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R.P Chapter 181: Complicated Relationships!

At night, inside of the wall Maria.

In a church of a small town.

The church was about a few tens of square meters, the seats inside were kicked broke as firewood, a pile of bonfires rose inside the church.

Several people sat around the fire, Su Xiao, Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt Hoover.

In the corner of the church, Eren and Ymir were weak and leaned on the wall. Eren had regained his consciousness at this time. But the injury caused him to be without the strength to become a titan. He could not even get up. At this time, Eren was staring these four people with hatred.

Eren had tried to blame before, but under Su Xiao’s ‘careful persuasion’, Eren chose to shut up, at most he would not have the danger of being kicked to death.

Compared to Eren, Ymir was much calmer, Ymir, who looked somewhat decadent, leaned on the wall.

The treatment of the two was not the worst, the worst one was Christa Lenz, this stupid girl.

Christa Lenz did not have the power of a titan. She could not be controlled by breaking her limbs. If they cut her arms, this stupid girl will become disabled. So Christa Lenz was tied tightly and threw to the corner.

“How long until you recover your strength?”

Su Xiao looked at Annie and Reiner. Although the two hurried on their journey, the female titan was not good at endurance, the main force of hurry on their journey was still Reiner.

”Up to five hours, we can set off in the midnight, we can travel faster without the interruption of titans.”

The time Reiner gave made Su Xiao made satisfied. Now they have to leave the wall as soon as possible. If more than a thousand members of the Survey Corps chased, the four of them were probably not able to resist.

Su Xiao turned over the roast wild pig on the fire, which was caught on the way.

There was no pollution in the world inside of the wall, the Titans would not prey on the beasts. The ecological environment here was very good.

The wild boar was roasted, the outer skin became browned and crispy, and the oil dropped in the fire made it smell charred.

This kind of wild pig can be sprinkled with some salt, other spices will cover up the flavor of the flesh itself, and the farmed pigs need spices to cover up the smell of the meat.

Annie swallowed secretly, she had stayed in the wall for a few years, now she saw the meat, the expectation flashed in her beautiful blue pupils.

“Byakuya, when will it okay to eat, I’m starving.”

Reiner came somewhat anxious after waiting but did not hide his expectation. He also had not eaten meat for a long time.

“It can be eaten now.”

Su Xiao’s palm flipped, a delicate dagger appeared.

The wild boar meat was distributed to three people. Su Xiao used a dagger to cut a crispy cover and ate it.

The wild boar meat was crispy, and the smell of the meat was filled their mouths.

Annie got to the softest pork loin, although she ate elegantly, she could eliminate food at a fast rate.

“Hey! You guys are too cruel, you not only giving me a meal but eating with satisfaction in front of me.”

Ymir sneered and no longer looked at the four people. The hunger in her stomach was torturing her, Eren did the same movement as her.

In addition to the drinking water which could ensure the life, the two were not given any food, helping the enemy to restore their physical strengths was extremely a stupid thing.

Reiner, who was enjoying dinner, suddenly stopped and walked up to Ymir after hesitating.

“You suddenly have consciences? I say that, although you looked not good, you will not…”

Ymir stopped her words suddenly, because Reiner did not pay attention to her, but brought the silly sweet girl Christa Lenz up, and pulled the white cloth on Christa Lenz’s mouth.

“Christa Lenz, eat some meat.”

Reiner tore a piece of meat and handed it to Christa Lenz’s mouth. Christa Lenz hesitated for two seconds and ate it.

Seeing this scene, Reiner smiled with a gentle smile.

It didn’t take long for Christa Lenz to eat a large piece of meat, but she still looked a little scared.

“Thank you… thank you.”

Christa Lenz thanked him with little voices.

“Speaking about this, from the appearance of the Titans yesterday, we have been running around. So sleepy, but fortunately, the hole of the wall is blocked, I should take a break.

After doing so much, the treatment after joining the Survey Corps must be good, and it should be no problem to promote. ”

Reiner sat in front of Christa Lenz and began to murmur.

Eren, Ymir, and Christa Lenz, including Annie, were stunned, they didn’t understand what Reiner was saying.

Blocking the city wall? Joining the Survey Corps? Promote?

The wall was destroyed by Renner and others. When the matter reached this situation, he surprisingly wanted to join the Survey Corps.

