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R.P Chapter 160: Find amusement when the occasion arises?

After Erwin ordered, the members of the Survey Corps were divided into ten teams and jumped from the wall.

The members of the Survey corps had about 1,000 people, and it was with the fewest but most powerful corps in the wall.

Looking at the Survey Corps quickly rushing toward the brainless titans, Eren had prospects in his eyes. His dream was to become a member of the Survey Corps and kill the titans outside the wall.

The Survey Corps on the wall left let Armin was not sure. This clever teenager had already seen who are enemies or friends.

“Is it really okay to stay here?”

Armin glanced around, the hatred gaze of the Military police regiment made him have no more confidence. 

“No problem, who dares to destroy actions will be the enemy of humans.”

Su Xiao sat on the edge of the city wall and looked at the wall. Rose in the distance. The sun gradually rose behind the wall. Rose and the golden yellow sun shined beautifully.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and looked at the beautiful scene in the distance with a smile.

“That? Byakuya-san.”

The sound that destroyed his feeling appeared, it was Eren.


Eren hesitantly said:

“Byakuya-san, although I can grasp the power of the Titans initially, I can’t have the conscious after becoming a titan. I don’t know if I can remember to lift the big stone.”

Eren talked about his concerns.

“No problem, I will help you recover your mind.”

Su Xiao knew that Eren had no conscious after turning into a titan, but he had a way.

Eren subconsciously retreated.

“Can you tell me what will you do?”

“You will not want to know.”

Su Xiao spits out a plume of blue smoke. Now he just needed to wait. The Survey Corps had begun to clean up the Titans.

Time passed quickly, two hours passed quickly, the action time was up.

“Let’s go.”

Su Xiao took the lead to jump down the wall. Eren and the two people behind also followed, their goal was the big stone.

At this time, Su Xiao had three signal guns on in his waist. Red represented the failure of the mission, green represented success, and yellow represented the smooth progress of the plan and began to build the defensive line.

Five minutes later, four people arrived near the boulder.

The boulder was black with an oval shape, the diameter was about ten meters. The weight was not easy to estimate.

Members of the Survey Corps guarded near the big stone. After Su Xiao and others arrived, these people began to spread around and cleaned up the titans wandering on the path.

The fame of the Survey Corps was not blown out. In the past two hours, about 70% of the Titans in the wall had been cleaned up, but they had some casualties, dozens of people died.

“Good, now you can become a titan.”

Su Xiao looked at Eren, and Eren stood in front of the boulder and looked up.

“Can I really lift this stone?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, become a titan quickly.”

If Eren has a mistake at the crucial moment, Su Xiao will use a special way to help him become a titan.

Eren nodded and raised his palm and bit it under his thumb.


Blood ran down from Eren’s mouth, and nothing happened.

“It hurts.”

Eren’s palm trembled, it seemed that he thought of something and then took the courage to bite again.

Crack, crack, crack.

After biting for four or five times, Eren’s mouth was full of blood, but he still did not become a titan.

“It… It seems that I can’t become a titan.”

Eren had some confusion in his eyes, he looked at Su Xiao for help.

“Imagine if you can’t become a titan, Mikasa and Armin will die.”

The dragon flash appeared in hand, Eren needed some stimulation now.


Eren looked at Su Xiao strangely.

“I am not kidding. The members of Survey Corps will die or injure every minute, giving you 30 seconds to work hard. If you are not successful, I will help you.”

Eren swallowed.

“Wait for me….”

“Forget it, I have no patience.”

Su Xiao’s lazy look disappeared and suddenly rushed to the side of Mikasa and Armin.

The two men did not even pull out their weapons. They saw Su Xiao who suddenly rushed, Mikasa first responded.

Keeping her arms in front of her, Su Xiao’s speed was too fast. She was now too late to pull the weapon.


Su Xiao’s quickly side kicked on Mikasa’s lower abdomen. Mikasa was not a weak woman. Su Xiao clearly felt that this attack was on Mikasa’s abdominal muscles.

Mikasa was a beautiful soldier with six abdominal muscles.

The lower abdomen was suddenly attacked, Mikasa could not help but bow her body.

Su Xiao quickly closed to Mikasa, grabbed Mikasa’s shoulder with one hand, and his knees slammed into Mikasa’s chest hard.


Mikasa was almost faint because of the attack, the left chest was numb, her body fell down softly.

Armin was already numb on the side but immediately guessed why Su Xiao attacked them. 

She must escape, or she will die.

Boom, bum, pom, Armin fell to the ground.

The scene on the roof made Eren in front of the huge stone a bit shocked.

“What are you doing and why do you attack them?”

Eren wanted to rush to the roof.

“If you dare to leave that boulder for more than three meters, I will cut off her head.”

Su Xiao stepped on Armin’s chest, the dragon flash was pointed in front of his neck. Armin knew Su Xiao’s intention. This was to force Eren to become a titan.

If Eren can’t become a titan, his head will be cut off.

Armin guessed correctly if Eren can’t become a titan, Su Xiao will cut off to his head.

“Give you five seconds to become a titan. Otherwise, I will kill Armin, the next one is Mikasa.”






“I’m really sorry.”

After Su Xiao lifted the dragon flash, he was ready to cut off Armin’s head. If it still cannot work, he will continue to cut off Mikasa’s head.

There was not much time left now. After the large-scale dispatch of the Survey Corps, other contractors would surely notice, then there may have some changes at that time.

The blade fell, Eren’s expression became fierce.



Golden lightning fell from the sky, and the violent impact spread to the surroundings.

The blade touched Armin’s neck and stopped. The skin just touched by the dragon flash slightly, a trace of blood appeared on Armin’s neck.

“Hey, you’re lucky.”

Su Xiao let Armin go, Armin breathed heavily. The man was not acting at the moment. The person really wanted to kill him. he could be sure.

Looking at Eren who had become a titan, Su Xiao sighed, people, are strong because of pressure. With a bitter smile, how did he feel the words that had two meanings?

“So?, Eren Beast quickly lift the big stone for me, the feeling of constraining was so uncomfortable.”

Su Xiao was basically liberated after completing the attack and defense tasks. He would make a big move afterward. 


The Eren became a titan screamed, the dark green eyes looked at Su Xiao and waved up!


The house was broken, the bricks and tiles were splashed, the roof that Su Xiao stayed was hit by Eren.

“You’re somewhat not cooperative, then I will help you wake up.”

Su Xiao’s sights became dangerous, and his eyes fixed on Eren beast’s back neck.


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