Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 174: It must be seventy


A loud noise came, Su Xiao, who slept slightly, suddenly sat up.

He quickly got up and came to the window, the sky was getting darker, several bonfires were raised in the town. The previous loud noise was Military police regiment strengthened the boulder in front of the hole.

Su Xiao sighed and sat back to the bed and began to check his injuries.

His main injury position was his lower abdomen and chest. These two injuries were respectively pierced by bullets of sniper rifle and rapiers. Fortunately, his vitality was 12 points. Otherwise, the injuries would cause him to enter a state of death.

At this point, the two places recovered a lot. The new muscle tissue could be seen in the wound. [C-type battlefield syringe] was no wonder a green grade recovery item, which would restore most of his injuries in less than five hours.

Even the position of flesh that had been cut on the shoulder produced a layer of meat that would be healed in less than two days.

Su Xiao found the oil lamp and ignited it in the dimly lit room, there was no such thing as electricity in the world inside of the wall.

After the oil lamp burned, a strange smell spread in the room, the flame inside the glass cover swayed, the lamp oil was not much.

The room shined yellow, the rough wooden furniture, he could see the bare stone on the wall, and muddy ground under his feet. The ground was very wet, and the life inside of the wall was very difficult.

Su Xiao sat on the bed and took out suture needles, surgical blades, bandages, medical alcohol and other items from the storage space.

First use the medical alcohol to sterilize surgical blades, suture needles, etc.

Su Xiao pressed on the shirtless upper body by fingers and quickly felt the foreign materials inside the muscle. It was a bullet that had been hit into his body.

Because the wound had recovered, these bullets were left in the body.

Su Xiao took a deep breath, injuring in the battle and taking out the bullets now were two concepts. In the battle, he was prepared to get injured, and at most he will pass after feeling pain and numb.

It was like two people fight. It didn’t feel too painful when you fight, but you would cry when you deal with the wound.

People would secrete adrenaline when they fought, adrenaline could make people feel excited and temporarily relieve pain.

Cutting a wound with a surgical blade and the tweezer explored inside the wound.

Su Xiao’s sights were black, this feeling was so surprising.


A bisque bullet was stained with blood was placed on the wooden table, he had six bullets in his body.

Although it sounded cool to leave a few bullets in the body to memorize, it was a stupid behavior. When the bullet was wrapped in muscle, it would cause the muscle to break more easily. The battle was part of Su Xiao’s daily life, so he needed to remove the bullets as soon as possible.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao sweated all over his face and leaned on the bed. The bullets were all removed, the wound was stitched up and bandaged, his shirtless upper body was almost full of bandages.

“The next time I will kill those gunners.”

After relieving his breath, Su Xiao opened the task list from the mark. The reincarnation paradise had already issued the ‘return qualification’ task. He never had time to check.

[Main mission: the source of the world.]

Difficulty level: Lv.5

Mission Description: Get more than 15% of the world’s sources.

Mission information: All means can be used to obtain the source of the world.

Mission period: 16 natural days.

Mission Reward: Return Qualification

Mission punishment: forcibly executed.


The returned task of the titan world appeared very early, much earlier than the ghouls’ world.

Su Xiao had a feeling that the previous ‘attack and defense mission’ was reincarnation paradise’s way to let them adapt to this task. In the ‘attack and defense mission’, the reincarnation paradise had a tendency to force contractors to cooperate.

He could not get the source of the world without completing the ‘attack and defense mission’.

This large-scale task Su Xiao also experienced in the first time, with hundreds of contractors and heavy rewards.


The world outside the wall, in a desolate place.

The women of Lycoris radiata cuddled together, the joy atmosphere disappeared, everyone’s face was full of bitterness.

There was a tent near the women. Some people came in and out of the tent from time to time. The contractors who came in and out wore medical gloves on their hands, and the gloves were stained with blood.

“Candy, how is the head?”

The sight of the shrewd women was full of fatigue, her heart was full of frustration, their team of more than 50 members was almost destroyed by a person, this was an unbelievable thing.

“When the injuries of the head stabilized. Although she’s almost dead, the head has only one fatal wound. Rose’s injury was harder to deal with.”

