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R.P Chapter 177: The dangerous ‘companions’.

Su Xiao left the Survey Corps early the next morning, he said he needed to deal with things after the war.

Although he was now suspected, Su Xiao’s behaviors had always been loyal to the Survey Corps before and had great contributions to block the hole.

Walking fast on the street, and he could see the bodies wrapped in white cloth on the street. The hot weather would make these bodies rotten quicker. If they don’t deal with it as soon as possible, the plague will break out within a week.

Su Xiao’s goal was to the gathering place of the training corps. After the discussion last night, the Survey Corps decided to gather the members of the training corps in the period of 104th.

In a playground, a large number of members of the training corps were gathered together. Mikasa, Armin, and others were inside.

Su Xiao glanced at the people on the playground, he did not see Annie, Reiner Braun, and Bertolt Hoover.

It seemed that his previous words worked, the three hid. This was good news.

One thing Su Xiao could confirm, the three would definitely return to the inside of the wall, they had not completed the mission.

If they hide it for a short period, they won’t be suspicious. The dead body after the war had not been processed yet, the three would be temporarily counted as the casualties.

Su Xiao left the playground and began to wander on the streets in the town. He also deliberately inserted the dragon flash on his waist, making his identity more recognizable.

After wandering for three hours, Su Xiao’s pupils suddenly sharpened, someone was following him.

After seeing the general appearance of the stalker, Su Xiao’s footsteps began to speed up.

He began to intentionally walk in the direction of fewer people until he walked into an alley.

“Go out, if you’re a warrior, don’t be sneaky.”

Su Xiao shouted with a low voice, there was no movement around.

“At this time, I think of something. If I didn’t rescue you from the siege yesterday, you are now a wanted criminal inside of the wall. It is a dream to return to the ‘hometown’.”

Su Xiao’s words finally touched the stalker’s nerves, and two figures with gray hoods blocked at the alley exit.

“Who are you.”

“The companion to support, the experimental warrior outside the formation.”

“Experimental warrior?”

The strong one of the figures spoke.

“You think that ordinary humans can be as strong as I am. I don’t heavily attack Annie. She can’t continue to spy inside the wall. She was directly exposed to me. If it changes to other people, all three of you will die.”

Reiner Braun took off his hood, he was a little excited.

“Are you really a companion, I have been too long…”

“Don’t come over, are you still a Marley? There’re so many years passed, are you still the young deputy warrior?”


Reiner Braun made a military salute different from the inside of the wall, his body stood straightly, and his sights were firm.

Reiner Braun’s body was muscular, a short yellow hair, the whole person, looked mature and stable, his father was from Marley, his mother was from Eldian, his true identity was the armored titan.

“Reiner Braun, can we really believe in him?”

‘Bertolt Hoover’ was next to Reiner Braun spoke, Bertolt Hoover was thinner than Reiner Braun, and he seemed to be listless because his sleeping position was strange, he was often ridiculed in the training corps.

His true identity was the colossal titan.

Bertolt Hoover was a more unqualified spy. He had no opinion on his work, he was often indecisive and forgetting his mission happened occasionally.

“Things happen till this, he knows our identity from the beginning also understands Marley, and even knows that I am a position of the deputy warrior, he is temporarily credible.”

Reiner Braun walked to the front of Su Xiao and carefully looked at Su Xiao’s face.

“What is your warrior number?”


Su Xiao made a number according to the information obtained from the original plot, TK was the Marley language.

”Your number is on the front?”

”There are very few experimental warriors. There’re about 7,000 people in the same period of me, and only 3 people survived.”

Reiner Braun had left the ‘Marley Empire’ for a too long time, he did not understand Su Xiao’s words mostly.

“Is the technology of the empire already reached this level? It is really gratifying.”

Su Xiao patted on Reiner Braun’s shoulder passionately.

“How long is the duration of the titan’s power?”

Reiner Braun looked serious, but the trust to Su Xiao rose again.

“It’s only a few years away now, the task is still far away to be finished, but why did you help the people inside of the wall to block the hole?”

Reiner Braun problem was very difficult to respond, if Su Xiao’s answer was not good, all the efforts before would be in vain.

“Because I found out that the power of the ancient titan is not in the body of the royal family inside of the wall.”

Su Xiao’s words made ‘Reiner Braun and ‘Bertolt Hoover’ stunned.

“How is it possible, that…”

“The power of the ancient titan is on Eren’s body. I can confirm this, I feel it.”

Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover looked at each other with joy in their eyes.

If they get the power of the ancient titan, they don’t need to break the wall anymore, and they could directly grab the power of the ancient titan, and then the ‘Marley Empire’ would attack soon.

“How can you perceive it?”

“The tactical value that I was created was to perceive the power of the titan. There are two kinds of titan power in Eren’s body, namely, ‘the power of the attack on Titan’ and ‘the power of the ancient titan’.

How about Jiku, I had not been able to contact him.”

Su Xiao spoke out hot gossip again and talked another companion of the three men of Reiner, the beast titan Jiku.

This time, Reiner Braun believed in Su Xiao more.

“Jiku is outside the wall, we haven’t contacted him for a long time.”

“Is it, now we need to consider the plan afterward carefully, do not think about breaking the city wall, the efficiency is too slow, I am more optimistic about capturing Eren away than breaking the wall.

By the way, if the timing is right, we can almost capture ‘Christa Lenz’, the head ordered it before. ”

This time, not only Reiner Braun but Bertolt Hoover also came forward kindly, as Su Xiao knew all about their plans.

“How is your hometown now, did it change a lot?”

“A lot, but the war with the Middle East Alliance is continuing, and resources are getting scarcer.”

The Middle East Alliance was a powerful force in Reiner Braun’s hometown and was now having war with the Marley Empire.

“Sigh?” Reiner Braun sighed and continued to talk:

“We have to speed up the action. The resources here are very abundant. The coal mines and iron mines outside of the wall have not been mined.”

Su Xiao used the known information to chat with Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover. Su Xiao took the initiative to speak and tried to avoid mentioning the situation he did not know.

The more Su Xiao talked, Reiner Braun and Reiner Braun were friendlier to Su Xiao, the doubts in their minds had already vanished.

“We cannot wait much, is Annie outside of the wall?”

“Yes, Annie has exposed her identity in front of you, so she temporarily hides outside of the wall.”

“Very good, now we are missing an opportunity, Reiner, you find a way to contact Annie, you two don’t keep hiding, pretend like you’re injured.”

Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover listened carefully.

“If you do fast, the plan will succeed easily. Let’s go to contact Annie now when the time comes?”

“As soon as possible, this afternoon, I can feel that Eren is gradually awakening the power of the ancient titan.”

Both of them nodded after Su Xiao confirmed the plan.

“Reiner, I know that you’re good with Eren, don’t be emotional.”

“Ok… okay.”

After finishing his words, ’Reiner Braun‘ and ‘Bertolt Hoover’ left the alley, the two revealed pleasant expressions on their faces.

Looking at the back of the two men, Su Xiao gradually smiled.

“The world outside of the wall? I’m really looking forward to it.”

Su Xiao also left the alley, he had to prepare for some things.