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R.P Chapter 168: The thing that is best at

A strong wind blew, the Icy Lunar’s sorcerer robe was blown, slightly highlighting the sexy figure, all the contractors were silent, those scattered contractors found out somethings were wrong.


Eren dragged the boulder to block the hole, the attack and defense mission was completed.

[Detected that all zones defended successfully, beginning to settle the ranking of the final attack and defense contribution values.]

[First place: Byakuya, the attack and defense contribution values are 11650.]

[Second place: Cold Moon, attack and defense contribution values are 2230.]

[Third place: Adam, the attack and defense contribution values are 2228.]

[Fourth place: dust, the attack, and defense contribution values are 315.]

[5th place: blood rose, the attack and defense contribution values are 268.]


[All notices: The attack and defense tasks have been completed, and the follow-up return qualification tasks have been released. Due to the end of the attack and defense tasks, the contractors have obtained the source of the world.]


[The first place of the hunter’s attack and defense ranking will get the soul crystal (small) × 5, a random blue equipment treasure chest.]

Five soul crystals (small) and a blue treasure chest appeared in Su Xiao’s storage space, and the subsequent ‘return qualification mission’ also appeared.

Su Xiao didn’t pay attention to this. He felt that the sniper on the towering wall had already aimed at him.

The women of Lycoris radiata stood in a row, staring at Su Xiao, now no one dared to attack first, the people in the Survey Corps were still there.

“The wall Rose is blocked!”

Erwin screamed hundreds of members of the Survey Corps cheered nearby, and some of them even had tears in their eyes.

“All the members gather and cooperate with the Stationed Corps to handle the follow-up issues.”

Although the threat of the Titans was relieved, things did not end there, the follow-up things after the war were very troublesome.

Settling the people who lost their homes, dealing with the bodies of soldiers and so on.

Hange Zoe carried Eren who had faint to Su Xiao.

“Byakuya, we will withdraw first, we need to deal with Eren Yeager.”

Su Xiao stood in the same place, he had the opportunity to go, but he would not go now because he found the violator in the Lycoris radiata adventurous group.

“I have something to deal with, see you.”

Hange Zoe did not doubt anything, just carried Eren and left.

The people of the Survey Corps began to diffuse around, the contractors did not move.

“Is this guy looking for death? he doesn’t even go with the Survey Corps.”

“Who knows, he may be too scared to escape, he surprisingly provokes those crazy women of Lycoris radiata.”

“How about opening a gamble, I bet the head of the team can hold on for five minutes.”

“Hey? Five minutes? Are you kidding? In the face of the siege of more than 50 people, he can’t hold on for five seconds.”

These scattered contractors obviously wanted to rubberneck, they surprisingly began to discuss how Su Xiao will die.

Adam heard their talking and sighed.

“This man is really ‘ladies man’, there are so many women after him.”

Fire aside curled his lips.

“We have also fought against Lycoris radiata once. The strength of these women made me have headaches, especially Icy Lunar. I don’t even know what her position is now. Whoever says she’s a sorcerer, I will kill him.”

The people of the Fraternity began to retreat, they understood some means of Lycoris radiata.

A strong wind blew the flag on the wall whistling, the battle was about to begin.

“Did you kill Queen, black white and leaf?”

Icy Lunar stood in front of the women, the cold eyes stared at Su Xiao, Su Xiao saw that the person was the head of Lycoris radiata directly, this woman was very temperament, she had cold queen spirit.

Su Xiao jumped from the roof, he held the dragon flash and walked toward the other women of Lycoris radiata.

“The two women are called black white and leaf? I almost forgot. If I remember it correctly, black white is a sniper. Is the leaf a very timid sorcerer?”

Although facing more than 50 contractors, Su Xiao had no fear.

He had a vague feeling that these contractors were not terrible, or that he had the ability to deal with these contractors.

This was not Su Xiao’s confidence, but an instinct.

He instinctively felt that comparing with creatures of the plot, he was better at dealing with the contractors.

“It seems? It is indeed you!”

