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R.P Chapter 166: The secret of the world

Under the wall. Rose, the second zone.

After starting to guard the defense line in the early morning, the Fraternity found that the situation was not right today.

Yesterday, the Titans’ attacks were fierce became sparse today. The Fraternity quickly understood the reason. The third zone was broken, and it was the news brought by the dust which just turned back to the group.

After hearing this thing, the head of the group was not surprised. After all, the third zone was a temporary team composed of scattered people. It was normal for the defensive line to be broken.

After dust said the real reason why was the third zone broken, Adam felt not good. The head of the third zone surprisingly ran away. Although he did not bring the girl, this kind of fleeing behavior made Adam very speechless.

However, after understanding the specific situation, Adam was vaguely worried in his mind. The disappearance of the protagonist Eren and the attitude of the character of the plot Mikasa all represented that the head of the third zone might plan something.

Adam had a headache. His team was in peace. He never actively provoked other contractors, but if other contractors come to provoke them, he will not tolerate them.

After considering for a long time, Adam decided not to provoke Su Xiao, but the Fraternity would not only sit and wait.

The fraternity had a member that learned the skill about Fuinnjutsu in the Naruto world, although the level of Fuinnjutsu was not high, as long as they give him two days, the hole on the wall could be completely sealed, so Adam did not pay attention to the third zone which was broken. The reduction of the Titans in the second zone would speed up the process of blocking the entrance of the second zone.

Just when the Fuinnjutsu sealed most of the hole, bad news appeared, the main character of the plot, Eren, held the big stone and went straight to the hole in the third zone.

When Adam saw this scene, he almost spits out the blood. The protagonist of the plot was so obedient, he turned to do the heavy job in less than a morning.

With the roar of the boulder falling on the wall, the first place of the attack and defense war was taken away.

Adam was not a person with a narrow mind. The three zones could complete their task by their own strength, if they can finish faster, that will be their strength.

“Brothers, the hole is about to be sealed, the blue equipment is also a good reward. Everyone has worked hard.”

Adam tried to boost morale.

“The boss is really optimistic.”

“The boss is in second place forever.”

The members of the Fraternity were listless to respond, but the atmosphere in the group was harmonious, there was no complaint. When he saw this scene, Adam smiled bitterly and shook his head.

The hole in the second zone was about three meters in size. Most of the hole was blocked by gravels covered with a black tadpole pattern. After three or four hours, the hole would be completely blocked.

But at this time, Adam heard a loud noise coming from the outside of the city wall, \ the golden light appeared in the hole.

“What is this?”

Adam just guessed what the golden light was in less than 0.5 seconds.

“Everyone gets away from the city wall!”

Adam screamed though he shouted to ask others away, he rushed to the hole alone.

“Mokuton Jukai Koutan!”

Adam pressed one hand to the ground, a large number of trees grew rapidly in the soil, eventually forming a tree wall.

Compared with Senju Hashirama’s mokuton, Adam’s mokuton skill could only be regarded as the light of the rice, but Adam only mastered several mokuton skills and had strong growth potential.


A loud noise came from the side of the members of the Fraternity, the wall they put hard to block was kicked to smash directly from the outside.

Several titan toes with steam appeared in the hole, the colossal titan appeared again.

The stones that were kicked away with huge kinetic energies, spurting outward like bullets. If these stones hit a human, the scene would be like a hammer hitting tomatoes.

The wooden wall made of trees became Fraternity’s life-saving symbol, it blocked all the stones. The dozens of members of the Fraternity were only blown by the powerful impact.

The second zone was broken in less than three seconds, the members of the Fraternity were blown away like the heavenly maid’s scattered blossoms.

A titan with a skeleton in his body rushed to the hole in the second zone, and the armored titan fled out of the hole without any blockage.

The armored titan escaped with Annie, the colossal titan immediately turned into a large piece of steam.

In fact, the third zone was the most ideal breakthrough point for the colossal titan. But there were a large number of the Survey Corps gathered there, armor titan did not dare to escape to that direction.

The ‘Bertolt Hoover (Colossal titan)’, which has been hiding on the wall, discovered this situation, so he chose the second zone which had been blocked with not many Survey Corps.

Compared with the contractors, these three spies who had ‘the power of the titan’ were more afraid of the Survey Corps.


Inside of the wall, in ruins.

Su Xiao picked up the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ on the ground. This thing was better to use in fleeing, and he was now a member of the Survey Corps.

Now the ‘three intelligent titans’ in the wall had all escaped to the outside of the wall, the difficulty of the attack and defense task would be much lower.

Standing on the roof to see the miserable situation of the second zone. Su Xiao sighed that the Fraternity was really unlucky, but the sudden appearance of the tree wall made him care a lot, the thing looked familiar.

Su Xiao began to consider the next action, first of all to speed up the progress of the other two areas of the attack and defense task, if the attack and defense task is completed successfully, he can get the blue quality equipment, if the blue equipment is just right for him, his combat power will grow a lot.

However, compared with completing the attack and defense task, Su Xiao looked forward to the ‘three Titans’ coming to find him.

He was now inside of the wall, the area inside the wall was not too small, it was too small compared to the entire mainland of the titan world.

The titan world was not just a range of three-sided circular walls. It was a very broad and interesting world. It could be regarded as a mixture of technology and micro-magic. According to Su Xiao search for information, the general situation of the titan world was as follows.

A long time ago, on a wide continent (not the location of the wall, but a broader continent), there were two major countries on the continent, namely the ‘Marley Empire’ and the ‘Eldia Empire. ‘.

The ‘Eldia Empire’ was weaker than the ‘Marley Empire’. The two countries in order to rob the territory, the ‘Eldia Empire’ collapsed and immediately faced the country to perish.

