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R.P Chapter 163: Head, please accept our bows

The hook lock of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ popped up, Su Xiao relied on the nearby building to move around Annie.

Su Xiao would not nail the hook on Annie’s body, it would cause him to die.

After hanging in the air for a long distance, Su Xiao immediately sprayed gas in front of Annie’s eyes.

The bright sword light appeared in Annie’s sight. One of Annie’s sights became bark. She didn’t even see how Su Xiao used the sword.

Su Xiao’s sword attack stimulated Annie’s nerves. Annie held her back neck with one hand, and side kicked Su Xiao who was in the air.

Su Xiao immediately increased the jet volume of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, his body rose up to luckily avoid this kick.

Huh? The strong wind blew Su Xiao’s clothes and made whistle sounds. If he is kicked by this leg, he will be kicked to fly like a ball, or even fly out of the wall. Rose!

“Luckily, who is this?”

“Yeah, I will kill if I am kicked.”

“I don’t know who this is. He doesn’t wear clothes of any Corps but has a ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, but this guy is so strong.”

Some members of the training corps were surrounded by the battlefield of Annie and Su Xiao. These people were all Annie’s classmates.

Goddess with blonde hair: Krista, female foodie: Krista Lenz, Crew cut: Connie Springer, Confused man: Jan· kirushutain and so on.

Today was the day of the graduation for 104th Training Corps, so Eren’s classmates are on the battlefield.

After graduating, the members of the training corps had the opportunity to get familiar with the situation on the wall, so the ‘three Titans’ chose to attack the city wall today.

Su Xiao was entangled with the female titan. The recruits seemed to want to come forward to help but being afraid of the female titan’s terrible destructive power.

Annie’s fighting skill was not weak. After turning into a titan, she was even stronger. If these people dare to go forward, they will definitely become a pile of meat by Annie’s fierce attack.

Of course, it would be in the situation that Annie could kill them cruelly.

If these people are now rushing forward, Annie will be likely to escape, Annie cannot kill her classmates.

In the original book, Annie was somewhat desperate after seeing her classmates’ bodies that had been spat out after being swallowed by the Titans. She kept whispering ‘sorry’. If there are no other people present, Annie would even cry in front of the bodies.

On the battlefield.

Su Xiao used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to glide quickly in the air, occasionally leaving wounds on Annie’s body.

Annie’s body was too big, the range to attack was very wide, so Su Xiao did not want to be completely close to Annie. Although he could use the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, this was not his fighting style. Wearing this thing made him feel his combat power was somewhat reduced.

Now he only needs to delay time, Eren was only a dozen meters away from the hole.

Annie also noticed this situation. She immediately controlled the female titan’s arms and hugged the bell tower on the side. After breaking the bell tower, she threw the bell tower to Su Xiao with full strength.


The smoke and dust arose, the spire of the bell tower inserted into the ground.

Taking this opportunity, Annie turned around and ran, she approached to Eren with very high speed.

Annie’s running pose shocked all the witnesses. Annie ran so fast that no Titan had run so fast.


Su Xiao controlled the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to fully inject gas, his body almost formed a straight line rushed forward in the air.

Annie ran really fast, but Su Xiao’s current speed of gliding was faster, he was directly on the side of Annie.

In the moment of surpassing Annie, Su Xiao’s right arm held the dragon flash, and the dragon flash cut through the air and made a horrible sob, the blade cut into Annie’s thigh.

Annie also noticed this scene, the surface of the part would be attacked crystallized immediately as if it was covered with a thin layer of ice.

This was the hardening ability of female titan, the swords in the Titan world could not penetrate it.

Did it mean that the dragon flash also cannot penetrate it? Of course not, dragon flash was a blue-quality weapon now, it was a forcible weapon.


The sharp slamming sound came, Annie in the titan’s body was stunned, she surprisingly felt that the body was leaning forward.


The female titan fell into a residential area.

The broken leg flew far away.

Su Xiao’s momentum of rushing forward began to slow down. After landing, he used his feet to stop for more than ten meters to stabilize his figure. He even smelled the scorching smell of his sole.

Looking at the female titan who was struggling to get up, Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Jumping on a roof, Su Xiao saw Eren stood in front of the hole.

“Go, Eren!”

