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R.P Chapter 180: A lamb in a tiger’s den!

After Ymir was arrested, she admitted that she was Ymir in the eyes of many believers, and wanted to save those believers.

The Marley government did not care about them at all, the government even punished them without going through the court. They directly subjected Yumir and the believers with a titan injection, turning them into brainless titans.

This was the punishment to the Eldians after they committed a crime. Turning into a brainless titan could be said that is worse than death. Although they had self-awareness, they could not control the Titans’ bodies, they just could wander like ghosts.

Marley Empire did not waste those eldians by turning them into brainless titans, the government sent them to the island where the walls were located.

It was why there were inexhaustible titans who could not be killed to that extent outside of the wall.

After Ymir became a titan, she wandered for sixty years. Under the coincidence, he swallowed one of a companion of Reiner and others, she obtained the power of the jaw titan and restored her body. At that time, Ymir still had a body of ten years old.

After restoring her body, Ymir decided to live for herself and do what she wanted to do.

But because there were too many brainless titans outside of the wall, Ymir could not cross the ocean as well. She could only sneak into the wall and had been stealing for a living until Ymir met a woman who changed her life, though Ymir was also a woman, she fell in love with the woman.


Su Xiao looked at Ymir after he finished his memories.

He was clear about the person’s background, he also guessed the reason why did she person come.

“You come to surrender?”

“Of course, of course.”

Ymir’s character was candid, although she sometimes spoke sharply, she was kindhearted, but under cover of her bitter words, she often made people think she was hard to make friends.

And Ymir sexual orientation was different, so she generally treated men with bad attitudes.

“Cough, cough…”

A serious cough came, Ymir had brought the woman she had spotted out before.

In Su Xiao angle, he could only see that the woman with blond hairs and her body was short.

“Christa Lenz, wake up.”

Ymir sounded very anxious.

“Cough, cough.”

Christa Lenz coughed for a few times, she glanced around emotionlessly after waking up.

“Ymir? How can I be here?”

After Ymir turned into a titan during the chaos, she immediately swallowed Christa Lenzt and jumped from the wall.

Christa Lenz’s external identity was only a member of the training corps, but she had other identities.

She was a child of a member of the royal family and a servant. She was born without marriage and led her to be excluded by the royal family.

But Christa Lenz had the blood of the royal family, who was qualified to be the king inside of the wall, the king had the right to control everything.

Don’t think that anyone could be the king inside of the wall, the power of the ancient titan could not be played fully without the blood relationship of the royal family.

“Christa Lenz?”

Annie stepped forward and carefully looked at Christa Lenz, whose face was full of titan’s saliva.

“Today must be our day. We not only catch Eren, Christa Lenz actually come to us actively.”

Bertolt Hoover was happy, their mission had been completed, and now they only needed to return to the Marley Empire.

“Ymir, what the hell is going on?”

Christa Lenz, a stupid sweet girl, was very confused, she was swallowed for no reason and now appeared here.

Ymir held at Christa Lenz shoulder and began to whisper with Christa Lenz about the current situation.

Ymir was born in the Marley Empire and now knew the identities of the three men, so she has already guessed the situation now.

“Is it clear? Christa Lenz, there is no hope in the world inside of the wall. Now, these four spies are ready to return to Marley. This means that their purpose has been achieved. The world inside of the wall had already been very unsafe. If we want to continue living, we can only go to Marley Empire.”

Christa Lenz stayed in place and could not accept the situation at the moment.

“This… then what should I do, what about the companions inside of the wall.”

Christa Lenz hesitated.

Christa Lenz was a very inconsistent girl. She always thought about others, or she had no goal to live. The unfortunate childhood experience made her want to be a useful person.

It will not be a matter if she dies.

“Are you finished?”

Su Xiao looked at Ymir coldly, this kind of gaze made Ymir shocked.

“What do you mean?”

“A sudden surrender.”

Su Xiao directly rushed forward with a knife, Ymir was shocked.

“Reiner, subdue her together.”

Su Xiao shouted, Annie and Bertolt Hoover on the side were stunned, while the armored titan, Reiner, rushed ahead directly.

“I am not hostile.”

Su Xiao did not pay attention to Ymir explanation and cut into Ymir chest.


Blood splattered, a deep wound was cut in the chest of Ymir, it seemed to be seen the heart was beating vaguely.

“You bastard!”


Golden lightning fell, Su Xiao raised the left hand with black metal bracer in front of him, the attack was temporarily forced back.

Although Ymir forced Su Xiao back, the armored titan rushed forward.

The armored titan raised his arms and hammered on the jaw titan which just formed.


Large pieces of skeletal muscle splashed.

The impact stopped, Su Xiao, rushed forward for a few steps, holding his sword to cut the calf of the titan.


Five minutes later, Ymir, whose arms were cut off, lying on the ground and gasped heavily. The steam rose in the wound of the broken arm. Losing heavy energy made Ymir unable to recover her arms, not to mention to become a titan.

Su Xiao brought up Ymir on the ground and threw Ymir away. The armored titan’s mouth opened wide, he bit on Ymir’s body with a crack.

Ymir screamed shrilly.

The armored titan, Reiner, was not trying to kill Ymir. This was to aggravate her injuries and prevent her from becoming a titan in a short time.

Su Xiao did not accept Ymir ‘investment’ with reasons. Ymir was indecisive in the original book, she helped Reiner and others for a while and then helped the Survey Corps.

For this unstable factor, Su Xiao would not give the person a chance to betray, he would just injure her and took it away.

“So, it’s time to you.”

Su Xiao held the knife with one hand slowly and approached Christa Lenz.

“Wait a minute, I…, that…”

Christa Lenz, the stupid sweet girl, was a little bit nervous, the situation in front of her was too complicated. Her unwise brain could not work.

A huge figure blocked in front of Su Xiao, the armored titan Reiner.

“Reiner, it seems that this woman has something for you.”

Su Xiao pondered for a while, now he could not fight with Reiner and others.


Reiner came out from the back neck of the armored titan, and there were some muscles around his body.

“Tie her up will be fine, don’t hurt her, please Byakuya.”

Su Xiao put away the dragon flash and rushed for a few steps to the front of Christa Lenz, this time Reiner did not stop him.

Christa Lenz was trained by the training corps, so she had some ability to resist. He could fight against Su Xiao, Christa Lenz was knocked down when she was making a fighting position.


Christa Lenz, who was tied into a rice dumpling by a rope, her mouth was blocked by a white cloth, she struggled with tears in her eyes.

The stupid sweet girl was carried by Annie, several people jumped on Reiner ‘s shoulder and moved on.

Ymir and Christa Lenz were completely unexpected. Ymir was a somewhat smart ass and thought that the same identities of Marley would let Reiner and others accept her.

On the way, the armored titan was tired, it changed with Annie and kept going.

They did not stop, it was impossible for the Survey Corps to catch up them.