Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 172: Black Mist!

checking the remaining mana, there were more than 200 mana values which were enough to support this battle.

When he guarded the hole in the third zone yesterday, his talent ability ‘devil psychic’ had reached the upper limit and gained a total of 100 mana values, so his current mana values were 403 points.

What was the concept of 403 points of mana values, if he removes the equipment bonus, he will need 40 points of intelligence attributes to achieve?

Although Su Xiao’s mana values were a lot, the shadow of the law also consumed a lot.

This was the most suitable career for him chosen by reincarnation paradise, they did not waste his talent, and his hunter identity, him inheriting the shadow of the law was reasonable.

Suddenly ignoring the weak feeling in the body, Su Xiao rushed to Icy Lunar.

Icy Lunar almost died, Su Xiao must first solve her first.

But Su Xiao just rushed out in two steps, the overwhelming bullets and skills forced him back.

“Head, how are you?”

Blood rose rushed to the front of Icy Lunar with red eyes, Blood rose’s hand trembled after touching Icy Lunar’s body.

At this time, Icy Lunar’s body was slightly trembling, the pain of Qing Gang Yin had not faded away.

Blood rose carried Icy Lunar and quickly ran to the crowd of Lycoris radiata. The women of Lycoris radiata spontaneously protected Icy Lunar inside.

“Candy, help heal her.”

Candy nodded and released several skills for Icy Lunar.

The jade green light wrapped Icy Lunar inside, the light was attached to the wound with a few tens of centimeters long in Icy Lunar’s chest.

What made candy and Blood rose could not imagine happen, light blue energy suddenly appeared in Icy Lunar’s body, the light blue energy was extremely fierce.
After it combined with the jade green light, the jade green light disappeared.

Candy did not believe and used two recovery skills again, but she still got the same result.

“Treating skills was… useless.”

Candy stood in the same place, Icy Lunar continues to lose blood, she would die in less than two minutes.

This was not the worst situation. Su Xiao had already rushed forward with his sword in a short distance.

In the scene of the tiger among a flock of sheep appeared again, Su Xiao quickly rushed into the crowd of Lycoris radiate and smashed the members of Lycoris radiata.

Blood was splashed, and the screams were incessant.

Kill a person in ten steps? No, it was killing ten people in one step.

In just a few seconds, Su Xiao smashed a bloody road in the crowd of Lycoris radiata. He was six meters away from Icy Lunar, and Blood rose. Lycoris radiata had already lost fifteen people from the beginning of the battle.

Five meters, a total of 20 people from Lycoris radiata were lost.

Four meters, a total of 27 people from Lycoris radiata were lost.

Three meters, a total of 30 people from Lycoris radiata were lost.

After more than half of people were killed and injured, members of Lycoris radiata escaped in disorder.

“You bastard!”

A female contractor with a ponytail rushed to Su Xiao, Su Xiao immediately gave up other people and met the female contractor with a ponytail, she was the violator in the Lycoris radiata adventurous group.

The female contractor with a ponytail rushed forward, and the black mist surged in her body, this kind of black mist made people feel ominous.

All the contractors touched the black mist, their skins immediately dried up. After discovering this, the misty black woman quickly shrank the smoke.

“Icy Lunar, thank you for accepting and taking care of this kind of heresy like me, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The black mist women did not look like a human at this time. The whole body was surrounded in black mist, only the human form could be seen vaguely, but the bloody red pupils were particularly conspicuous. It was a pair of demonic cat pupils.

“What is this? What kind of creature?”

Blood rose stared at the black mist woman with stun. She never knew that there was such a contractor in the group.

“Do not go?.”

Icy Lunar in the state of death whispered, the nearby blood rose did not hear it clearly, but the black mist woman in the distance heard it.

“No, you can’t handle him.”

The black mist woman shook her head, although she could not see the black mist woman’s expression, Su Xiao felt that the person was laughing.

“I shouldn’t join you. The heresy like me will only bring trouble to others, but I am really happy with the sisters.”

The black mist woman turned her head and looked at the women of the Lycoris radiata. The eyes were full of sentimental attachment.

The black mist woman suddenly looked directly at Su Xiao, her eyes were full of uncovered hatred.

“You guys are killers with full of blood on your hands, what mistakes did I do…”

The black mist women’s voice disappeared suddenly when she hadn’t finished her words, but it could be seen that the black mist woman’s mouth still opened and closed.

“Well? Interesting, it seems that you know something.”

Su Xiao felt that the person may recognize his hunter identity and must be killed as soon as possible. Once the identity of the hunter is exposed, he will be targeted by each of the derivative worlds in the future.

The black mist women mouth opened and closed for a long time, and still, no sound appeared.

“Damn, I even have no qualifications for speaking.”

The black mist woman stamped her feet, a shallow hole appeared on the ground under her feet.

“Nothing you want me to say? You’re the ‘son’ of this reincarnation park!”

The black mist women looked at Su Xiao with banter.


Su Xiao only looked at the black mist woman in silence. Some secrets were hidden by the reincarnation paradise. He was still too weak now. It was not a good thing to know too much.

With not strong strength and exploring truth all day long, it was waiting for death in Su Xiao’s view.

As for the ‘son’ of reincarnation paradise, it was entirely bullshit, the risk that the hunters bear was dozens of times more than the ordinary contractor, there were some privileges in the reincarnation paradise, but he would be treated completely equal in the derivative world.

The task gave a hint, and he needed to look for it in all the world. After finding the target, he may find that the enemy was very strong. Was this really the treatment of ‘son’? it was totally not.

“It’s a cold guy, it’s normal, ordinary people…”

The words of the black mist woman were blocked again. It could be seen from the appearance of the black mist woman who was gnashing her teeth in anger. She must be yelling.

“Forget it, let’s fight for life.”

After finishing her words, the black mist woman rushed to Su Xiao, the speed was not fast, but the footsteps were extremely heavy. The power attribute of these women must be terrible.

Su Xiao gazed at the black mist woman.

The black mist woman rushed to the front of Su Xiao and punched his head, and the fist wrapped in black mist brought a fist wind.

Su Xiao turned his head to avoid this punch, he immediately felt a little numb on his cheek.


The strong and violent fist wind blew Su Xiao’s black hair, a blood mark appeared on his cheek.

Being beaten by this punch his head would be directly broken!

Su Xiao sided, a bullet of sniper entered the ground under his feet.

The long sword was raised, the blade crossed the body of the black mist woman, he did not have the feeling to touch the physical item.


The black mist woman groaned, and the black mist surged over her body.

“You really can hurt me, huh? Damn.”

The black mist woman retreated for a few steps, Su Xiao just wanted to catch up and felt a few bullets hit.

Boom, boom, boom…

Su Xiao escaped a few bullets, leaving some blood on the way.

“I can only try my best.”

The black mist women arms hugged in front, and the black mist spread. The black mist was distorted in the air and quickly approached Su Xiao.

Su Xiao once again retreated, but a small piece of black mist stained his shoulder.

Bizz, biz, biz.

The skin dried up in the moment of touching the black mist, signs of drying up also had a tendency to spread throughout the arm.

Cutting a piece of flesh on his shoulder, the flesh turned into dust in the air.

Su Xiao looked at the injury on the shoulder. Although he lost a piece of flesh, he did not hurt the internal muscles, it was just a flesh wound.

The black mist was surging, the figure of the black mist female reappeared.

It seemed that being a complete black mist was a great burden to the black mist woman, the black mist woman breathed heavily.

“It doesn’t work, damn monster.”

The firm sight flashed over black mist female’s cat pupils.