yeager be handed over to us. If humans can become titans, there will be a new threat different from the Titans.

Assume, the following description is only my personal guess. ”

Erwin Smith, who had always been cautious, taking a deep breath, it seemed that it was a very serious guess.

“First of all, we have determined that Eren Yeager has become a titan before, so we can’t rule out the uniqueness of this ability. Does look Eren Yeager like this in the usual?”

Erwin Smith looked at Su Xiao, Su Xiao nodded.

“There is another possibility, what if other humans in the wall that can become titans, or that they are now hiding next to us, ready to cause devastating damage to humans.”

After Erwin Smith expressed his conjecture, everyone else took a breath.

Eren Yeager was in front of him, the titan could become a human had been basically confirmed, there were witnesses of the members in the Corps.

“So in order to investigate whether there are other people in the wall that can become titans, the Survey Corps decided to detain Eren Yeager first and have him controlled by the Survey Corps.

Of course, this depended on the performance of Eren Yeager after he is awake if he can control the titan he became, have conscious and be loyal to humanity, it may be able to consider controlling him to help humans fight,

The ability to become a titan is either randomly assigned, or it may be an accident. We don’t know about the titan, that’s all. ”

Erwin Smith’s remarks were very persuasive. First, it showed that if human beings could become a threat to titans.

At this point, Erwin inferred it accurately, there were indeed ‘wisdom titans’ who sneaked into the wall.

Erwin Smith meant to hold Eren first, and then decide whether Eren was loyal to humans or wanted to destroy humans.

If he is loyal to humans, they can use him to repel the Titans, if not, slice him to do the study.

This was similar to Su Xiao’s plan. The city wall was almost broken, and the danger was near. The Survey Corps would try to block the gap.

At least with Su Xiao’s understanding, the Survey Corps was wholeheartedly thinking about humanity.


Darius Zackley pretended to ponder.

In fact, after he understood the cause of the matter, he had decided which Corps he should assign Eren to stay. The temporary court was only a form, the authoritarian parenting would cause dissatisfaction of a certain corps.

“I decided to…”

Darius Zackley had not finished his words, founding that Eren was waking up, and he suddenly stopped what he said.

Eren looked up in confusion and glanced around in blank.

After seeing the situation around, Eren immediately thought of getting up, but he suddenly felt a force on the back and pressed him firmly to the ground.

“What is going on here, why am I here, let me go.”

Su Xiao stepped on Eren’s back with one leg. If Eren dared to get up, he would be hit severely, and Su Xiao’s previous plan would fail.

“If you don’t want to die, you have to stay here honestly.”

Su Xiao’s words didn’t play any role, Eren still struggled to get free, Su Xiao forced on his feet, Eren screamed in horror.

Just imagine what will you feel when you just got up and suddenly be stepped on your back and hit hard.

Eren was very innocent now, he still didn’t know what happened.

“Eren Yeager, do you remember what you did after becoming a titan, do you control the titan in battle?”

Darius Zackley stared at Eren, Eren’s next words would affect his judgment.

“What? Did I become a titan? This kind of thing is not funny at all, who is this old man?”

Eren obviously had never seen the commander-in-chief of ‘Darius Zackley ‘. In the world inside of the wall which had backwardness technology, the highest position Eren only had seen was the head of the Survey Corps, this kind of person like ‘Darius Zackley ‘, He had no chance to contact with him.

The portrait of the person Eren had indeed seen before, but the portrait was too abstract?

“The old man?”

Su Xiao was speechless, Eren this child was a bit idiot.

“This is the commander-in-chief, Darius Zackley. He is in charge of all the corps. You should pay attention to what you say. Otherwise, I will shoot you now.”

Nile Dawk stared at Eren with a bad look.

“The commander-in-chief of all the Corps?”

Eren swallowed.

“Eren Yeager, answer my previous question.”

“I don’t know what becomes a titan, I am a human, how can I become a titan, this must be a joke.”

Eren was somewhat uncooperative, this kind of conversation was meaningless.

“Give me a minute.”

Su Xiao looked at Darius Zackley, and Darius Zackley sighed.

“Don’t be too rude, I have tried your case.”

Su Xiao nodded, lifted his feet and let go of Eren who was on the ground, grabbed his shoulder and picked him up.

“First you can only listen, there is no right for you to speak.”

Eren wanted to talk right away. Su Xiao lifted his knees to hit Eren’s lower abdomen. Eren bent down and spat out an acid regurgitation.

“Hey! What are you doing, he may become a titan, don’t stimulate him like this.”

Nile Dawk screamed and quickly receded.

“Oh? According to the previous situation, this guy turned out to be a ‘Kiko shu’ with fifteen meters, even if he has some fighting instincts, I can solve him in five minutes. 

Continuing our previous conversation, you can only listen but not speak. ”

Eren nodded immediately, he was not stupid, he would be hit when he spoke.

“This attitude will be correct. The fact that you can become a titan has been confirmed. It is what I saw with my own eyes. Considering that you do not believe me, there are other witnesses.

Su Xiao turned to look at Armin and Mikasa.

“Say what you see, if you still want him to live.”

Mikasa’s teeth were bitten tightly, she looked down. Armin found that the situation was not right and said quickly:

“Eren, you probably turned into a titan before, we rescued you in the titan’s back neck, and, you remember how did you swallow by the titan…”

“I only have one minute, you just need to confirm that he becomes a titan.”

Su Xiao interrupted Armin’s words and looked at Eren.

“You can become a titan. I will give you five seconds to accept this.”

Eren nodded dumbly, but immediately shook his head. At this time, Eren had only one thought in his mind. The man with a long sword in front of him was terrible.

“Five seconds past, and now you must accept the fact that you can become a titan.”

It would take a long time for Eren to accept that he could become a titan, so Su Xiao used the simplest and most rude method.

First, hit him and let him accept the fact forcibly, and finally was to have recognition of a friend.

Eren’s sight was a little dull, the fact that he could become a titan made his young mind seriously wounded.

“You can continue to interrogate.”

Su Xiao put Eren on the ground and continued to step on him. He was also helpless. If he doesn’t do this, the timid guys of the Military police regiment won’t put down their guns. Once the situation is tense, it would stimulate other people’s nerves. If they accidentally kill an official, his plan will be postponed.