Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 165: Naive Annie

Thudding, boom.

A compact cluster of houses was crashed, the female titan was ruthlessly destroying the houses in the city.

But the appearance of the female titan was somewhat weird. Her height was very short at this time, she was only about eight meters.

It was not that the eight-meter titan was short, but that the female titan looked very strange now. Her legs were missing, she was crawling forward with her arms.

Annie was desperate at this time, her titan’s legs were cut off six times, so far she did not even touch the enemy’s clothes.

Annie had a feeling that as long as she could attack the man, the man could not continue to pursue her even if he was not dead.

Su Xiao jumped on the ruins that the female titan destroyed, and followed the female titan without hurry.

He tried to avoid entering the female titan’s arm span. If he is attacked by the female titan, the result will be terrible.

When the female titan just wanted to continue to climb forward, Su Xiao went up and attacked a few times, directly smashing the female titan’s waist into several large pieces, so that the female titan had only the upper body.

During the battle, Su Xiao discovered that the recovery ability of the titan was not unlimited. Now the recovery rate of the female titan had been very slow.

Moreover, the body of these ‘intelligent titans’ should have no pain. He opened the Qing Gang Yin to fight for a long time. He did not see that the female titan had any reaction to having severe pain.

In the female titan’s body, Annie’s body was full of sweat, and her clothes were even wet. She had only one idea, that is, climbing near the wall. Rose and climbing on the wall to escape. She had no strength to fight.

After Su Xiao observed that the female titan’s attacks became less, he immediately tried to approach the upper body of the female titan.

After discovering this situation, Annie was shocked and began to control the female titan to wave her arms indiscriminately, intending to kill Su Xiao.

After an arm waved in front of Su Xiao, he slashed his sword and cut the arm.

A huge palm flew out of the distance, Annie wanted to recover her palm quickly, but the break of the wrist was just steaming, the recovery speed of the palm was very slow.

Su Xiao was like an old hunter gradually squeezed the preys’ physical strength. Annie had changed from the fierce female wolf to a husky.

After discovering that Annie’s physical strength was almost exhausted, Su Xiao quickly stepped forward.

Snigger, snigger…

A lot of blood surged incessantly, the female titan changed from the original 14-meter body to less than four meters, leaving only the head and one arm, and other body tissues scattered on the path of escaping, those had now turned into steam rising.

Annie in the female titan’s body was completely desperate, controlling the female titan to make the last action, using that one arm to hold the back neck, but this struggle was too pale and powerless, not more than thirty seconds, Su Xiao could pull Annie from the female titan’s body.

The long word in his hand continued to smash, female titan’s body gradually broke.

Su Xiao cut opened the back neck of the female titan with a sword, a slender leg came into view.

Just as Su Xiao was ready to smash Annie, there was a sudden white light on Annie’s body.

[Warning: Hunter is inside of the energy absorption position, please stay away as soon as possible.]

Without the hint from the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao had found that his life value is rapidly decreasing.

Stepping on the ground hard, Su Xiao jumped a few meters away from the range of white light covering.

The white light even covered the sun, the body of the female titan quickly melted, a kind of white crystal-like ice wrapped Annie.

After a dozen seconds, the female titan’s body disappeared, leaving only a transparent crystal looked like diamond about two meters long on the ground.

The whole piece of crystal was like a crystal coffin wrapped Annie who was sleeping deeply.

This was Annie’s last mean. The female titan could crystallize. If Annie opens this ability, she can wrap her body inside.

Su Xiao stepped forward and tapped the crystal with dragon flash. The hardness of the crystal was not low, but he could cut open it.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao held the sword in his hands and cut on the diamond-shaped crystal.


The crystal fragments splashed, the diamond-shaped crystal was cut, and five centimeters deep crack appeared. The crystal near the gap showed large cracks.

Su Xiao could break this thing in ten minutes.

Annie, who had closed her eyes in the diamond-shaped crystal, was trembling. She was in semi-dormancy. Only after the diamond-shaped crystal was broken, she will react. She clearly felt that the hardened crystal was broken.

Boom, boom, boom…

The heavy footsteps gradually approached Su Xiao, he looked sided and found that the armored titan who had previously fought with Levi was approaching.

The appearance of the armored titan was also very miserable. One of his arms was cut off, and the steam on the body was lingering. It seemed that it was almost impossible for him to hold on.

However, the armor titan’s defense was very strong. If it is other ‘intelligent titans, it may have been killed by Levi.

At this time, the armored titan had stopped paying attention to Levi but rushed toward Su Xiao at full speed.

The intention of the armored titan was obvious. He came to save Annie.

Although Su Xiao’s fight with Annie seemed to be easy, he was like walking on a steel wire. As long as he was hit by Annie, he was declared to be over.

Now, with the armored titan who was more difficult to get rid of came, he could not fight with two intelligent titans in a row.

Su Xiao frowned tightly, if Annie is saved like this, he will lose a lot.

The thoughts in his mind turned sharply. Su Xiao recalled that Annie’s mental situation and her two companions, Su Xiao unnoticeably smiled.

“Annie, the life inside of the wall makes you no longer determined. We are the soldiers of the Marley Empire, not the soldiers inside of the wall. Let ‘Reiner Braun’ and ‘Bertolt Hoover’ come to find me after you wake up. You were exposed.

If you still want to see your father, let them come to see me. Your father is in a bad situation and is being held in the ‘isolated area’. ”

Su Xiao was racking his brain to talk these two paragraphs, giving the three people a sense of crisis, and then revealing that he was also the identity of the ‘Marley’, and then taking Annie’s father that she cared very much as a threat.

After Su Xiao said this, he suddenly found that the crystal wrapped in Annie gradually melt.

This silly girl definitely believed!

Although Su Xiao looked calm, he was overjoyed in his mind.


A huge figure jumped near in the distance, the armored titan arrived.

Su Xiao not only did not stop the armored titan but also let the armored titan grab the diamond-shaped crystals wrapped in Annie on the ground.

The armored titan directly put the crystal into his mouth after grabbing the crystal on the ground.

The armored titan ‘Reiner Braun’ was also fierce, Su Xiao clearly saw the armor titan’s throat became thick, this guy forcibly swallowed the diamond-shaped crystal wrapping Annie.

After doing all this, the armored titan rushed to the hold of the second zone.

Su Xiao did not go after him, he was somewhat curious about how would the armor titan break through the defense of the second zone.


Golden lightning fell outside the city, the location was near the second zone. The Fraternity might be unlucky.


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