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R.P Chapter 179: The fake goddess

Boom, bomb, bomb.

The armored titan quickly ran away to get away from the wall.

Su Xiao stood on armored titan’s bumpy shoulder, his sights fixed on the wall which was covered by the steam.

“Reiner, something is coming, watch out.”

A figure rushed out of the steam, it was a titan about seven meters.

Bertolt Hoover looked at the Titan rushing out of the steam, his sights were complex.

“Is it Maruseru? No, Maruseru has been swallowed up by the brainless titan, is it…”

Bertolt Hoover recognized the identity of the titan, which was the power that their companion who had died, the jaw titan.

Now that they were far from the city wall, Su Xiao was not worried that the Survey Corps would catch up.

There were no horses outside of the wall. It would take at least a few hours for the Survey Corps to lift the horses from inside of the wall to the outside. It was impossible for them to catch up with Su Xiao by their own feet.

“Jaw titan? Don’t worry about it, go ahead.”

Reiner Braun, who turned into the armored titan, hesitated for a while and finally nodded and continued to go forward.

The armored titan ran ahead, Su Xiao and Bertolt Hoover stood on the armored titan’s shoulder, and jaw titan chased behind.

The body type of jaw titan was about 7 meters, he looked fierce, had long hands and short legs, he ran like a beast with limbs. The most conspicuous was the shiny canine teeth. The Occlusal force of the canine teeth must be terrible.

The location of Su Xiao and others was in the wall Maria which was broken. The range of the wall Maria was very wide. It took a long journey to go straight through the range of the wall Maria.

The armored titan, Reiner Braun, did not have the endurance to run for a long time, he needed to find a place to rest on the way.

“Reiner, let’s go to the Titan’s Forest.”

Bertolt Hoover suggested.

The Titan’s Forest was a dense and profuse forest, located in the wall Maria, the trees there were usually a few meters high, people could rest on the tall trees to prevent the attacks from the brainless titans.

“We can’t go to the Titan’s Forest.”

Su Xiao refused.


Bertolt Hoover looked at Su Xiao with doubts. After being refused by Su Xiao, Bertolt Hoover immediately hesitated.

“The goal is too obvious. The Survey Corps will think of the titan’s forest at the first time after lifting the horses.”

Su Xiao tried to remember the terrain inside of the wall Maria.

“Do you remember the location of Eren’s hometown?”

Su Xiao looked at Bertolt Hoover.

“I vaguely remember some, we have to leave the wall Maria as soon as possible. That is the only way we have to pass.”

“We will meet with Annie first, then go straight there. If Reiner Braun runs out of strength, Annie will carry us, we can’t go to the Titans’ Forest.”

Su Xiao, who knew the original plot clearly, Reiner and others took rest in the Titans’ Forest before the Survey Corps found them, then Eren was taken away.

He would never make this kind of mistake.

Reiner Braun who turned in the titan nodded to agree Su Xiao’s opinion, and Bertolt Hoover, who had no opinions, immediately agreed as well.


Suddenly the armored titan suddenly roared, which made Su Xiao somewhat confused, but his doubts were quickly lifted. He saw the female titan who was running from a distance.

The female titan ran near the armored titan immediately removed the titan mode. Annie used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to jump on the armored titan’s shoulder.

Annie was still cold, she subconsciously kept a distance from Su Xiao.

“Is this person really worthy of trust?”

Annie showed up made Bertolt Hoover very excited, Bertolt Hoover had always secretly loved Annie, but his weak character did not dare to show this.

“He’s very… very credible, Annie… you are okay recently?”

Bertolt Hoover became stammered, and Annie just nodded.

Su Xiao, who was sitting on the armored titan’s shoulder, smoked and after looking at Bertolt Hoover, he looked at Annie again.

Su Xiao’s EQ was not low and immediately found out that Bertolt Hoover’s love to Annie, but Su Xiao felt that this guy had no chance at all, Annie treated him at most like a companion.

Pursuing a woman with the attitude of pursuing the goddess would never succeed.

“How long will he run with us?”

Annie raised her white chin and looked at the jaw titan behind.

“The current position is not safe enough, Rainer, talk to him after ten minutes. I feel he is not hostile.”

Su Xiao did not order Rainer. Now he and Reiner Braun and others were criminals, they did not have a subordinate relationship.

The blind high self-esteem would cause others to resent, this was inconsistent with Su Xiao’s later plan. If he wants to go to the Marley Empire, his current false identity will be broken after arriving Marley Empire.

Reiner Braun thought for a while and nodded. In the spy team, Reiner Braun was the captain.

He Continued to move forward, after ten minutes, it seemed a village appeared vaguely. The village was attacked by titans, the houses collapsed a lot, and the grass was overgrown with weeds.

The armored titan stopped in front of the village, the jaw titan behind quickly caught up.

The jaw titan was not good at running long distances. He lied on the ground after stopping, lying flat on the ground like a wild wolf after running fast.

Reiner did not release the titan mode just in case, Su Xiao was the representative to negotiate, Bertolt Hoover was decisive, Annie was not good at communication.

Su Xiao jumped from the armored titan’s shoulder and went toward jaw titan with dragon flash.

The reason why he dared to cooperate with Reiner Braun and others was that he was not afraid of fighting with the Titans. Even if the three men attacked him together, he could find a chance to escape.

If Su Xiao does not have this kind strength he had, Reiner Braun and others will not easily cooperate with him, no one is willing to bring someone useless along.

“Remove the titan mode.”

Su Xiao stood in front of the jaw titan with dragon flash. From a person’s attitude, the person was not hostile.


The jaw titan spat out a woman with blond hairs from the mouth. The muscles on the back neck of the jaw titan open, a woman with a training corps clothing broke away from jaw titan’s body, jaw titan quickly vaporized.

The woman was about one meter seven and her skin color was tan with a black ponytail.


Ani also jumped from the armored titan’s shoulder.

“Annie, Reiner, Bertolt Hoover, I knew that’s you.”

Ymir glanced at Su Xiao and other, she was also an Eren’s classmate of the training corps.

Su Xiao was shocked when he heard the name Ymir. After memorizing initially, he remembered who the woman in front was.

The Ymir in front was ‘fake’, she was not the titan ancestor Ymir, the woman’s background was very complicated, but not dangerous.

Speaking of this Ymir, It had to say from seventy years ago.

Ymir had not had a name for seventy years ago. At that time, she was a little girl wandering inside the ‘Eldian shelter’ in the Marley Empire. She was like a street cat even could not full her stomach.

But the one thing was a bit special, she was an Eldian.

A local cult organization saw this point and took the wandering Ymir in and named her Ymir, falsely claiming that she was the ancestor goddess. To deceive those believers.

Ymir grew up in the worship of cult believers. In her teens, the cult was discovered by the Marley government, Ymir and many believers were arrested.