Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 176: Having thoughts respectively!

“The female titan is similar to the existence of ‘Eren Yeager’.”

Su Xiao’s words surprised several people present.

Levi had fought with the armored titan, these things were not necessary to be hidden.

“Is it another wise titan? Counting Eren, four appeared.”

Levi wiped his mouth after eating, he frowned when he saw the unmoving food in front of Su Xiao.

“Don’t waste food.”

“I have no appetite.”

“If you have no appetite, you still need to finish it.”


Levi looked at Su Xiao with anger, and he felt that the person was slightly hostile.

“Oh, these two people have started again.”

Hange Zoe touched her forehead with one hand, she looked like having a headache.

“How, after a few days of staying in prison, you become a picky eater?”

Although Levi sneered at him in words, Su Xiao did not feel too strong hostility, which made him feel very strange. The situation only happened when his predecessor may have friendships with Levi but have fought after.

He was not weak, so the predecessor which was arranged for him by the reincarnation paradise would not be weak.

Hostile but not hateful, is he his competitor?

Su Xiao shook his head, it was impossible for Levi’s characters.

“Your mouth is as sharp as your height. I heard that you become taller recently.”

Su Xiao said calmly, he saw blue veins stood out on Levi’s forehead.

“Stop it, if you want to fight, you can fight in an open space, do not destroy the facilities at the headquarters.”

Erwin spoke, Levi no longer spoke, Hange Zoe brought the food that was in front of Su Xiao to herself and ate the food in a few bites.

Su Xiao secretly admired, she could eat such a terrible thing with appetites.

“Nonsense will stop here, the next step is the countermeasures of the future. I suspect that the three wise titans are members of the training corps.”

Erwin spoke made people shocked, Su Xiao admired his IQ.

“Head, do you have any evidence for this?”

“The time when the wall was attacked.”

Erwin took out a few yellow papers.

“This is the first time the wall was attacked. After that, the 104th recruiting of the training corps was completed, but it was somewhat unreasonable because it passed two years, the wall was broken in the second time, which was the day of the 104th’s graduation.”

Everyone’s eyes were shining, the timing of the second time was too coincidental, the training corps was just close to the wall.

Su Xiao had some headaches. The ‘three wise titans’ were too silly, the time they chose to attack the wall was too stupid.

“My… my classmates? It’s impossible.”

Eren couldn’t believe, he memorized those faces in his mind.

“Do you have any clues?”

Erwin handed the documents to Eren, although Eren could become a Titan, Eren was absolutely credible.

“This… probably… no, they are very good people, although some of them are more isolated.”


Levi captured the word ‘isolated’ sensitively.



The legs of Hange Zoe’s chair were suddenly broken, Hange Zoe’s body leaned back and kicked the table in front of her, the table was sudden in a mess.

The table slammed over, and Eren in front screamed, his body subconsciously leaned back, and Eren’s chair fell back.


Eren’s back head hit on the ground, he hugged his head and screamed, a trace of blood spilled along with his fingers.

The two figures rushed to Eren at the same time, Su Xiao and Levi.

Su Xiao locked Eren’s throat like a guillotine, and Levi pressed Eren’s body.

“Eren Yeager, calm down.”

Erwin yelled, if Eren becomes a titan now, it will be bad.

“Forgive…forgive me.”

Eren rolled his eyes because of being choked by Su Xiao, his hands clapped to the ground to surrender.

“Do it lighter.”

Levi said in a hurry, Su Xiao properly released his arm, but Eren had already rolled his eyes.

“Huh, it seems that your speed has not slowed down after you stayed in prison for a few days.”

Levi released Eren and Su Xiao also let him go.

Eren’s body fell down softly as he fainted due Su Xiao’s attack.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m just a little excited.”

Hange Zoe looked guilty, she vaguely felt that she had just reached a certain moment.

Su Xiao took a sigh of relief. If Annie was known, the other two were not far from being found out.

Erwin rushed to Eren and checked Eren’s breath.

They had to subdue Eren in the situation just happened. Once Eren became a titan here, everyone in the room would die or be disabled.

”The ‘seat’ of the headquarters seems to have to be replaced, arranging Eren Yeager to rest, Levi is responsible for monitoring him.”

Couldn’t see Erwin’s emotions now, he glanced at the people around and left.

“It’s awful, we make mistakes.”

Hange Zoe scratched her head and kicked the broken leg of the chair. The chair took out far away, and there was another trace of damage.

“I’m going to rest, I’m so sleepy.”

Su Xiao left and yawned and walked down to the dormitory.

The dormitory of the Survey Corps was a common sleep quarter. Su Xiao found a clean bed and lay down, his hands were scratching his head, and crossed his legs.

At this time, only Su Xiao was in the dormitory, other members of Survey Corps were dealing with the matters after the war.

Clop, clop, clop….

The footsteps approached, Su Xiao turned his head and looked. It was Hange Zoe.

“This is a male dormitory. Who are you preparing to sneak attack?”

“Ha ha ha, of course not.”

Hange Zoe laughed directly and sat on the bed next to Su Xiao.

“I just came to ask the information of the female titan.”

Su Xiao and Han Ji Zoe talked about it. Most parts of the questions were about the female titan.

“Byakuya, where did you go after the war, you had such a heavy injury?”

“To observe the traces of fighting with the female titan. As for the injury, it was the injuries that fighting with the female titan previously.”

Hange Zoe nodded.

“Well, where did you get the bracer, it’s pretty handsome.”

Su Xiao’s eyes slightly closed.

“Are you asking me?”

“Don’t mind it, don’t mind it, it’s the concern from the partners, I have always crushed on you, ha ha ha.”

Hange Zoe waved and laughed.

“I picked up in an abandoned house.”

“Is it?”

Hanji Zoe lowered her head, and there was too much hidden in her eyes.

“Hey? Byakuya, we have fought together and been through a lot of things.”

“What? You came in the middle of the night only to say this?”

“Ha ha ha, nothing, I’m just a little emotional.”

Hange Zoe got up after she hesitated for a while, she left the male dormitory.

Su Xiao looked at the back of Hange Zoe, his brain started to run fast.

He was suspected, he contacted with the Titans a lot, and the accident just let the Survey Corps begin to doubt him.

At least Erwin and Hange Zoe have begun to suspect, he did not clear whether Levi suspected him or not for the time being.

Even if Su Xiao was suspected, he would not regret it, if he did not do so, Eren would seriously destroy his plan.

Whether he was suspected, Su Xiao did not care, he did not even care about the identity of Survey Corps’ member.

The Survey Corps was too poor, there was no future for joining the Survey Corps.

As for the freedom that Survey Corps presented, it had nothing to do with Su Xiao. He was not coming to save the civilians inside the wall.

“Come to find me, you three fools, you can’t hide anymore.”

Su Xiao blamed it on Annie, Reiner Braun, and Bertolt Hoover who were the three stupidest spies that Su Xiao had seen.

Perceiving the alertness around Su Xiao began to take a nap, he needed to take time to rest, he may not have a rest in the next few days.