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R.P Chapter 162: Annie

The yellow signal rocket flew to sky attracted the attention of the Survey Corps.

“Eren Yeager lifted the boulder and began to build a defensive line.”

The branch leader of Survey Corps ‘Mike Zacharias’ brought people closed to Eren, Mike, as the branch leader of the Survey Corps, certainly had strong power. He had investigated outside of the wall for 56 times but finally failed to the beast titan. The Titans are under the control of many titans.

After receiving the yellow signal flare, the Survey Corps in the city swarmed, thousands of people quickly jumped on the roof, the scene was spectacular.

According to the previous plan, the Survey Corps was divided into two teams to help Eren form a straight defensive line to the hole.

Su Xiao quickly jumped on the roof next to Eren and watched Eren’s situation.

The situation was very optimistic. The Titans on the path had been cleared up. The force of the Survey Corps was not stationed Corps could compare with. Now Eren progressed smoothly.


The jet of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ came, a slender figure fell on the roof near Su Xiao.

After seeing the coming person, Su Xiao had pupils constriction, many thoughts flashed in his mind.

“The members of the training Corps step back! Here is the Survey Corps.”

Su Xiao quickly approached the people, Eren, Mikasa, and others gradually walked away.

“I can’t do it, I can’t do it.”

The coming person was a girl with white skin and blond hair. The girl looked at Su Xiao from the side, her eyes were full of helplessness and even some despair.

“Why, why do you block the hole?”

Annie whispered softly, if the hole is blocked, the plan of the ‘Three Groups of Wisdom Titans in the Wall’ would be destroyed.

“New recruit, are you getting some kind of stimulation? Come with me to take rest in the supply point.”

Su Xiao was close stably to Annie, he could not go too fast, it would alarm Annie.

Su Xiao had already guessed what Annie was going to do was. Annie’s current state of mind was very bad. The long desire was about to succeed. She could finally go home, but this was suddenly destroyed. Annie was somewhat desperate. Otherwise, it was impossible to show up publicly.

“You are very strong, so don’t close to me, I’m a weak woman, and I’m very scared.”

Annie’s sights were dull, tears slipped down her cheeks, it seemed that she was making decisions.


Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped, but his body bowed slightly, the tiles under his feet creaked.

The distance was still five meters, he had 40% of chance could cut off Annie’s head directly.

“I have been here for three years. I am really stupid. It is really stupid to appear directly in front of other people at this time.”

Annie’s tears dripped on her chin, she turned to look at Eren who was lifting the big stone.

“As long as you take me away, I don’t have to continue this life. What should I do?”

Annie’s mental state was even worse, her language was a bit unorganized, the long-term undercover made her live with people inside of the wall. She was only thirteen years old when she sneaked into the wall. It was the most innocent age.

In this most innocent age, Annie was sent to live inside of the wall with those people and find opportunities to break through and kill all the humans inside of the wall.

If she does not execute, her family will die, but if she does, she will kill thousands of innocent people.

‘Annie, even if the whole world hates you, even if the whole world is against you, Dad will stand on your side. ’

The voice of the father echoed in Annie‘s ears, Annie finally made up her mind.

Boom! The tiles were broken.

A burst of sound came from Annie’s side. Annie’s body trembled, she saw the man who was still five meters away from the side which was like a cannonball shoot towards her.

Recalling the man’s horrifying sword skills, Annie knew that if he was close to her, she would be killed.

Lifting her arm, Annie immediately bit her index finger.


A slender arm flew up, there was a long wound appeared on Annie’s delicate cheek.

Annie was very confused in mind, this man was too horrible, she must wear that immediately.

Just when Annie wanted to become a titan, Su Xiao, who was in the air, had already picked up the dragon flash. The distance was too close, and the sword could not exert its power.

Su Xiao’s entire body rushed to Annie’s body, his left arm wrapped around Annie’s neck, and his right hand held the left fist, chocking Annie’s neck brutally.


Su Xiao could let Annie suffocate in two seconds, and within three seconds he could completely break Annie’s neck.

Crack, crack, crack?

The horrible sound of bone breaking came, Annie’s the white of her eyes were instantly congested, her sights quickly turned black.

Annie forcibly concentrated on mobilizing the titan power in the body. She was different from Eren, that kind of initial learner. She was trained by professional titans when she was a child.


Golden lightning fell from the sky, Su Xiao felt his head screaming, Annie his arms swelled suddenly and flew him away.

Boom, Su Xiao fell on a roof and smashed a large piece of terracotta.

“Cough, cough?”

A sweet and bloody smell rushed to the throat, Su Xiao spat some blood.

He cut partially, the tiles he stepped previously were more fragile than imagined.

Dragon flash appeared in his hands, Su Xiao looked at the golden light not far away, Annie was becoming a titan.

The golden light dissipated, the female titan who had some similar resemblance to Annie appeared. The blond hair was most similar.

After Annie became a titan, she stared at Su Xiao with some fear. She just almost died. She always thought that her fighting ability was very strong. But in the man’s hand, she had no chance to fight back.

“Do you finally put on, ha? It’s a mistake.”

Su Xiao spat out bloody saliva and walked slowly to Annie.

“What? Don’t you chase?”

Su Xiao licked the blood on his lips, the bloody smell somewhat aroused his fierceness.

Annie showed a fighting stance, not that she didn’t want to chase Eren, but she knew exactly what the consequences of pointing her back to this man.

“Byakuya, what is this going on?”

Hange Zoe came to the vicinity and cautiously stared at the female titan. With Eren’s incident, Survey Corps would be careful with any suspected titan.

“The other titan that had been turned from a human, let me deal with here, that one is our ultimate goal.”

Su Xiao pointed to Eren’s direction, Hange Zoe immediately took the team members away after nodding.

“You must capture her.”

After talking, Hange Zoe ran away.

After the appearance of the female titan, the Survey Corps immediately responded, Eren was protected by third rows members outside and third rows members inside, they gradually moved toward the hole with Eren’s footsteps.

The travel for Eren to lift up the huge stone explain everything. Now they have to fight to protect this titan. The hope of humans to recapture the wall. Rose was here.

There was some worry in titan Annie’s sight, but it had some things that happened not far from here at this time.


It was golden lightning landed again, a titan body of a full body bone appeared a few seconds later.

The armored titan ‘Reiner Braun’ also acted. The situation of Reiner Braun and Annie was the same. They joined the training Corps three years ago and came from the same place with Annie, but Reiner Braun hid deeper. In Eren’s mind, Reiner Braun was the same role as the elder brother, he was his goal to fight for it.

“Another one.”

Su Xiao looked not very pleased, he could still deal with one, but if the female titan and armor titan fight with him together, the situation will be bad.

There were not only titans but also strong humans inside of the wall. A short figure was rushing to the armored titan with high speed.

It was one meter six, no, it is the captain Levi, the strongest soldier of human, and the less remaining family of Mikasa, Levi·Ackerman.

The captain was no problem for dealing with the armored titan, but considering the hard bones of the armored titan, it was more difficult for Levi·Ackerman to kill armor titan.

After Annie noticed Su Xiao’s gaze moved, she straightly punched Su Xiao.

The strong wind blew to face, Su Xiao flexibly side jumped.


The roof was hit out a large hole in the roof by Annie, the smoke and dust were everywhere. Annie immediately received her fists and put her fists in front to block.

Su Xiao, who jumped in the air, began to judge the overall quality of Annie.

Annie’s power was weaker than Eren, but her speed was several times faster. This type of Titan was almost a human killer. With Annie’s fighting skills, it would become a nightmare for human soldiers.


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