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R.P Chapter 178: The conspiracy!

The blazing sun on the sky, rows of members of the training corps stood under the strong sunlight.

“Now start to roll call.”

Erwin held a list in his hand and started to roll call it.

The members of the training corps were very puzzled, they were a little dizzy under the sunlight.

The ‘Reiner Braun’ and ‘Bertolt Hoover’ standing in the row were inevitably nervous, they did not look at Su Xiao.

“Eren Yeager.”

“I’m here.”

“Mikasa Ackerman.”

“I’m here.”

five minutes later.

“Annie Leonhart.”


“Is she dead?”

“The body was not found for a while.”

Erwin’s eyes slightly closed and he continued to roll call.


A loud noise suddenly came in the direction of the city wall, everyone was shocked, and their sights were attracted by the sound.

“Not good, titans are attacking the huge stones which blocked the hole, gather, quickly!”

Erwin shouted, and the members of the Survey Corps gathered and rushed to the wall.

Erwin took Eren when he left, Eren couldn’t leave Erwin’s sight.

Su Xiao scowled. This could not hinder his plan. Erwin was very smart, but the intelligence gap between them was too great. Su Xiao won this game.

The Survey Corps quickly rushed to the vicinity of the huge stone. When they arrived near the huge stone, they found that the boulder was only slightly moved.

“Up on the city wall.”

Erwin took people to stay on the wall.

Su Xiao was injured because his body was full of bandages, so he did not have to move as the Survey Corps.

After discovering that Erwin and others boarded on the city wall, they winked at Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover. The two followed Su Xiao to the wall.

Mikasa and Armin also rushed behind, Eren was there, so they will not let him alone.

The Survey Corps now only unilaterally suspected and was not qualified to control the actions of the training corps.

The Survey Corps at most in the name of the investigation to patrol and did not have the right to arrest members of the training corps.

Everyone boarded the wall, and the Survey Corps had already patrolled along the edge of the wall.

There was no titan appeared outside of the wall, the titan who attacked the boulder seemed to disappear suddenly.

Su Xiao followed in the team of Survey Corps. The heads of the team included Erwin, Hange Zoe, and others. Levi was surprisingly not there, which made Su Xiao think it was unbelievable.

After patrolling around, the Survey Corps and training Corps gathered.

Mikasa and Armin came near Eren.

“If you don’t discover anything, you can’t treat it lightly. Everyone patrols freely.”

After Erwin commanded, everyone gradually dispersed.

“What the hell is going on, titans are attacking before.”

Armin scratched his chin and walked forward slowly.

“Who knows?”

Mikasa casually answered she seemed to be somewhat spaced out.

Boom? A sound of a clap of thunder.

The sunny day suddenly turned into an overcast day, the sky was black, and the thunders were rumbling incessantly.

Su Xiao had been observing Eren’s movements.


Reiner Braun suddenly spoke, Su Xiao frowned tightly, this guy’s mental state was a bit weird, but Su Xiao could not speak and talk to Lena Reiner now.

After Armin, Mikasa and others walked for a distance, Reiner Braun spoke.

“Can I talk to you? I have something I want to tell you.”

Eren turned to look at Reiner Braun, he was confused, but it could be seen some fears from the depth of his pupils, it seemed that he was afraid what Reiner Braun would say.

“A few years ago we started to destroy the walls and attacked humans. I am an armored titan, this guy is a colossal titan.”

Reiner pointed to Bertolt Hoover, these words made Bertolt Hoover’s face turned white.

“What are you talking about?”

Eren looked at Reiner Braun with shock.

“What are you talking about, Reiner, have you forgotten our previous plans?”

Bertolt Hoover spoke with a tremble and looked at Su Xiao with panic.

At this time, Su Xiao looked down. He felt very weird. The plan was going too smoothly. The actions that people left were affected, especially Mikasa.

“Our goal is to eliminate humans.”

Reiner Braun broke free from Bertolt Hoover’s arms.

“But there is no need now, Eren, as long as you go with us, we don’t have to destroy the city walls. Do you understand?”

Reiner Braun looked forward to looking at Eren. Eren had a good relationship with him. He usually played the role of a brother, and in fact, Reiner Braun had already admitted that Eren was his brother in his mind.

In Reiner Braun’s opinion, Eren would go with him, he firmly believed!

Reiner Braun’s schizophrenia became more serious.

“I don’t understand it at all.”

Eren’s pupil was shaking, he didn’t want to accept the facts.

“Just go with us, although it is very sudden, let’s go now.”

“Now? Where are we going?”

Reiner Braun pondered for a while.

“I can’t say it now, but there is our hometown, how about it, Eren? This deal is good, as long as you go with us, we will not destroy the city walls, and no one will die.”

Eren didn’t answer, just looking up at the sky, he remembered the temporary meeting organized by the head of the Survey Corps last night.


Moving the time to nine hours ago.

Inside the underground base of Survey Corps’ headquarter.

Numbers of torches were placed on the wall to illuminate the base after the animal fat was burned created a smell of scorching suffused the base.

Eren woke up slowly, the two faces that he saw immediately made him very surprised.

“Mikasa, Armin.”

The three reunited again, Eren could not help but be happy.

“Eren, continue your previous topic.”

Erwin, Levi, Hange Zoe, and others were aside several members of the Survey Corps nearby.

“Head, don’t you tell Byakuya?”

Hange Zoe asked tentatively.

“No, the Byakuya is now ‘very tired,’ let him ‘rest’.”

Erwin looked at Eren.

