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R.P Chapter 167: Mark

Inside the wall Rose, 10:20 am.

A lot of buildings in the wall were destroyed by titans, the city was broken like ruins, a few black clouds of smoke floated in the wreckage of the building.

The civilians gathered in a panic under the wall Sina, they were ready to withdraw into the old underground town.

Now there was no such need, the third zone was blocked, although the second zone was broken, the Fraternity would soon build the defensive line in the second zone.

Members of the Survey Corps shuttled between the buildings to clear the brainless titans who invaded the walls.

At this time, in front of the hole of the third zone, the titan that Eren turned into sat in front of the boulder, he was exhausted, the whole body was floating with sparkles would vaporize at any time.


The jet sound of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear‘ came, Su Xiao rushed to the third zone.

“Head, how is the situation?”

Su Xiao looked at Eren, who was sitting on the ground. He wondered if Eren could lift the other two boulders.

“it’s not very optimistic, Eren Yeager seems to run out of strength.”

Although the Survey Corps’ plan proceeded to only one-third, Erwin was calm.

“Eren, Eren.”

Mikasa and Armin tried to call Eren, Eren did not react.

“It seems that Eren Yeager can only move the other two boulders after he takes rest.”

Erwin sighed.

“What happened to the titan who fought with you before.”

Erwin looked at Su Xiao.

“It’s unclear, the Titan has mastered fighting skills and has self-conscious.”

Su Xiao did not reveal the identity of Annie, his net has been fell, he would not provide any information to the Survey Corps before regaining the net.

“Ok? Then…”

Just as Erwin was preparing to assemble members of the Survey Corps, Eren, who sat on the ground, suddenly moved.


Eren screamed unwillingly, looking at the other two boulders in the town.

Eren, who was full of sparkles on his body, stood up and managed to control the titan to walk to the two boulders with struggle.

“Do you want to continue? This Titan has already had a gasification reaction.”

Hange Zoe adjusted the glasses.

“After the war, we will try to train Eren Yeager to master this power. His loyalty seems to have no problem.

Byakuya, continue your mission. ”

Since Eren could still move, the task of blocking the wall would continue, Erwin began to mobilize personnel to protect Eren.

Su Xiao nailed the hook of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ on Eren’s shoulder, and the gas spurted. He stood on Eren’s shoulder.

Don, don, don.

Every step that Eren walked was very difficult. In this state, he could not lift the two huge stones.

Five minutes later, Eren manipulated the titan to come to one of the boulders.

“Eren, can you hear me?”

Su Xiao stood on Eren’s shoulder and shouted.

The titan that Eren turned into stopped his action, a big head nodded.

Su Xiao scowled, the speed that Eren grasped the power of the titan was very fast, and now had been able to control the titan soberly.

“It’s better than you can hear, don’t try to lift this stone, you can’t do it now, drag it and push it to the entrance of the second zone, that’s there.”

Su Xiao pointed to the direction of the second zone.

When he heard Su Xiao’s words, Eren was obviously a little surprised. Right, why should I raise the boulder, although the speed would be faster, it would consume more energy?

The Eren beast stood in front of the boulder and pushed the boulder.

Sure enough, under the push of Eren, this round boulder gradually rolled up.

Although the rolling speed was not fast, Eren’s current physical strength could insist on blocking all the holes.

A funny scene appeared, Eren beast dragged the boulder with full strength, and Su Xiao sat leisurely on the shoulders of the titan and smoked.

The boulder rolled on the stone road, crushing a large piece of road, no one cared about it now.

About half an hour later, the people of Fraternity in the second zone found the boulder that was approaching.

“It’s the protagonist of the plot Eren, what’s on his shoulder?”

Many contractors saw Su Xiao with curious sights, but they had not spoken. The situation was a bit strange.

The firepower of the Fraternity was significantly strengthened. After a collective wave to kill the brainless titans in the hole, Eren pushed the boulder and arrived.

Boom, the nearby wall was shocked.

The boulder completely blocked the hole and the second zone was successfully defended.

Adam stood in front of the members and looked at Su Xiao with a smile.

“I didn’t expect that we would meet in the derivative world. It’s a coincidence.”

Adam’s eyes were dropping, he looked listless. It was not easy to use mokuton.

“What a small world.”

After Su Xiao spoke, Eren walked toward the last boulder. Adam hesitated for a few seconds, indicating that members of the Fraternity to keep up.

When the hole was completely blocked, the contractors of the titan world became active, Su Xiao was considering this.

He had not gained any source of the world since he entered the derivative world and had never met this situation before.

Coming to the front of the third boulder, the titan that Eren turned into rested on the boulder for a moment.

“Eren, if you can’t hold it, don’t force it.”

Mikasa had been following said anxiously.

Eren ignored Mikasa’s words, he was some stubborn to control titan to continued to push the boulder.

Eren was surrounded by a large number of members of the Survey Corps and members of the Fraternity. Those scattered contractors did not know when they arrived as well.

At this time, in addition to the members of Lycoris radiata, other contractors were basically present.

Su Xiao stood on Eren’s shoulder and looked around. There were no two violators around. It seemed that the two guys were hiding somewhere inside the wall, but one Su Xiao had already perceived that the distance of one of them was not far away.

The boulder was slowly pushed to a nearby area, Lycoris radiata adventurous group also knew the current situation, so they immediately increased the firepower to solve the Titans in the hole.

Su Xiao gradually approached the first zone.

Three hundred meters, two hundred meters, one hundred meters.

Su Xiao jumped down from Eren’s shoulder. He had killed the person of Lycoris radiata adventurous group before, but he would not be close to this adventurous group, but he would not leave, the offender was nearby.

At this time, a red blood flow appeared on the Icy Lunar’s body, head of Lycoris radiate.

Seeing this blood-red flow, the other women of Lycoris radiata were somewhat surprised, but they soon had killing intention in their eyes.

[Warning: The bloody mark of Lycoris radiata has been activated, this is the exclusive skill of the permanent adventurous group.]

[Hint: Bloody mark will only be activated once.]

[Hint: The duration of a bloody mark is half an hour. Within half an hour, Lycoris radiata adventurous group can use team skills to track the position of the hunter.]

[The fake number has been activated, Lycoris radiata adventurous group will not be able to track the correct position of the hunter. After the hunter leaves the sight of Lycoris radiata adventurous group, the reincarnation paradise will lock the fake position.]

A series of hints appeared. Su Xiao, standing on a roof, was a little surprised. He understood the meaning of the sentence that black-white said before she died.

After killing the members of the Lycoris radiata adventurous group, being close to the adventure group at a certain distance, he would be traced. Su Xiao knew this kind of thing.

Dragon flash appeared in his hands. Su Xiao was more interested in seeing the other women of Lycoris radiata. There were a lot of beauties there. He even suspected that there was a demand for appearance to enter that adventurous group.

“It’s black white, Queen and leaf, we must kill this guy to avenge them.”

Icy Lunar tied her long black hair on the shoulders, the women contractors around showed all cold looks.

Adam is not far distance saw this scene was shocked. After seeing Su Xiao, Adam sighed, he thought that Su Xiao will die, there is no hope to win a fight against more than 50 people alone.


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