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R.P Chapter 169: A horrible man with a sword

Su Xiao quickly rushed to the crowd of Lycoris radiata, his goal was the row of contractors in the controlling department who stood in front.

He had already simulated the order of the targets he wanted to kill.

Killing these contractors of control department first, then the sorcerers and then cleaned up the firepower in long distance, finally, he would consider those contractors who were good at a close fight.

Can the Lycoris radiata adventurous group be closed in easily? Of course not.

After a few steps, Su Xiao suddenly felt the land under his feet surged.


A stone pillar broke out under his feet, Su Xiao’s body shook, the terrain changed was fatal when he ran at high speed.

In the air, Su Xiao thorn the dragon flash into the stone pillar, his body focus was placed on the dragon flash.

The long sword shook, Su Xiao, regained his body focus after sliding a short distance in the air.

Su Xiao, who was still gliding in the air, immediately noticed that a black mist entered into the chest.

[You are affected by the ‘bewitchment mind’ effect, the intelligence attribute is judged…, the judgment is passed, you have been immune to this control.]

Su Xiao’s sights returned clear, his feet landed.

Crack, crack, crack.

A thin layer of ice floated on the surface of Su Xiao’s body, and his movement was limited again.


The thin ice was broken, Su Xiao forcibly broke free at the moment that he was bound.

After continuously avoiding or breaking away three controlling skills, the controlling skills were not over.

A golden energy spear directly penetrated into Su Xiao’s chest. The speed of this spear was very fast, but it was energy which did not hurt Su Xiao.

[You are bound by the Holy Spear, you will be fixed for 2 seconds.]

[In the judgment of the strength attribute, the judgment is passed, you are immune to this control.]

Oh, the golden spear was broken.

There were more than 50 people in the Lycoris radiate adventurous group. Several of them mastered controlling skills, so the controlling skills did not finish.

An energy net came to Su Xiao, his body was low, he rowed to the side when he was running to escape the energy net.

A total of five controlling skills, five controlling skills combined together to control Su Xiao for less than a second.

Intensive bullets shoot through the position of Su Xiao’s route, there occasionally was a mana skill.

Su Xiao hid as possible as he could, if he cannot escape, he will use dragon flash to block, further, he will use his body to fight back.

He was shot twice. After a mana skill, Su Xiao rushed to the Lycoris radiata adventure group within ten meters.

The women of Lycoris radiata looked at Su Xiao with stun, how could this guy not be controlled?

A short sorcerer in the center of the team was crying. She just saw Su Xiao’s cold sight.

“Why do I always get injured? I am only responsible for saving the wounded and dying people. I will not be attacked.”

The sorcerer was wearing a white dress, giving a feeling of youthful and beautiful. The various glories of the sorcerer always let people want to solve her first, so the common problem of the sorcerers is that they were timid.

“Sisters, stop her! It’s about to come soon.”

The sorcerer talked even with a crying tone. She remembered the man with a revolver at this time. Now the man with a sword was more terrible than the man with a revolver.

“The breath of the wind.”

The staff in the Icy Lunar’s hand pointed to the ground, a green and a strong wind blew around.

This cyan wind gave people a feeling of vitality, but the wind was very strong, Su Xiao was blown backward by two steps.

No judgments appeared, it represented this skill was a control skill of the physical class.

He thrust the dragon flash into the ground, Su Xiao’s body was still slowly retreating.

The wind dispersed, there were large cyan spots floated in the air. These spots did not show signs of dissipating. Instead, they were on the bodies of the members of Lycoris radiata and gradually formed a cyan armor with half-length.

Su Xiao continued to rush forward, intensive bullets and skills flew in front.

Seeing this overwhelming attack Su Xiao grit his teeth and kept going on, waving adragon flash to cut a few bullets, he passed through the gap between bullets and skills.


A bullet entered Su Xiao’s shoulder, but he continued to rush forward like he did not notice.

“Don’t think about passing here.”

A female contractor held a heavy shield blocked in front of Su Xiao. This heavy shield was very technical, and it should be high-tech equipment.


A position spread on the heavy shield, Su Xiao clearly felt his shoulder became heavy.

He could not get there, the surrounding was blocked, if he wants to continue to move forward, he must resolve the person in front.

The dragon flash’s surface rushed with the light blue arc, Qing Gang Yin began. The real damage of Qing Gang Yin was very useful against the contractors, the contractors’ health points were generally not high.

Su Xiao made power by his body, the arm muscles slightly raised, the two hands held the sword, he screamed out a roar and cut the heavy shield in front.

The female contractor behind the heavy shield was at least one meter nine tall, and the figure was as strong as the male. This is a tough girl.

The tough girl behind the heavy shield saw Su Xiao raising his sword, she smiled coldly. As long as the person was delayed by her, he couldn’t hold for five seconds in the firepower of her sister. She only had to delay the person.

The long sword cut through the air and made a horrible whistle. The dragon flash passed a blue shadow in the air and slammed on the shield.


The two-meter-high heavy shield was cut off by Su Xiao, the tough girl was shocked.

The attacking power of the dragon flash was not low, and the effect of the edge blade added 4 points of sharpness to the dragon flash.

Now it was not exaggerated to say that dragon flash cut iron as the tofu, so the horrific lethality of this sword to break the shield appeared.

Su Xiao’s attack kept going, raising his hand and taking out the second knife. Now time was life.

A layer of light bisque shell appeared on the surface of the tough girl’s body.

The tough girl was relieved. This was the attached skill of the blue quality pendant that could block three attacks, as long as the three attacks were not too horrible.

Even if the person has the lethality to break the shield by one attack, he will not be able to smash the shell by one sword.

When the blade fell, the tough girl only heard a crack, the shell around her body broke open and turned into large pieces of bisque fragments.

Although Su Xiao did not have the power to break the shell by one attack, he had several judgments every time he attacked.

The basic damage of cutting + the additional damage of the sword specialization + the real damage of Qing Gang Yin against the energy and so on.

The shell broke like a fragile eggshell, and the tough girl screamed in horror.

“Candy, take care of my Hp!”

The sorcerer who was short in the crowd was stunned, the tough girl was not injured. How could she take care?

But candy still raised staff, preparing to take care of the tough girl.

Su Xiao cut down the third sword after the two sword attacks broke the enemy’s defense.


The blood splashed, the tough girl’s shoulder was split into two pieces, and the main tank of Lycoris radiate was killed in a second!

Candy raised the staff with stun, her skills had not been used, and her teammates had already died.

Seeing that the main tank was killed in a second, the other women of Lycoris radiata was surrounded by something called fear.

The man with revolver killed the main tank of their team in five shots, this one was more perverted, counting to break shield and defense, he only used three.

“Beware of his real damage, everyone attacks… “

The tough girl left such a sentence on the team channel before she died, which was her final contribution to the team.

After Su Xiao killed the main tank of Lycoris radiata, he immediately jumped to the side. From the beginning to the end, he used less than two seconds, but even then he was almost attacked by their full firepower.

He faced too many enemies, but he did not have fear, just thinking about how to solve these enemies in front of him.


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