Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 170: I refuse!

Boom, boom.

The intensive attacks fell to the position where Su Xiao was before, the smoke was rising.


A figure rushed out of the smoke, Su Xiao rushed to the Lycoris radiata adventurous group with his sword.

As long as he was close to these people, he would take advantages, but there was something that made him care a lot, the head of Lycoris radiata had never attacked.

Ten meters, five meters, he would soon rush into the crowd.

At this moment of victory was almost arrived, Su Xiao’s figure suddenly stopped, a feeling of making his hair on end appeared.

The staff on Icy Lunar’s hand disappeared, it turned to a metal bow which was similar in color to the staff.

The front of the metal bow filled in with a row of milky white gemstones. Icy Lunar’s fingers buckled the bowstrings and pulled the metal bow into a full moon.



A silver energy arrow flew, this arrow left a silver ray in the air and shot at Su Xiao.

He could not escape, even if the speed of this arrow is not fast, he could not escape.

This feeling suddenly appeared, Su Xiao immediately made a decision.

Since he couldn’t escape, he would not do it. Su Xiao took the sword and slammed it on the energy arrow.


An explosion came, and the energy arrow surprisingly burst open.

The arrow’s attack was not strong, but it produced very powerful shock waves.

All objects in his sight had double images, at the same time, a lot of attacks came.

Su Xiao rolled sided to avoid a lot of attacks, the dizziness gradually eased.

This was an arrow with three effects of tracking, explosion, and control. The strength of the head of Lycoris radiate was not weak.

The staff and the robe of her made Su Xiao mistakenly thought that Icy Lunar was a sorcerer of wind, but now it seemed that it was definitely not, the person changed from a sorcerer to an archer like becoming a different person.

He stared at Icy Lunar, the things made Su Xiao more unexpected happened. The bow and arrow in Icy Lunar’s hand quickly dissolved, they became two rapiers in a sudden. Each hand was held in one rapier, the blue gems were filled in the rapiers.

This woman may have three fighting methods, a sorcerer, an archer, and a warrior.

Icy Lunar rushed to Su Xiao with a pair of high heels, the pair of high heels flashed a blue ray, it was a piece of blue equipment.

The speed of Icy Lunar held rapiers in both hands was not slow, she rushed to the front of Su Xiao in a few steps.

Su Xiao scowled, this woman actually dared to be close to him.

Dragon flash in hand slammed directly with huge momentum, Su Xiao’s power attribute was the highest, it had 20 points, Icy Lunar immediately crossed the two rapiers in front to block.


The crisp sound of gold and iron collided came, sparkles spurted high, and Icy Lunar’s high heels fell into the ground.

“So heavy.”

Icy Lunar obviously could not resist Su Xiao’s attack. Her agility attribute in current state was higher, so her whole body bowed.

Su Xiao’s left hand pressed on the back of the dragon flash. This was not finished, because the body of Icy Lunar bowed, and dragon flash was about the same height as that of Su Xiao’s chest. He directly lifted one foot to step on the back of the dragon flash.


Icy Lunar groaned, the white knees directly down to the ground, her face became pale. Now this woman who was aggressive may be more uncomfortable than death.

Half of her body pressed down hard, the dragon flash’s blade kissed on Icy Lunar’s collarbone, the blood immediately overflowed, Icy Lunar was in danger.

Su Xiao made another force, the blade continued to cut downwards. Icy Lunar raised her head reluctantly. Although she was in the danger of death, Icy Lunar did not surrender.

Su Xiao knew that he could not kill Icy Lunar now. The other members of t Lycoris radiata were not watching around. A lot of bullets and skills had already come.

“Go to die!”

Guns rushed, the blood rose with a long gun stabbing into Su Xiao’s throat.

Head back, Su Xiao stepped on Icy Lunar’s shoulder and pulled back.


A bullet of a sniper rifle entered Su Xiao’s lower abdomen, he retreated two steps.

Blood rushed out in the lower abdomen, Su Xiao just ignored the wound after glancing it. He was used to this pain, the battle made his willpower stronger and stronger.

Su Xiao was heavily injured, but he had already injured the head of Lycoris radiata, the person could not cause him troubles in a short time.

Su Xiao continued to rush to the crowd of Lycoris radiata, aiming at the controlling department of Lycoris radiata.

Those female contractors with controlling skills sweated on their foreheads, and controlling skills were used one by one.

Rolling, jumping and forcibly exempting, Su Xiao incessantly escaped several control skills.

Three meters, he had arrived in front of the crowd of Lycoris radiata.

“Distribute the formation.”

One of Icy Lunar’s arms softly hung down, blood rose desperately was chasing Su Xiao, but blood rose was good at strength, her speed was much slower than Su Xiao.

