Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 175: The Greed of The King of The First Generation.

Blue light flashed, and a black metal bracer appeared in So Xiao’s hand.

This metal bracer was worn in the left arm, the overall structure was precise, it could protect the fingers, palms and most of the arms inside.

There was an opened mechanism at the bracer of the arm, Su Xiao tried to press it.


A few strands of steam ejected from inside of the bracer, the overall bracer was open, Su Xiao put his left arm into the bracer, and the bracer closed immediately.

Poof, buzz?

Inside the bracer seemed to have a small furnace, several red stripes appeared on the surface of the bracer.

Su Xiao tried to move his fingers, he did not feel difficult to move, the entire metal of the bracer was very thin, the overall weight was no more than a kilo.

From the outside to see this black metal bracer was very beautiful, Su Xiao satisfied with the nod, the score of such an equipment score should not be low.

Origin: Reincarnation paradise

Quality: Blue

Category: Bracer

Durability: 43/43

Equipment requirements: Strength 10 points, agile 10 points.

Equipment effect: honor, the recovery rate of Hp increased by 30%.

Rate: 31

Introduction: one of the eight pieces of the equipment of the Knight king series, a total of mercy, bravery, sacrifice, humility, and much other equipment, after collecting eight pieces of the equipment, it will form the body armor of the Knight King.

Price: 4900 paradise coins


Su Xiao looked very calm, although the score of this blue equipment was only 31, its value was not low.

It could be seen from the introduction that this was one of the components of the set. If eight pieces of the equipment are gathered, the attributes will change dramatically.

Su Xiao knew his own luck. It was impossible for him to get the other pieces. But if someone gets more than five pieces, he could definitely make the other person protect his life, and give out a super high price.

Especially for the occupation of the knight, these eight pieces of the equipment could become an exclusive set.

Trying to use the left arm to block. This was good to defend.

He could not use a shield that kind of heavy things in his fighting style. This bracer looked strong, and it could block attacks in crucial times.

And this bracer looked very handsome.

“Hey, handsome is useless.”

Su Xiao hit the wooden table by his left arm, the wooden table suddenly broke.

Trying to hold the sword with his left hand, there was no feeling of discomfort, this was the only comfort, but Su Xiao has generally held the sword with his right hand, it was not bad to wear this thing on his left arm.


Su Xiao took a deep breath, Su Xiao decided to open the higher value treasure chest after the ‘Lucky Flame’ to cooldown time ended.

The cooldown time of ‘Lucky Flame’ was very long. Ten natural days had yet to pass. When staying in the real world, the storage spaces would be locked, and the cooldown time of ‘Lucky Flame’ would be locked.

Su Xiao was sitting on the wooden bed, the sense of fatigue had been reduced a lot.

Getting out of the house, the sky outside was dark.

Su Xiao hesitated for a while, now there was no entry point, he would return to the Survey Corps first.

The three fishes he was fishing were not hooked, he needed to be exposed to the bright side so that the three fishes could see the ‘fish bait’.

After asking the civilians who passed by, Su Xiao came to a stone building in the town.

The stone building had four floors, the outer walls were covered with green moss, and one side of the wall was covered with a large number of vines.

The stone building was a bit old, and the windows were foggy.

This old stone building was the headquarters of the Survey Corps, which was somewhat disgusting compared to the headquarters of the Military police regiment on the other side of the town.

“It seems that the life of Survey Corps in the wall is not very good, huh? It’s expected.”

The will of the king of the first generation was to let the civilians live inside of the wall all the time, but human beings always wanted the freedom, even if they have tampered the memories, they still wanted to explore the world outside the wall.

The king of the first generation also knew that civilians could not be imprisoned, and the Survey Corps was born.

The establishment of the ‘Survey Corps’ by the king of the first generation was not to investigate outside of the wall. This was just a hope for the civilians. If there is hope, they will not be desperate. If there is hope, they will not resist.

Look, we have sent people to investigate outside of the wall, but it was too dangerous outside of the wall, you should live safely in the wall.

The true meaning of the Survey Corps was not to explore the world, but to give civilians a mental comfort.

The small island world inside of the wall was vast, the Survey Corps had not yet reached the ocean.

Perhaps the moment the Survey Corps knew the truth, it was the moment when the royal family killed them.

For this reason, the position of the Survey Corps in the wall was not high, and some right of the high level that Survey Corps was not able to contact.

Su Xiao was stopped when he just entered the headquarters of the Survey Corps. He did not wear the uniform of the Survey Corps.

“Civilians can’t enter… It seems you look familiar.”

The dim light in the headquarters made the guard unable to see Su Xiao’s appearance.

“The member of the Survey Corps Byakuya.”

The guard suddenly realized.

“I said his familiar, it’s Byakuya, the head was still looking for you previously.”

The guard just took Su Xiao and went inside of the headquarters.

“Quick, the temporary meeting has already begun.”

Su Xiao was puzzled, Erwin was looking for him? And what does the temporary meeting mean?

After going to the third floor of the headquarters, Su Xiao knew what did the temporary meeting mean. It turned out to be a dinner.

Around a square wooden dining table, Erwin sat in the first place, Levi, Hange Zoe and others were there, and Eren was sleeping in his seat.

“Find a seat and sit down.”

Erwin gestured to Su Xiao to have dinner together.

Su Xiao did not speak after sitting down. A plate of food like a potato was put in front of him. The soup was deep yellow, and a basket of bread was placed in the middle of the table.

Picking up the spoon and eating the potato, Su Xiao frowned.

The taste was very light, except for a little salt, no other seasonings, and this was not a potato, it was the root of a plant, the taste was rough, just like eating a sugar cane.

Su Xiao didn’t want to eat anymore. He was very polite that he didn’t spit it out. As a Chinese, he passed on the food culture for a thousand years. This thing made him ‘have no luck to enjoy.’

Looking at Levi and others eating with appetites, Su Xiao couldn’t help but think that after being trapped inside of the wall, they almost became the royal family’s livestock.

The civilians inside the wall worked hard every day, but some civilians could not even satisfy their basic demands.

Looking at the royal family, it could be described as a sumptuous food and luxurious clothing, life was almost no worse than the real aristocracy, although there was no law of the virgin right, but if the royal family wants any woman, the woman could not resist, the Military police regiment exists for this purpose.

Did the king of the first generation move to this place for the sake of the people’s peaceful life and establish a city wall?

Su Xiao thought it was not at all. The king of the first generation should feel that the Marley people would win sooner or later. It was better to bring some people to flee during the period of having the power and let those people serve him and his descendants.

It was obvious that the king of the first generation succeeded, although the civilians inside of the wall were like pigs and dogs, the royal family was still the royal family.

As for the slogan of avoiding wars, Su Xiao never believed that the outer world had developed airships and cannons. If it was not for the king of the first generation’s power of ancient titan, the Marley had already killed him.

This made Su Xiao think that if he reveals that the royal family has lost the power of the ancient titan, what will happen? The scenes must be wonderful.

“Cough, Byakuya, what is going on with the female titan you fought during the day?”

Erwin’s words interrupted Su Xiao’s thoughts, and everyone looked at Su Xiao.

If these people know Su Xiao’s thoughts at this time, they will definitely fight with Su Xiao.