Armin shouted loudly that Su Xiao could even hear in the far distance.

It seemed that in response to Armin, Eren made a roar and tried his best to threw the boulder on his shoulder to the hole.


The boulder firmly blocked the hole, the light from the hole and the strong wind were blocked.

The third zone was successfully defended and was far ahead than the other two zones.

Both the members of Lycoris radiata and Fraternity saw this scene, but they could not stop it, or they did not dare to stop it.

There were members of the Survey Corps near Eren. Erwin, the head of the Survey Corps, even appeared in the present. If they dare to stop Eren, they will immediately be judged to be out of the camps inside of the wall by the reincarnation paradise. The consequences that both of the two adventurous groups couldn’t afford before they completed the camp task.

The titan world was in a peaceful model. The reincarnation paradise did not encourage the contractors to kill each other but avoided attack and defense in other zones to be more serious. Therefore, the two adventurous groups could only watch this scene but do nothing.

[Main line mission: attack and defense war in Wall. Rose. (completed), yes/no submit task]

Su Xiao certainly chose to submit, the sooner the task was completed would be better.

[You have completed (attack and defense of Wall. Rose), you get 3 points of attribute points, 8000 paradise coins, the reward has been automatically transferred into the reincarnation mark.]

[The hunter’s contribution value for defending the third zone is 96%, which rewards 10,000 attack and defense contribution values.]

[Detected that the defense of zone has succeeded, began to settle the current attack and defense contribution value ranking.]

[First place: Byakuya, attack, and defense contribution values are 11650.]

[Second place: Icy Lunar, the attack, and defense contribution values are 2130.]

[Third place: Adam, attack, and defense contribution values are 2019.]

[Fourth place: dust, attack, and defense contribution values are 315.]

[Fifth place: blood rose, attack and defense contribution values are 268.]


[Public announces: The main force of the third zone in the defense war Byakuya has completed the defense, his ranking is the first place.]

[Public announces: Because Byakuya performed very good in the attack and defense task, the reincarnation paradise adds a bonus reward, the random equipment with blue quality.]


[Hint: Rewards will be issued after all battlefield defend successfully. If other zones fail to defend, the hunters will not be able to receive additional rewards.]

A series of prompts appeared, Su Xiao could not help but smile.

His plan had been reached, although there were some unexpected obstacles on the way, he also finished it by personal strength, sure enough, even if he is smart, if there is no matching strength, nothing can be achieved.

The above suggestions meant that Su Xiao was now basically free, and the final ‘qualification to return’ will appear until the attack and defense task was over.

Su Xiao’s position of the first place was now locked, he had also been rewarded for his excellent performance, but he could only get it after the task finished successfully.


In a block inside of the wall/ Rose, there were a large number of contractors gathered here, the contractors without adventurous groups in the third zone were here.

After Su Xiao this ‘Head’ left, these contractors felt pressure, so they did not separate and began to hunt the Titans inside of the wall to make up for the loss of the mission.

“The attack and defense task surprisingly completed?”

A contractor was shocked.

“Haha, mine was also finished. What is going on? Didn’t that hole not break?”

“Look at the hint of the reincarnation park, damn! Our head is really so powerful, this is one person to fight forty-two, I had never heard of this kind of strong person.”

The contractors quickly roughly understood the matter, their head completed the task with a powerful record.


The completion of the attack and defense task made Su Xiao breathe a sigh of relief, he used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to jump on the roof to see the surrounding conditions.

“Good, no other contractors.”

Su Xiao shook his shoulders, he prepared to kill the female titan in front of him.

Crack, crack…

Su Xiao began to untie the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’. Annie in the female titan was very confused. Is this guy going to give up the battle?

Annie just guessed, Su Xiao was ready to fight with full strength.

Taking off the shirt, Su Xiao squatted at the corner of the room with a naked upper body and looked at Annie, the surface of the dragon flash wrapped with a light blue arc.

“Don’t you run with happiness, why don’t you continue running?”

Su Xiao was relaxed and looked at the female titan with some interest.

After seeing Su Xiao in this state, Annie was cold sweating from the back.

He may be the most dangerous enemy she had ever encountered, Annie stood up with alert after her broken leg is reborn.

She no longer considered how to overcome the enemy in front of her, but considered how to escape.


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