Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 173: Don’t come over

The situation on the battlefield became strange, the women of Lycoris radiata gathered, the black mist woman and Su Xiao looked at each other.

“I’m not your opponent.”

The black mist women clenched her fists tightly, the fist wrapped in the black mist was full of strong strength, but even if the strength was stronger, it was pale in Su Xiao’s speed and sword skills.

It was useless when the power was strong but could not hit the target.

“Wait, you will die sooner or later, I will wait for you in hell if the hell exists.”

The black mist woman laughed, and there were two magical circles in the bloody cat pupils.


The black mist woman shouted like a psychic, and the black mist on her body gradually changed and became a magical circle which was similar to her pupils.

Su Xiao subconsciously felt not right. It was not a dangerous feeling. He vaguely felt the power of space was emerging.

This feeling was very similar when reincarnation paradise transmitted him, but the fluctuations were weak.

Su Xiao decisively gave up the black mist woman and rushed to the members of the Lycoris radiata.

When they discovered that Su Xiao came and the women of Lycoris radiata subconsciously retreated for two steps. They were all shocked by Su Xiao. This was human nature.

Su Xiao killed them like cutting vegetables and fruits. He didn’t need a second attack.

The goal of Su Xiao was not them, but Icy Lunar.

Su Xiao rushed to the front of Icy Lunar in a few steps, blood rose stood in front of Icy Lunar.

The gun shadow flashed incessantly, Su Xiao’s simple and unadorned sword smashed on the long gun. Blood rose bit her silver teeth tightly, barely resisting Su Xiao’s attack.

Just like even the long gun danced was fancy, it was also broken by Su Xiao’s one sword.

Blood rose was good at strength, her strength was only one point lower than Su Xiao. Her blue quality rifle was also abnormally strong, so the blood rose blocked against Su Xiao.

The attack was blocked, Su Xiao was not surprised. He lifted his foot and pointed it at blood rose’s belly.


Blood rose spit out a large amount of blood with screams, her kidneys were kicked, and the intestines broke.

When blood rose flew in the air, Su Xiao cut blood rose’s throat.

Blood rose subconsciously used her arm to block in front.


One arm and a half of the chin were also cut to fly, blood rose’s throat was split by one third.

The throat was cut to one third was not a fatal injury, if her artery and veins are not cut off, she will not die for a short time.

Although blood rose was seriously injured, she extended Icy Lunar’s life for two seconds.

Su Xiao looked at Icy Lunar lying on the ground. Icy Lunar did not lose consciousness at this time. She could not be seen from her black and white pupils.

“Badman, don’t hurt my sister.”

A short figure lied on Icy Lunar, the sorcerer called Candy, who was afraid of death but actually came forward.

Candy lied on Icy Lunar and backed to Su Xiao, which was no different from sending her life to die.

“Dark Elegy.”

In the distance, the body of the black mist women had only the head left, and all other parts were turned into black mist.


Su Xiao only felt a huge force coming from the side. He was hit to fly away, and his ears were humming.

Su Xiao hit into a residential building, the walls on the first floor of the house were collapsed, and smoke was rising.

“See you, Icy Lunar, no, it is goodbye.”

The black mist woman had only her head left at this time, there was a large-scale circle with five meters in diameter in front of her. The magical circle was covered with mysterious black lines.

The black mist was lingering on the magical circle, there were occasionally some phantoms of fierce ghosts appearing on the magical circle.

The black light flashed, the women of Lycoris radiata with shocked appeared in the magical circle.

“This is the reward for saving my life, Icy Lunar.”

The black mist woman dissipated after leaving this sentence, at the same time the magical circle was completely activated.


Several black iron pillars appeared in the six corners of the circle.

Crack, crack.

A large crack appeared in the space near the magical circle, Icy Lunar and other people suddenly disappeared in place.

The random large transmission circle, which was the ability that black mist women sacrifice her life to make.

If you want to run away from the ‘derivative world’, the contractors at this stage can never do it. It was not a question of space. Unless you can get some kind of items from the reincarnation paradise, you need to be strong to the limit.

Su Xiao walked out of the dusty building, he patted the dust on his hair and glanced around.

The women of Lycoris radiata had disappeared, but the hunting task had been completed.

[The hunter has cleared the 16770 offenders, and the killing mission has been completed (2/3).]

“They can escape in this situation, I will kill you all sooner or later.”

Su Xiao sat on a pile of ruins, he felt the sense of fatigue.

He took out the last [Golden Fried Rice] in the storage space, Su Xiao was eating slowly.

The enchantment that Lycoris radiata adventurous group built disappeared and the contractors around did not dare to approach.

At this time, those contractors saw Su Xiao with fear, he was too strong, he fought with more than 50 people and still almost destroyed their team.

“What, do you want to fight with me?”

Su Xiao looked at those contractors around, dragon flash was in front of him, the sword was still stained with some blood.

The contractors quickly shook their heads.

“Don’t… don’t misunderstand, we don’t mean that. Don’t come over, if you come I will run.”

Those contractors subconsciously retreated, the horrible scene of Lycoris radiata was still vivid, the bodies on the ground were the lesson of blood.

Adam winked at the members, the members of Fraternity quickly retreated, they did not even look at Su Xiao, if this guy suddenly rushed up, it would be terrible.

Su Xiao’s horrifying sword skills that cutting the contractors like cutting the fruits and vegetables made Adam feel numb.

Adam secretly estimated in mind that if the Fraternity fights against Su Xiao, they might not be much better than Lycoris radiata.

Most contractors chose to leave, but a small number of contractors were tentatively close to Su Xiao.

They were not trying to fight with Su Xiao. There were not contractors at all. They were workers who were protected by Lycoris radiata adventurous group.

As a strong, adventurous group, Lycoris radiata recruited some workers every time they entered the derivative world.

Now that Lycoris radiata had been killed away, these workers who had paid the paradise coins had lost their protection. This was a very dangerous situation.

“Mr.contractor, I don’t know if you’re interested…”

A worker dressed as a businessman tentatively asked a question.

“Not interested, If you want to find someone to protect and go to ask the Fraternity.”

Su Xiao ate [golden fried rice], took out a cigarette to ignite, the feeling of smoking cigarettes after killing people is so good. It could dilute the bloody smell on the body.

He was not interested in taking these cumbersome people, although he could earn money, he needed to sign contracts, this would lead him to be controlled in the subsequent actions.

Compared with the income from the workers, Su Xiao was more optimistic about the gains in the derivative world.

Su Xiao found a nearby house without people. After entering the house, he placed some simple traps at the window and the door to use as a warning.

Su Xiao went to the wooden bed in the house with struggle and lied on the wooden bed.

“Oh? They are actually scared away.”

Su Xiao smiled when he was lying on a bed, he just ran out of his strong power, if there is no such an offender, he will not be so tired, the person’s ability is too strange.

He felt a strong sense of weakness when he contacted with the black mist, and his life values fell like a stream.

After fighting with Lycoris radiata, Su Xiao knew one thing, he was strong against the contractors!

Especially the ability of Qing Gang Yin, it was very useful when fighting against contractors.

However, Su Xiao was not blindly arrogant and believed that he was the strongest in the derivative world, the development direction of Lycoris radiata adventurous group and his was different.

The Lycoris radiata adventurous group was more inclined to deal with plot creatures, and his focus was on dealing with contractors.

This did not mean that Su Xiao could not deal with the plot creature, the female titan was smashed by him, it was only relatively speaking.

With the heart eyes to perceive the environment, Su Xiao’s breathe gradually calmed, he now needed a rest.