But one day, a woman named Ymir in ‘Eldia Empire’ gained a kind of power under the coincidence.

This way of gaining power was called signing contracts with ‘devil of the ground’ by the Marley people.

Ymir was a war orphan, so she hated the Marley people. After gaining strength, Ymir joined her motherland ‘Eldia Empire’ and helped the ‘Eldia Empire’ to fight.

Yes, what did Ymir gain was the power of the titan, the most primitive and oldest and the strongest power of the titan.

The body of a hundred meters high, the whole body was covered by the armor, the invincible power, she even could tamper or clear the memory of nearby human beings.

After this terrible monster joined the war, the Marley Empire was defeated. In less than five years, the ‘Eldia Empire’ ruled the continent and established an empire that was extremely strong.

As the strongest person in the world, Ymir became the queen of the empire, the only person who had power.

Although Queen Ymir had a strong strength, she would also die. On the 117th birthday, Ymir died under the cries of her children.

When Ymir died, she asked her nine children and let her children eat her flesh and blood after she died.

The children of Ymin did it, the power of the ancestor titan was divided into nine, and the nine children of Ymir got one of her ability. Her children gave the names of these powers of the titan’s names, respectively attack titans, armor titans, female titans, colossal titans, beastly titans, and jaw titans.

The glory of the ‘Eldia Empire’ was still continuing, but the children of Ymir quickly found a situation, their lives became short after they got the power of the Titans, they only had thirteen years, Ymir lived for 117 years after it divided to nine copies, it was 13 years.

Not only that, but the royal family of Eldia also found that only the Eldian people could inherit the power of the Titans, the Marley people could not inherit the power of the Titans.

This made the royal family of Eldia care a lot. They enslaved women of other races and forced them to give birth to the blood of the Eldia.

The power of the nine titans could be inherited by swallowing the previous generation of inheritors. If the previous generation passed away without being swallowed, the power of the Titans would appear randomly on a newborn of the Eldian.

This had further consolidated the rule of the ‘Eldia Empire’, which ruled the wide continent for 1700 years.

The Marley Empire had long perished under the pressure of the Titans, but the Marley people were not willing to be ruled like this.

After facing the rule of the thousand years, there was a genius with a high IQ in the remaining Marley royal family. The genius understood that a positive confrontation would never be able to fight with the ‘Eldia Empire’, but he thought of another way. Driving the wedge to provoke the relationship between the family of nine Titans.

The empire, which had existed for almost two thousand years, had long since decayed. Under the efforts of several generations of the Marley people, the family of nine Titans turned against each other.

The brutal civil war began, the Marley people took advantage of this opportunity to seize the power of seven titans, almost to turn over their situations.

But there was also a huge mountain in front of the Marley people. One of the nine Titan families was too powerful. The Titan family had the strongest power of the titans among the nine titans. It was very close to the power of the ancestor titan, so the power of titans was also called as the power of the ancestor titan, the power of the Titans could control the secondary titans awakened by the ‘Eldian civilians’, and the secondary titans were very similar to the current brainless titans.

In the long war, when the ancestor titans passed down the 145th generation, the inheritors of that generation did not know what they suddenly realized. They left the continent with a group of Eldians and settled on a small island next to the mainland.

In order to prevent the Marley people from using the power of titans, the king of the 145th generation used his power of the ancestor titan to control a large number of thirty or forty meters titans standing in a row and ordered those titans to form a circle of walls with secondary hardening ability. It was the wall Maria that was broken at the beginning of the plot.

After that, the king of the 145th generation used the same method to build the two other walls inside the wall Maria, the wall Rose and the wall Sina.

The king of the 145th generation king became the first king in the city wall, murdered the only family of titans who resisted with Marley people. The first king made his subordinates get the titan power of that family, and the titan power of that family could tamper and clean humans’ memories.

Under the command of the early king, the memories of the people in the wall were tampered with, and the people forgot the knowledgeable culture of Eldia.

After that, the early king and the reborn ‘Marley Empire’ signed a treaty of non-violation.

But on one day, the early king discovered that there were many brainless titans outside the wall. The original ‘Marley Empire’ had already initially found out the secret of the titan, and the brainless titans outside the wall were the experimental products of the Marley Empire.

After the king of the first-generation discovered that the power of the ancestor titan could control these brainless titans, he did not pay attention to these titans. The people in the wall did not dare to go out, just the same as his intention.

In this way, the world inside the wall appeared, and the wall had thus lived a peaceful life for a hundred years.

But the early king did not know that the resources of the mainland not so far away were severely exhausted because of the successive years of wars, so the Marley Empire wanted to rob this vast island.

The Marley Empire did not directly declare war. They were somewhat afraid of the king of the first generation’s power of the Titans. Therefore, the Marley Empire sent four spies who mastered the power of the Titans to sneak into the wall and wait times to destroy the cities.

Annie Leonhart (power of the female titan), she sneaked into the world of the wall at 13 years old.

Reiner Braun (the power of the armored titan), he sneaked into the world of the wall at 18 years old.

Bertolt Hoover (power of the colossal titan), he sneaked into the world of the wall at 17 years old.

Maruseru (the power of the jaw titan), he died, was swallowed by the brainless giants on the way.

When the three people arrived outside the wall, ‘Bertolt Hoover (colossal titan)’ kicked a door of the outside wall, and Reiner Braun (armor titan) smashed the inner door, the story of the titan world officially began.

After that, the three joined the training corps, in the same period as the protagonist of the plot Eren.

Now that the wall Rose was broken, it was the second time that the three men attacked humans in the wall.


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