The shrewd woman got up and walked into the tent. When she entered the tent, she smelled a strong bloody smell.

Icy Lunar was pale and lying on a blanket. She seemed to sleep deeply, she sank into unconsciousness deeply.

“Morphine, inject me another morphine.”

A hoarse voice came, it was a blood rose, seeing blood rose now, the shrewd woman felt her throat was dry, her bladder tightened.

Blood rose pressed on the throat by one hand, the injury at the throat had somewhat recovered, but she was still slowly losing blood.

Because one arm was cut off and the chin was smashed, blood rose had been wrapped into a rice dumpling.

Just one sword, the injury of it was so terrible, the shrewd woman prayed not to meet the monster again.

“Where’s the recovering drugs, we bought 20,000 paradise coins worth of recovering medicines before we entered the world.”

The shrewd woman’s question made the bee’s head low down, the bee was not injured because she was a sniper.

Holding a sniper rifle in her arms, the bee sighed.

“The drugs are used by the head, this barely kept the head’s life. The energy in the head’s body is so fierce that it excludes foreign drugs.”

“What, and rose sister?”

“This is what rose sister meant. We want to use for her, but she refuses?”

The bee looked at the blood rose, and her sights were full of admiration.

“Rose sister, my mana values have recovered, I will help you recover for your injury now.”

Candy’s eyes were full of tears.

“Help… head… recover first, I… temporarily… will not die.”

Although the blood rose to pain to almost had consciousness, her mind was still firm.

“Nothing, the head’s injuries are stable.”

When the candy was talking, her hand emerged a jade green light, and this jade green glow was full of vitality.

The eyes of the candy also turned into jade green, which was her strongest recovery skill.

The blood rose’s injuries recovered at a rate that was visible by the naked eye, the white chin’s chin grew again, but the broken arm did not grow.

“Huh? I think that I have to lose a kidney all the time.”

Blood rose’s words let the candy speechless, wasn’t the injury of throat more urgent?

“How is the head’s injury?”

“The body’s injury has recovered, but she is not awake.”


Blood rose to put her hand on Icy Lunar’s pale cheeks and sighed.

“I’ll kill the bastard sooner or later, absolutely!”

The bee’s cold sound came.

“Is it? It is very difficult.”

The sound of the blood rose was very calm, which made the candy and the shrewd girl quite surprised.

“Rose sister, don’t you want to kill the man with the sword?”

The candy asked with fear.

“Of course! He killed so many sisters, but he is only an enemy. Do you remember what the results did the female contractor who was defeated have?”

Blood rose’s words made candy face pale, the female contractor defeated would be killed after being humiliated, especially they were as beautiful as the women of Lycoris radiata.

“In my opinion, the guy is just a simple enemy. Although his strength is terrible, I hate him very much, but I am more willing to fight with this enemy than other male contractors. He will only kill us and will not humiliate us.

Also, the guy is called Byakuya.”

Although blood rose was a woman, but she was a warrior, a persist warrior, can die, could never bear the humiliation.

“I hope that I won’t meet the man with a sword in the future. The sight he looks at me reminds me of the experience of encountering a lion in the wild before entering the reincarnation paradise.”

If Candy has the list of fear in her mind, Su Xiao will definitely be in the first place, below was the man with a revolver.

Although Lycoris radiata escaped, they were still in the Titan world, there was still the possibility to encounter Su Xiao.

If they encounter him again, there is the only possibility of the group was destroyed, making the group took a long time, the destroying group was only a moment.


In the house inside the wall, Su Xiao was holding a blue treasure chest in his hand. This treasure chest would surely open out a blue state.

Su Xiao took a deep breath, he was very much looking forward to this treasure chest, the value of blue equipment was very high, so far he had only one piece of blue equipment, that was, the dragon flash.

Although it could open a piece of blue equipment, the scores may not be high. Between the 31 to 70 scores, if the score is 31, it is the chief. If the score is 70, he will earn a lot.

“It must be 70, no, 60 is also OK, 50 I also can accept.”

The treasure chest opened slowly, a blue light appeared.