The women of Lycoris radiata immediately dispersed, but it was too late, Su Xiao directly rushed into the controlling system of Lycoris radiata.

He killed a frightened female contractor by one attack, the long sword in Su Xiao’s hand flew, there was no wave in his eyes. After three seconds, he had six more bodies under his feet.

The people of Lycoris radiate dispersed like running away, Su Xiao took the sword and tried to catch up.

Their main force died under only an attack, not to mention the contractors of these controlling department.

A tiger among a flock of sheep was the most vivid metaphor now.

A contractor fell down in two steps.

Seven seconds later, Su Xiao killed all the exposed contractors of the controlling department, he turned his eyes to the sorcerer who was protected in the center of the team.

Candy’s breath suddenly stopped, the girl felt that the whole world was targeting her.

Candy was bitter in her mind, but she shouted out loudly.

“I am not a sorcerer.”

This yelling made Su Xiao stun, is the girl insulting his IQ?

“Don’t think about hurting my sisters anymore.”

Icy Lunar suddenly appeared behind Su Xiao, Su Xiao had pupils constriction.

Did this person teleport?

Su Xiao immediately denied this idea. Blood rose appeared at the position that Icy Lunar stayed before, the two just exchanged positions.

Icy Lunar’s rapier entered Su Xiao’s back shoulder. This attack was stabbed into his heart. But he escaped. He perceived the attack from behind by heart eyes, and the avoidance was too late, so Su Xiao made a move.

After Icy Lunar’s rapier entered Su Xiao’s body, a feeling of a cold appeared.

[You are suffering from the erosion of ‘cold moon’, and you will be implanted with ‘the poison of cold moon’ three seconds later.]

The situation was not good, the dragon flash in Su Xiao’s hand-rolled back, he held the sword by backhand and stabbed to Icy Lunar’s throat.

Icy Lunar consciously escaped, the rapier was pulled away from Su Xiao’s back.

Su Xiao did not give up only because he did not attack Icy Lunar, his body jumped backward.


Dragon flashes directly stabbed through Icy Lunar’s flat belly. Su Xiao’s whole person was also in Icy Lunar’s arm, he even felt her soft body.

He held the handles of dragon flash by both hands tightly, Su Xiao dragged the dragon flash to aside heavily.

Icy Lunar groaned painfully, a large piece of bloodstained with her white robe.

The feeling of scratching the flesh appeared, but this feeling suddenly disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Su Xiao turned and looked, he found that Icy Lunar was emitting a white moonlight. Icy Lunar seemed to become the goddess of the moon, giving a sense of holiness and inviolability.

After he took out the sword and retreated, Su Xiao breathed somewhat heavily, and his body was full of blood.

Although he injured heavily, he killed all the contractors of the controlling department in the Lycoris radiata adventurous group.

Taking out the [C-type battlefield syringe], Su Xiao put the syringe into the side of his neck, this thing was more effective when it injected into the vein.

He held the sword in right hand and held a metal injection to stab into the neck by left hand, and the whole body was covered with blood, Su Xiao’s appearance was now very fierce.

The hatred of between him and Lycoris radiata adventurous group made him very speechless, and this incident was because Queen and others wanted to assassinate him.

Although these female contractors were beautiful, the head Icy Lunar was even unsurpassable, but Su Xiao would still kill them, the woman had no privilege, no genders in the battle, there were only enemies.

Su Xiao gradually calmed down, Icy Lunar and the women of Lycoris radiata gathered together again.

Fighting with Su Xiao, the women of Lycoris radiate were desperate.

He was not controlled at all, and all the skills could be avoided, and the skills could not be avoided; he could forcibly pass by judgment.

And the long sword in his hand was too sharp, except for their head Icy Lunar, no one could resist one attack.

He could not be controlled and could not be attacked, the speed was extremely fast, several mana skills did not affect him, how could this battle continue?

Under the intentional cultivation of the reincarnation paradise, the hunter identity of the Su Xiao had already begun to appear.

The hunter was going to hunt those who violated the rules, it will be ridiculous if his ability to fight the contractors is not strong.

“Go on.”

Su Xiao gradually stepped near the women of Lycoris radiata after his injuries recovered a little.

“Stop, madman.”

Icy Lunar shouted.

Su Xiao looked at Icy Lunar with doubts.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yes, we can forgive that you can kill our members. But you can’t take the initiative to fight with us from now on. If you continue to fight, you can’t get benefits. This is a derivative world with peace mode. There is no scarlet card.”

Icy Lunar made the most reasonable choice. If it continues, even if they kill Su Xiao, the Lycoris radiata group will be almost destroyed.

“Oh? To this extent, you still want to talk about it. It’s really the adventurous group that Queen stayed. Your style is very similar, but…”

Su Xiao wiped the blood on his chin and looked straight at Icy Lunar.

“I refuse!”