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R.P Chapter 157: Young and old cunning people

Although Su Xiao’s actions were somewhat rude but effective, Eren had initially accepted the thing that he could become a titan.

“Eren Yeager, do you remember the scene of becoming a Titan, what you were thinking about at the time.”

Eren was pressed to the ground and pondered for a while.

“I don’t remember, I only remember I ate meat last night… I fell asleep after dinner, I fell asleep deeply. I woke up in a dark place, but last night I seemed to be chocked in the ‘dream’. I feel that my neck is almost broke and will die soon, but now I don’t feel anything wrong with my neck.

I have been in a very dark place, I’m very tired. ”

Eren was still in a state of confusion, so his language organized not really good, everyone present frowned.

He ate meat and dreamed, the most amazing thing was that there are people in the dream want to kill him.

“The judge, I now suspect that Eren Yeager has a problem with his mind and he must be executed immediately.”

Nile Dawk suddenly spoke to infer that Eren was mentally ill.

If this accusation is confirmed, Eren will be executed.

Dong…, dong…, dong…

Darius Zackley tapped the handrail of the chair. He also saw that Eren’s condition was very bad. According to his understanding, Eren should have some memories, the situation is very weird.

The commander-in-chief was the commander of all the corps and understood the catch inside of the wall.

After thinking for about ten seconds, Darius Zackley’s eyes flashed a sharp light.

Seeing this kind of sight, Su Xiao vexed to think something bad may happen, this cunning old person may do something.

“After listening to the statements of the two Corps, and the current state of Eren Yeager, the court sentenced Eren Yeager will be handed over to Military police regiment.”

As a result of this sentence, some people were happy, some were sad.

Nile Dawk was, of course, happy, this guy was full of surprises, in his opinion, Eren was very likely to be handed over to the Survey Corps.

“Come, execute Eren Yeager immediately, Byakuya, soldier, you also cooperate with Eren Yeager’s execution.”

It seemed that Nile Dawk was very afraid of Eren, he also asked Su Xiao to come.

“You guys.”

Mikasa in the distance was expressionless, she had made a decision in her mind.

Mikasa directly pulled out two sharp knives and rushed forward, if Eren is controlled by the Military police regiment, he will die.

Armin stood in the same place, it seemed that she had not accepted the fact that Eren would be executed. After seeing Mikasa rushing forward, Armin also rushed forward, but intelligent Armin did not pull out the weapon.

“Get out!”

Mikasa jumped up, the two sharp knives in her hand slammed into Su Xiao’s back. Su Xiao’s body sided to escape, and he did not choose to fight against Mikasa. He already understood the intention of Darius Zackley.

“Line up and kill these three traitors!”

Nile Dawk waved with one hand and a row of a gun aimed at the Eren and the other two people.

“Open fire!”

After the announcement of Nile Dawk, two people smiled on the battlefield, namely Darius Zackley and Su Xiao.

“This old man is cunning.”

Su Xiao jumped aside, just to avoid the shooting angle of the Military police regiment, he was not far from Eren. He would have to show up later, he was ready to cooperate with this play.

Boom, boom, boom…

With several rounds plumbs fired up, the speed of old-fashioned single-shot rifle was not too fast.

Eren’s head was almost broken, what the situation was now, all kind of thoughts flashed through his mind.

Was he going to die, would Mikasa and Armin be hit hard because of him?

No, he must not let this happen.

Eren raised his arms subconsciously, he bit under the thumb, the blood spilled.


Golden lightning fell from the sky, a strong impact spread out all around, and the smoke and dust rose.

Su Xiao put the dragon flash into the ground to keep his body stable, and the members of the Survey Corps also used various means. These people all went through battles.

The worst was the Military police regiment. These people only bullied poor people inside of the wall, they even gave up daily training. Thus hundreds of members in Military police regiment were blown down of the wall and screamed poorly and incessantly because they had not fought for a long time.

The biting cold wind blew through, Su Xiao arose one hand in front of him, seeing a huge skeleton in the shining golden light in front.

