Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 164: Skills

Su Xiao jumped down the roof and walked to Annie after landing smoothly.

Although using ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ could speed up a speed of moving forward, Su Xiao was not used to fight while he was flying in the air, he was more familiar with stepping on the ground.

There was nowhere to make stronger power by things in midair, he at most could change the direction by the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, which made Su Xiao’s power reduced a lot.

In general, the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ was good for fleeing. If you want to adapt to the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ fighting method, it will not only need to learn one skill to adapt, it will take a lot of time to practice.

After discovering that Su Xiao had untied the ’3D Maneuver Gear’, the female titan who was in front of Su Xiao began to step back slowly, Eren had blocked a hole. She must not let Eren block the other two holes. She should stop it as soon as possible and took Eren away.

Annie controlled the female titan’s feet and made powers and looked at Eren in the distance.


The dust under the female titan’s feet surged after she sided jumped and staggered with Su Xiao’s position, then she wanted to flee at full speed.

Annie knew that as long as she ran, the man could not catch up with her. Let’s not say that the person had already untied the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’. The gas inside the ‘ 3D Maneuver Gear’ was very limited. After there is no more, the ‘3D Maneuver Gear ‘ will be only a pile of scrap metal.

Annie’s side jump was fast, but Su Xiao’s speed was faster.

Su Xiao rushed under the feet of the female titan. When the female titan had not yet stood firmly, Su Xiao raised his hand to cut off the female titan’s Achilles tendon.

The Achilles tendon of one foot was cut off, the action of female titan just wanted to run changed and almost fell to the ground again.

The female titan ran fast, but the speed of the female titan’s movement was not fast before she ran. The huge body must first accumulate inertia of moving forward to accelerate.

Su Xiao was just the opposite. He’s instant bursting speed was fast. If he runs with the female titan for the long distance, his speed will absolutely be slower than the female titan’s speed.

An embarrassing scene appeared, under Su Xiao’s block, the female titan could not run.

Annie in the female titan immediately realized this, if the situation continues, she will die here today.

Annie even suspected whether her final means could defend against the sword. If she cannot defend it, she will be dissected like a mouse finally.

Thinking of that situation, the killing in Annie’s sight had obviously surged. Although her remaining life was not much, she still wanted to see her family again and see her father.

The double fists were in front, the toes of one leg were raised, the legs were in tandem. The female titan posed her exclusive fighting posture.

Compared with the female titan’s height of 14 meters, Su Xiao, who was only one meter eight tall, was very short.

But tall could not be considered to be powerful, as the current female titan.

The female titan bowed her upper body, her fists aimed to the ground. This fighting posture made Annie in the female titan awkward, the enemy was ‘too small’.

After Su Xiao noticed the posture of the female titan, he began to walk sideways and circle around the female titan.

The female titan did not dare go back to Su Xiao, so she began to change direction with Su Xiao’s pace.

After turning a semicircle, Su Xiao’s footsteps suddenly accelerated, the female titan immediately accelerated the speed of turning her body. At this time, Su Xiao’s footsteps suddenly stopped and rushed to the female titan after he sided.

Su Xiao’s movement was unpredictable, the female titan wanted to turn around, but it was already late.

Su Xiao rushed to the feet of the female titan in three steps and held dragon flash and swung.


The blade passed, and the female titan’s entire leg was cut off.

The female titan’s body was not resistant under the dragon flash’s blade, as long as the angle was correct, there was no position that could not be cut off.

The female titan severely stabilized after her leg was cut, but the body of the titan was too heavy, the female titan uncontrollably fell down.

The female titan did have the ability to prevent. At the same time as the body fell down, the female titan’s fists punched from top to bottom at Su Xiao.


The dust was flying around. The ground was smashed, and a hole with two and a half meter deep appeared.

Su Xiao was covered with a lot of dust fog, his sight was blocked, and a widespread dust fog was in front of him, but he was not panic but closed his eyes.

Since his sight was blocked, he turned to use the ‘ heart eyes’ to perceive.

Closing eyes to perceive surrounding, the wind was flowing, and grains of dust was flying in the air.

Huh, a stream of air came from the left side.

The attacking position was above the shoulder, Su Xiao immediately made a judgment in his mind.

Su Xiao’s body sided, a partially crystallized calf of titan slid against his head, and the accompanying wind pressure blew his hair.

He felt the enemy’s attack ahead of time without sight. This feeling made Su Xiao entered a new level.

It turned out as what Sasaki Kojiro said, fighting did not depend solely on the eyes.

The smoke and dust dispersed, Su Xiao still closed his eyes and stood in front of the female titan.

Half of the female titan’s body was now paralysed, and the injured part of the calf was full of steam, gradually recovering.

Seeing Su Xiao standing in front of her closed his eyes, Annie in the female titan’s body was a bit confused. It was already amazing enough not to use the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to fight with the Titans. Now, this guy even closed his eyes?

But this was an opportunity, the female titan squatting on the ground raised a fist to hit Su Xiao.

Huge fist with a wind pressure smashed toward Su Xiao, Su Xiao holding the dragon flash, the tip of the sword pointed to the ground, and did not have the attack.

The left of center on the top, from the attack of the female titan’s fist.

The fist of female titan was falling, in Su Xiao’s perception, it seemed to be slow motion, Su Xiao had predicted the next trace of female titan’s attack.

Two steps sided, the attack of the female titan fell.


The slate on the ground was smashed, the broken small stones flew to Su Xiao.

The long knives in the hands smashed incessantly, the small stones were smashed or blocked.

The impact of the fist hitting the ground made Su Xiao’s clothes whistle by winds.

Su Xiao had a different understanding of the ‘heart eyes’ skills, and some conjectures about the skills learned in the reincarnation paradise.

Perhaps the skills which he learned in the reincarnation paradise were like seeds. Upgrading skills in a reincarnation paradise was like watering the seeds and letting it sprout quickly.

After that, the contractor did not fully understand this skill but needed to understand it in battle gradually.

What he had to do was not to use the skills he has learned stiffly, but to have a deeper understanding of the skills in combat.

After the contractor learned the skills, he would have a basic understanding of the skills. He only needed to fully understand the skills in the battle to reach the same level of that the level the skill creators reached in ten or twenty years. This was the powerful part of the reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao had a general understanding of the ‘ heart eyes’ skills and would fully grasp soon.

However, there were exceptions in the skills. The skill of destroying shadows was not in this way. The skill of destroying shadows was more like an instinct. After learning, he could master it perfectly, and could even develop it.


Two attacks were evaded in succession. Annie in the female titan felt somewhat unbelievable. Her fists began to smash the Su Xiao randomly and quickly.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

The ground in front of the female titan was smashed desperately, Su Xiao easily escaped the attacks of the female titan on the broken ground.

After nearly two minutes of attacking, Annie in the female titan began to pant.

The breeze blew the smoke away, Su Xiao’s figure emerged.

His clothes were not damaged at all, he stood in front of the female titan calmly.

“The attack is very strong. I almost can’t escape for a few times.”

Seeing Su Xiao who was not injured, the female titan’s pupil constricted.

The body of the female titan had been completely restored, Annie immediately controlled the female titan to get up and flee.

She could not fight with this kind of monster human, she could not even hit the person.

The bright sword light flashed, the female titan’s sole of the foot was cut in half, and the female titan fell into the ground with a bang.

The mouths of the members of the training corps around the roof were slightly open, the handles of some recruits even fell to the ground without notices.

The scene they were witnessing was somewhat unbelievable. They never thought that human beings could be so powerful.


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