Icy Lunar squeezed a slender staff in her hand tightly and made crack sounds. It was a very beautiful staff. The body was slender with many blue gemstones, and the color was silver.

Large crescent-shaped wind blades emerged around Icy Lunar, those wind blades spiraled around Icy Lunar to protect her.

A wind blade swept over the stones on the ground, the stone was cut instantly, the fracture surface was as smooth as a mirror.

Seeing this scene Su Xiao frowned tightly, is the head of Lycoris radiata a wind sorcerer?

No, this woman was not just as simple as the wind sorcerer.

“Little black, layout enchantment.”

“Glasses sister, you command the sisters for the time being.”

Icy Lunar mobilized the entire team, they were ready to kill Su Xiao.

“Got it.”

The little black was also the ill-intentioned woman closed her eyes, a red glow appeared in her hands.

“Three marks, the cage of death.”

A square enchantment spread out to the surrounding area, wrapping a range of 400 meters. The enchantment prohibited anyone from entering and leaving, and it was extremely strong.

“Sniper delays the target, the controlling department prepares, we will fully set a fire.”

Icy Lunar commanded under the team channel.

On the wall Rose, a sniper in a jungle combat uniform aimed at Su Xiao, the beautiful sniper’s lips trembled.

“Go to die, you damn bastard.”

The sniper’s name was Bee, Bee’s mood was somewhat unstable now. It seemed that she hated Su Xiao extremely.

This was also reasonable. Black white who was killed by Su Xiao was her master and savior.

“We’ve agreed to leave this damn paradise together, why did you die?”

Bee held her breath after a few quick breaths and began to control the frequency of the heartbeat.

The slight tremor of the sniper mirror disappeared, the green cross was aimed at Su Xiao’s head, the index finger which was full of callus was lightly buckled on the trigger.


The bullet detached from the bullet cartridge and accelerated through the spiral rifling to escape the muzzle.

There was a wave of air at the muzzle. The smoke and fire produced by the gunpowder rushed out of the muzzle, and the tail of the bullet was dragged with some smoke.

The bullet which was as short as the little finger flew at high speed in the air, breaking through the layers of airwaves in the air, the target pointed directly to Su Xiao’s head.

Su Xiao had pupils constriction slightly, the perception of the heart eyes immediately locked the flying bullets.

Thirty meters, ten meters, five meters, taking out of the knife!

The dragon flash cut through a light blue glow, the sharp blade smashed in the middle of the bullet.


The bullet was neatly split into two pieces which were screamed across Su Xiao.

Pop, pop.

The bullets fell into the ground, and two holes as big as a fist appeared.

“What is this fucking situation, Cut, cut off the bullets of the sniper rifle?”

A scattered contractor looked at Su Xiao with stun, the other contractors nearby were the same.

After discovering that Su Xiao surprisingly cut the bullet of the sniper rifle, Icy Lunar was very moody.

“Isn’t it really like what little black said? This nerve reflection speed was too abnormal, his agility attribute may be close to 20 points.”

Icy Lunar whispered, but now she could not retreat. The moment when the bloody mark was activated, they had to fight until they died. Otherwise, she would not be the head anymore, she would not be able to command the members.

After Su Xiao cut the bullets of the sniper rifle, the sniper on the wall seemed to be stimulated and directly fired three shots.

Su Xiao’s body moved to the side, the bullet slid across his shoulder.

“This familiar shooting method.”

After hiding the bullets, Su Xiao immediately remembered a person, black white.

After avoiding the first round of attack on the other side of the Lycoris radiata, Su Xi would not stand in the same place, he stepped on the ground and rushed to the dense position which had most members of Lycoris radiata.

His agility attributes were 17 points, and he ran very fast, especially for this short-term acceleration.

Icy Lunar only felt her sight was a blur, Su Xiao was in 50 meters away from them.

“The controlling department is ready.”

Once Su Xiao was controlled, he was dead. Now, at the most critical moment, whether it was useful that he strengthened the three attributes at the same time, he would know now.


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