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R.P Chapter 171: One Attack!

Su Xiao’s firm attitude made Icy Lunar look awkward.

The enemy presented and directly attacked them with no nonsense. Now the reconciliation was broke was also expected.

The shrewd woman whispered to Icy Lunar and said:

“Sister, how can we do? This guy is stronger than the man with a revolver, we can at least delay the man with a revolver for a while, but now…”

Icy Lunar was also aware of the current situation. If it continues, even if Lycoris radiata adventurous group is not killed, there will escape in disorder, they will die quicker when the formation disperses.

And the injury on her shoulder was heavy, her entire left arm was numb.

“Candy, close to me.”

The sorcerer in the crowd hesitated a while and rushed forward with small steps.

Icy Lunar grabbed candy and kissed her under Su Xiao’s strange sight.

Candy’s face turned red, but she did not escape, her body had green light emerge.

The thing that made people more shocked appeared. After candy and Icy Lunar kissed for a few seconds, the wounds of Icy Lunar’s shoulders healed at a speed that was visible by naked eye.

This kind of attracting treatment, perhaps only the soft girl like candy could learn if it was replaced by a man who was touching his feet? The scene was too beautiful to imagine.

The end of the deep kiss, Candy who was blushing returned to the crowd.

Su Xiao put his hand on the wound in the lower abdomen, the blood hole which was as big as the fist had healed more than half.

“Good, continue.”

Su Xiao rushed to the women of Lycoris radiata.

“He comes! Don’t disperse the formation.”

Icy Lunar was holding the double rapiers in the forefront, blood rose was aside to help her.

The controlling department and main force of Lycoris radiata were all killed, only Icy Lunar could block in front.

But Lycoris radiata had been used to the close fighter stood behind the main force, and the controlling department stood behind the close fighter after that was sorcerer and remote fighter.

This type of formation was very useful in dealing with the plot creatures, but it seemed to be a bit rigid to against Su Xiao.

The main force could not fight with him, and the controlling department was also useless to him, only Icy Lunar with rich combat experiences could stop Su Xiao for a while.

Because the contractors of the controlling department all died, Su Xiao rushed forward smoothly. After escaping some remote attacks, he directly fought with Icy Lunar.

Icy Lunar immediately held the double rapiers in her hand tightly, she was ready to face Su Xiao.

A blue shadow that was as fast as a thunder rushed from the front, Icy Lunar was bitter in her mind, the speed of the person’s sword was too fast.

After learning the lesson, Icy Lunar did not resist Su Xiao’s attack. Instead, she used a single sword to greet Su Xiao’s attack, another rapier stabbed to Su Xiao’s throat.

Su Xiao did not see the rapier that was about to stab him but slammed into Icy Lunar with all force.


The powerful attack came, Icy Lunar body stepped back with struggle, the attack of the other hand deviated and stabbed through Su Xiao’s ear.

Although Icy Lunar could change three forms, after a preliminary observation, Su Xiao found that her rapier skills were not strong.

Icy Lunar was not strong in strength attribute, the agility was not too high, as long as he was not stabbed by her, there were no problems.

The current state of Icy Lunar was somewhat similar to force blader. The knife skills had no attacking power, but the attached state of the double sword was very abnormal.

After he fought with Icy Lunar, Su Xiao left without nostalgia, a lot of bullets and mana skills hit him, an arcane ball hit on his body.

Su Xiao was hit back and retreated a few steps, the magic surged on his body surface, the magic intention to erode his body, but because of the devil physique, those magic dissipated after continuing for a few seconds.

The pain of being eroded by magic did not stop Su Xiao’s footsteps. After avoiding a lot of attacks, Su Xiao rushed forward, but Icy Lunar blocked in front of him.

Su Xiao frowned tightly, if he has been entangled by Icy Lunar, he may be killed.

“Since you want to die like this, I will help you.”

Su Xiao breathed calmly and focused his attention on the surface of the dragon flash, he began to perceive the energy of Qing Gang Yin on the surface of the dragon flash.

Perceiving the surge, release, and convergence of that energy.

Su Xiao’s eyes suddenly sharpened, dragon flash in his hand suddenly shined a blue light, the blue arc surged heavily.

Bizz, biz.

Dragon flash seemed to turn into a lightning blade, the energy of the surface of the Qing Gang Yin was many times stronger than before.

Su Xiao’s mana value dropped like a stream of water, consuming at 30 points per second.

There was no much time. Su Xiao rushed to the front of Icy Lunar in two steps. A strong force was transmitted from the foot into the arm, the sword that was too dazzling to be seen in his hand cut to Icy Lunar.

After Icy Lunar noticed the horrible whistling, the cold sweat instantly wetted the fitting clothes.

I must not be hit by this sword, or I will die, at least I cannot be hit in the current form.

The double rapiers in Icy Lunar’s hand immediately deformed and turned into a slender staff, a row of cyan gems were on the staff.

“Wind king’s anger.”

Icy Lunar raised the staff with one hand and an extremely strong impact spread out to the surrounding area. A large stone with a diameter of one meter was blown like a bubble.

Several crescent-shaped wind blades shoot outwards from the center of Icy Lunar, a dense of attacks.

Su Xiao’s body shape of rushing forward was obviously slowing down, but he did not retreat. He will be killed if he does not kill Icy Lunar. Icy Lunar was a person in the last controlling department of Lycoris radiata.

Dragon flash with arc surged cut incessantly in front, the wind blades disappeared like snow touched the fired iron, they suddenly dispersed.

Brush, brush,

The wind blade flew over Su Xiao’s cheek and neck, two deep wounds appeared, but Su Xiao did not care, he had already rushed to the front of Icy Lunar.

“This is impossible.”

Icy Lunar found that Su Xiao was rushing to the front and back of the silver teeth, and how stubborn this guy was.

The long sword turned into a chain, and the wind passes, and the dust passes.


Dragon flash cutover Icy Lunar’s chest, Su Xiao passed by Icy Lunar.

Icy Lunar fell into the ground with a bang, a large piece of blood stained the ground beneath her.

“How could real damage be so… strong!”

Icy Lunar’s body became completely soft, she almost entered a state of death. In the state of death, did not say to resist, she could not even stand up.

If Icy Lunar is not switched to the ‘wind king mode’, she will have been killed by one sword.

The indescribable pain was eroding Icy Lunar’s nerves. Large energy of Qing Gang Yin ran in Icy Lunar’s body. Fortunately, the energy in her body had been exhausted. Otherwise, she will die faster.

Icy Lunar was actually very lucky. Her ‘wind king mode’ was not a sorcerer skill. Otherwise, the Qing Gang Yin energy that went straight to the brain would burn her brain.

The arc on the dragon flash decreased and gradually returned to normal frequency.

What he had just used was not some kind of skill, it was the knowledge of the portion that energy could cover on weapons he learned with Uchiha Sasuke.

The principle was to increase the output frequency of Qing Gang Yin to the limit, which originally consumed 3 mana values per minute would become 30 points per second.

This did not mean that the real damage of Qing Gang Yin would increase by several times. After the previous tests, it had increased by about six times, causing 96 points of true damage.

However, mobilizing a lot of Qing Gang Yin’s energy had a great burden on the body. Su Xiao could hold up to five seconds at most.

A total of 150 mana values were consumed so that Su Xiao felt that the energy in the body had disappeared a lot. Fortunately, he had a lot of mana now.