Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 16: Kill The Legend (Edited)

Su Xiao walked toward the bushes while aiming in its direction using his pistol, though there was only one single bullet left.

“Wait, I’m not a bad guy!” A child’s voice rang from the shrubs.

A Kid? Su Xiao looked at the shrubs dubiously.

How could a child wander around in this dangerous mountain region? It made him cautious.

“I will give you three seconds to come out. Otherwise, you won’t move ever again.”

He gradually tightened the trigger of his pistol. If the person did not come out within three seconds, he would shoot it.

“Really? Then I’ll just stay here.”

Maybe, the child inside the shrubs misunderstood Su Xiao’s words.

Su Xiao’s eyes twitched, he was now sure that it was really a child in the shrubs, and the child’s intelligence was not that high.

He put the pistol into the storage space, thinking the final bullet of the gun could be used at another time. It shouldn’t be wasted now.

“Come out!”

Su Xiao rushed into the shrubs with a few steps and kicked at the bushes.

But the feeling was quite strange. He did not feel he kicked a human.


Like the sound of a bouncy ball, a thin body was kicked out of the bushes.

“Boing, Boing.”

After the figure landed, it bounced a few times until it finally squatted on the ground.

“Waa, Waa!”

Su Xiao kicked the kid, it might even be hurt, but he was surprisingly sitting on the ground and crying out.

This weird bouncing grabbed Su Xiao’s attention, and he fixed his eyes on the child.

Yellow skin with black hair and black eyes, and with that weird flexibility, Su Xiao could guess the child’s identity.

It was the main character of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy. He felt weird previously. Why would a child roam Colubo Mountain?

But if it is Monkey D. Luffy, that could be explained because Luffy lived on Colubo Mountain for a while in his childhood.

Su Xiao walked in front of Luffy and looked at him. Luffy was sitting on the ground and crying. His nose was runny. It seemed Su Xiao actually hurt him. The devil fruit ability of Luffy was apparently not fully developed yet, so he was not immune to blunt force yet.

The Luffy in front of him now was totally a kid. He did not have the kind of charisma and charm he would have in the original story.

“Kid, don’t cry, or I will kill you.”

Su Xiao, with blood all over his body, seemed really violent to him, so Luffy forced himself to stop crying immediately.

“Don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.”

Su Xiao shook his head with a bitter smile. What a straightforward answer.

He did not care about Luffy because of his identity as the main character in the world of One Piece, but because he wanted to observe this person who had a Devil Fruit’s ability.

Grabbing Luffy’s cheek, Su Xiao picked up Luffy, whose face was pulled up.

Luffy sniffled and looked at Su Xiao, stunned. This seemed ridiculous.

At this time, the reincarnation paradise suddenly gave a series of warnings.

[Warning! Warning! The Hunter is touching the protagonist of this world. Please, get away from him!]

[Warning! Warning! The Hunter is touching the protagonist of this world. Please, get away from him!]

[Warning! Warning! The Hunter is touching the protagonist of this world. Please, get away from him!]

The notification that appeared this time was not light blue like before, but dark red instead, instantly giving Su Xiao a bad feeling.

[Warning! A super-strong creature is approaching. The super-strong creature is Monkey D. Garp, Hunter, please, escape as soon as possible]

[Triggered task: Killing a Legend.]

Killing a Legend
Difficulty level: LV.79.

After seeing [Difficulty Level: LV.79], Su Xiao quickly threw Luffy out of his hands and quickly walked toward the nearby river. He did not even look at the rewards of the mission, nor would he pick up the so-called [Killing a Legend].

Don’t even think about it. The task difficulty is LV.79. No matter how fantastic the reward will be, for Su Xiao, this kind of task was beyond him.
Right now, completing a LV.3 mission was already very difficult.

When he entered the world of One Piece, the difficulty was stated as LV.6, but this was not the real difficulty of the entirety of the world. LV.6 just referred to the average difficulty of the Goa Kingdom.

Su Xiao didn’t care too much about Monkey D. Luffy. That person should stay far away from him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have a chance to leave.

After entering the water, Su Xiao started washing the blood off of his body.

The blood was quickly washed away by the clear river. After Su Xiao thoroughly cleaned his body, a small area of the river was already dyed red, and the smell attracted a large group of fish.

A big fish jumped out of the water. Su Xiao subconsciously swung his sword and directly pierced the more than two meters long fish. Then he grabbed it up and went ashore.

That attack was quite good and directly killed the fish, which surprised Su Xiao a bit.

Knowing that he had only been through a battle, his skill of using swords had actually increased a lot.

The reason why Su Xiao had made such progress was actually related to his training in his own world.

In the ‘real world, Su Xiao rarely had the opportunity to fight with his entire strength. This time, he had an all-out struggle with the huge tiger, which made his previous effort shine.

The real world was like a ‘cage.’ His trained killing skills had no use except for his revenge.

And when he was finally getting his revenge, just one sword strike was enough – he didn’t have the time to actually fight.

But in the reincarnation paradise, everything is different. It is full of danger. Even if you are prominent in the real world or have a high status, if you are not strong enough, you can only wait for death.

Su Xiao actually felt relaxed for escaping from that ‘cage.’

It was indeed dangerous in the reincarnation paradise. The weak don’t have a chance to flourish, but he liked it.

Perhaps he was suited for being in the reincarnation paradise. He could only truly show his talents here.

Getting power while risking his life in a different world may be a good experience.

Su Xiao took a deep breath and decided to make a good start in the reincarnation paradise. He would become stronger, stronger, and stronger until he is stronger than anyone because only then could he break free from any shackles.

But before fulfilling this great goal, he had to fill his stomach first, and the big fish he just caught was undoubtedly a good lunch. Draining blood, descaling, gutting, cleaning, then cooking it…

A while later, the two-meter-long big fish was being grilled.

In the absence of any spices, this big fish may not be delicious, and he also noticed one thing, that is, killing this fish didn’t add any Mana at all.

This should be because the fish was too weak to trigger the Hunter’s ability.

This was very reasonable. If he were to get magic from anything, then Su Xiao would only need to step on a nest of ants and would directly increase his magic amount by 100 points, which was the maximum limit that he could obtain in each world.

As for the exact function of Mana, Su Xiao was still unclear about it, but it may have a crucial role in the future.

After the branches took fire, they made a few crackling sounds, and the big fish was quickly cooked. Oil continuously spilled from the crispy skin and dripped into the fire.

Cutting a piece from the fish, Su Xiao directly ate it. Although the fish looked nice, he didn’t expect it to taste good. After all, he didn’t add any seasoning.

After chewing for a while, Su Xiao was stunned.

The fish in his mouth was fresh and smooth. He felt the rich taste of the fish itself was enough. Anything else would just be extra.

Delicious, very delicious, this should be the most delicious food he had ever eaten.

After swallowing, Su Xiao continued eating the big fish – perhaps he could not only gain strength in the derived planes but also taste various specialty foods.

After enjoying a surprisingly delicious lunch, eating until he couldn’t eat anymore, Su Xiao was left with a satisfying feeling.

The sideline task had been successfully completed, and he would now be able to obtain the position as leader of the soldiers. It was time to prepare for assassinating the king.

This was ultimately his mission, and everything he was doing until now was done to complete it.