The skeleton protected Mikasa and Armin, Eren’s figure disappeared. It should be at the back neck of the titan skeleton.


Nile Dawk ‘s teeth trembled, and he stepped back.

The impact receded, a titan skeleton with sparkles and steam appeared on the wall.

Eren had just become a titan, so this time was very incomplete, the titan’s skull was exposed, only one eye was produced, showing the horror and terror.

“Open fire, destroy this monster.”

Nile Dawk screamed hysterically, the voice was a little bit changed.

Members of the Military police regiment hurriedly began to change bullets, and some them even dropped cartridge bags to the ground.

Boom…, boom.

The scattered gunshots came because the hand which held the gun shook too serious, a bullet flew even near Su Xiao.

Members of the Military police regiment were like a mouse saw a car after seeing the titan. This was different from the appearance that they bullied citizens usually. The titan will really kill them, they don’t know where the courage comes to execute Eren.

“Military police regiment stop firing.”

Darius Zackley screamed loudly, but there was not useful, Military police regiment was fully frightened.

“Nile Dawk, should the Military police regiment reorganize, right?”

The words of Darius Zackley were like a basin of cold water pouring on the head of Nile Dawk, Nile Dawk’s body trembled.

“Ceasefire, are you guys deaf?”

Nile Dawk even kicked his subordinates to stop them, the scene was barely controlled.


The skeleton that Eren born turned his head and looked at the people present.

Members of this Military police regiment could no longer bear the pressure of their mind, they instantly separate away.

Titan Eren’s arm was lifted up, and when everyone thought that Eren was going to attack, Eren surprisingly blocked the titan’s arm in the chest.

Now the titan Eren had only the upper body, so the position of the chest was where Mikasa Armin stayed.

Darius Zackley surprisingly sighed and stood up. He was sitting firmly when Eren became a titan, his mental quality was very strong.

”He has a sense of protecting his companion surprisingly.”

Erwin Smith, the head of the Survey Corps, was stunned and he seemed to see something possible.

“Eren Yeager, can you hear me?”

The titan that Eren turned into was motionless, he had no strength to continue moving.

At this time, Eren in the titan’s body suddenly awake, he was kneeling on the neck of the titan.

Eren was shocked and struggled immediately. As Eren struggled, the small number of muscles at the back neck breakdown, Eren’s upper body was exposed to the air, and the lower body was wrapped in the muscles of the titan.

“What is this?”

Looking at the hindbrain bones that wrapped a small number of muscles in front of him, there was a lot of memory appeared in Eren’s brain.

“You must keep this key near you.”

“Be sure to remember when you see the key, you have to go back to the basement of the home.”

“Because of injecting this kind of medicine, you will lose your short term memories, so I can’t explain it to you now. Remember, you must take back the Wall. Maria and then reach the basement. You will use this power someday.”

He saw his father was tearful in his memory, his father took a needle and a transparent medicine inside the needle. 

“Their memories will teach you how to use this power, Eren, as long as you can reach the basement, you can find the truth! Forgive me, I did this helplessly, I have no time.”

The memories in Eren’s mind ended, and the memories after were too dull and fantastic. He vaguely remembered that he became a brainless titan and swallowed something.

Although Eren’s last memory was vague, it was true, he just did not remember it.

The truth was that when Eren was ten years old, his father injected him with a titan potion and turned Eren into a brainless titan.

When Eren became a brainless titan, he immediately had the desire to swallow humans, and his father stood in front of him.

So Eren swallowed his father, inheriting the power of two titans and returned to a human, his father was also willing to do this.

After inheriting the power of the titan, he only had thirteen years to live. His father’s thirteen years would soon reach the deadline.

‘The brainless titan’ could become human after swallowing the ‘intelligent titan’ and inherit the power of the intelligent titan.

This was why ordinary titans did not need food, but swallowing humans. The instinct of the brainless titans could swallow the intelligent titans and let them become humans.

There were thousands of brainless titans, and there were only nine intelligent titans. The rate was really low.

After Eren swallowed his father, he inherited the power of the ‘attack titan’ and the power of another, the strongest titan.