Bertolt Hoover sat next to the bonfire and held his legs, he helplessly looked at Reiner.


Su Xiao shouted Reiner’s current mental state was very wrong.

“What happened, Byakuya. Right!”

Reiner seemed to think of something suddenly, both hands patted on his legs and continued to say:

“You are a member of the Survey Corps. When I join the Survey Corps, you must take care of me. As a soldier, my performance is already excellent. Well, it is excellent.”

After Eren and Ymir heard his words, they felt a chill running down their spines, Christa Lenz carefully moved backward.

“That… Mr. Reiner, what are you talking about?”

Ymir looked at Reiner with stun.

“Well? What do you mean, shouldn’t I be promoted?”

Reiner chuckled and looked relaxed. It seemed that he was still a member of the training corps. Now he just talked with his peers.


Su Xiao sounded a bit angry.

“What happened? Byakuya, why did you stand up, tomorrow…”

“You are not a soldier at all, you are a warrior! Marley warrior!”

Su Xiao’s words made Reiner irritated strongly.

Reiner gradually recalled all kinds of things inside of the wall. He began to have pupil constriction, and his shoulders kept shaking.

After a few seconds, Reiner became calm.

“So this is ah.”

Reiner raised his trembling hands and pressed his hands on his face.

“Ha? What do you mean?”

Eren’s gaze was still full of hatred, but the sight looked at Reiner was somewhat different from before.

“I seem to understand what is going on.”

Ymir looked at Reiner with certain.

“If I guess right, he lives in the wall for a long time had already let him integrate into the training corps fully.

He used to be a warrior who was trying to destroy the city wall. Because he was pretending to be a soldier for a long time, now he can’t tell whether he is a soldier or a warrior.

No, it may be the guilty in his mind is hard to bear. He has another personality in his mind. One is Reiner, who is a soldier, the responsibility is to defend the city wall, and the other is Reiner, a warrior, who is committed to destroying the city wall.

The contradict thought to let him get Schizophrenia and to tamper with his own memory. This situation just happened should not happen for the first time, it can be seen from Bertolt Hoover’s speechless expressions.

It’s so good that it can do to this extent, both… “

Ymir said more and more, but she did not notice Reiner’s expressions gradually distorted under his hands.

“Shut your mouth up.”

Reiner’s voice was low and a little scary.

Ymir shut up immediately after seeing Reiner’s trembled pupil.

“Sorry, I’m over the top.”

Ymir was very acquainted, if she dares to continue saying, Reiner may kill her.

It could be seen from the sneer from Ymir’s face, her apology was not sincere.

“Interesting, if you go back to Marley….”

Ymir was more interested in looking at Reiner, the smile on her face had a unique charm.

“Shut up, or I will cut off your tongue.”

Su Xiao’s voice was not big and looked at Ymir aside. Ymir immediately bowed her head and closed her mouth. The smile on her face also disappeared. She knew clearly that this man was essentially different from Reiner. Although this man looked calm, he was a hundred times more dangerous than Reiner.

Su Xiao looked at Reiner, whose shoulders were shaking, this guy’s mental state was getting more and more unstable.

The relationship between the team members was now complicated.

‘Bertolt Hoover’ loved ‘Annie.’

‘Reiner’ loved ‘Christa Lenz’.

‘Ymir’ also loved ‘Christa Lenz’.

Reiner had a mental illness, this kind of people generally not very good to interact with.

Bertolt Hoover lacked opinions, he could be commonly said as soft eggplant.

Annie looked strong, but her mind was fragile. It could be known when she cried in front of Su Xiao that her mind was actually very fragile.

Christa Lenz was a stupid girl, this girl was easy to deal with, tying her would be fine.

Ymir loved to talk nonsense, and she was shrewd, if she dares to talk something, Su Xiao does not mind to cut off her tongue.

Eren in the team was the easiest to deal with, if he doesn’t obey, he will be punched by Su Xiao.

Su Xiao suddenly had some headaches. The relationship between these people was not as simple as the love triangle.

They must leave the range of wall Maria as soon as possible. Otherwise, these teenagers with different personalities may have some problems. If he kills two of them, he will be in trouble.

And the basement of Eren’s house, Su Xiao must go there, it was likely to get a lot of benefits there.

Su Xiao threw the key in his hand, he couldn’t help but expect it.