Eren was asked a lot of questions with stun, Erwin mainly asked Eren about the ‘reclusive character’ he mentioned before.

Annie was suspected, but the Survey Corps only suspected, they did not have evidence.

“Head, I got the documents. This is the human relations of the 104th training corps.”

Erwin looked at the documents and suddenly stopped when he turned to a page, which wrote that Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, and Bertolt Hoover came from the same place.

“Three people? Three different ‘wise titans’, Armin, are these three people familiar with each other during training?”

Erwin’s question made Armin silent.

“Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover are generally inseparable, Annie… I have never seen her talk to these two people.”

“They never talked?”

“Well, at least I have never seen Annie talk to these two people.”

Erwin was thinking silently.

“So? I want to ask, you just mentioned Mr. Byakuya, he…”

Eren tentatively asked.

“I don’t know now, but I have a feeling that he is pushing everything from beginning to end.

FNo matter it is arresting you, interrogating, or blocking the hole of the city wall, he had never been so active before.

The current situation is too complicated. We are not trying to suspect Byakuya. So far his actions are loyal to humans. This is only to be prudent. ”

In fact, Erwin never believed Su Xiao, Su Xiao also noticed this, so he never thought about staying in the Survey Corps.

“Eren, you can become a titan, so keep your eyes on the three people in the future.”

The meeting ended here, it had to say that Erwin’s ability was terrible.


Time went back on track, on the wall.

Reiner Braun patted on Eren’s shoulder. This was their normal movement, but Eren’s body trembled at this time.

“Reiner, you must be too tired, how can you start talking nonsense, right? Bertolt Hoover.”

Bertolt Hoover was very nervous.

“Yes, Reiner is really tired, he is talking nonsense.”

Bertolt Hoover, who was not determined in his mind, sweating all over his face.

Eren showed an unwilling smile.

“Right, Reiner, what you just said was too outrageous, as if I should say ‘Okay, let’s go.’”

Eren finished his words, and he found that Reiner Braun was staring at him with stun.

“Yeah? It turned out to be like this. What am I thinking about? We should just follow the plan, right? Did I become crazy?”

Rainer Brown lowered his head, and his lips kept shaking.

The strong wind whistled, and the flagpole on the wall was blown off.

Boom, clatter, clatter.

The flagpole fell along the city wall to the ground.

“It just that I stayed here for too long. I have lived with a group of idiots for three years. At that time, we were only children, we didn’t know anything, maybe it’s because we had a sense of mission or orders.

I don’t know what the right choice is, but I… “

Reiner Braun pulled off the bandage on his body, the steams gradually appeared in the wound, and the wound recovered quickly.

“As a soldier, I want to take this responsibility until I die.”

Reiner Braun’s voice was low, he was no longer confused, the sparkles were floating on his body, Reiner Braun’s injuries completely recovered.

“Reiner Braun! Do you want to wear it? Just here! Now!”

Bertolt Hoover screamed for a few times, a long-term depression broke out now.

“Ah, let’s fight for a result here. Although the plan is ruined, this is our ultimate goal.”

Reiner Braun walked quickly to Eren, Eren had been scared to be stunned.


A beauty with black hairs appeared behind Eren, the pupils flashed coldly. It was Mikasa.

Mikasa held the sharp sword and rushed to Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover.

Snigger, snigger

After two attacks, Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover were seriously injured. One of Reiner Braun’s arms was cut off, Bertolt Hoover was even worse. Half of his throat was cut open.


A shrill scream came behind Mikasa, when she heard the familiar voice, Mikasa immediately turned her head, the scene she saw made she shocked and angry, and her whole body was trembling uncontrollably.

Eren was hurt terribly by Su Xiao’s three attacks, Su Xiao held Eren’s back neck and caught him in his hand.


Eren’s cervical vertebrae were smashed, his body hung down softly, his eyes were dull, the consciousness was in a state of confusion, and he completely lost the control of his body.

“Let’s go, I got the goal.”

“I got it!”


Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover shouted at the same time.


Mikasa screamed shrilly, tears went out from her eyes, she thought that Eren had been killed.

Su Xiao just looked at her coldly and stopped paying attention to her.

Two golden lightning fell on the wall, the impacts spread to the side.

At this time, a large number of members of the Survey Corps came over in all directions, including Levi.

“Reiner, swallow him.”

Su Xiao threw Eren into Reiner’s mouth, who had turned into an armored titan. The armored titan swallowed Eren directly and waved a hand to ask Su Xiao to stand on his shoulder.

After Su Xiao used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to reach the shoulders of armored titan, the armored titan immediately put his big hands on his shoulder.


Some noisy puff came, the colossal titan who turned on the wall blew out hot steam. Because of the limited space, the colossal titan only had an upper body.

Mikasa and the members of the Survey Corps screamed and retreated.

Because of the protection of Reiner, Su Xiao did not hurt by the hot steam, Reiner controlled the armored titan to jump directly down the wall.

At the same time, the colossal titan also moved, Bertolt Hoover, broke out from the back neck of the colossal titan, using the 3D ‘Maneuver Gear’ to reach the armored titan’s shoulder.

The colossal titan’s upper body with thirty-meter height began to fall down, the target was the people on the wall.


A large piece of steam surged on the wall, the loud noise could be heard within a kilometer.

Su Xiao stood on the armored titan’s shoulder, and the armored titan was running quickly. He had already seen that the Survey Corps acted weird, he had never received news from the ambush on the wall, which meant that he had been treated as a suspect.

It was fortunate that the Survey Corps had not been completely destroyed. The falling attack of the colossal titan was not easy to escape.