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R.P Chapter 182: Not useful.

On the endless grassland, the breeze flew, the whole grassland rustled like a green ocean.

A hare was hiding in the green grass, the two long ears swayed from time to time, bowing its head and eating the sprout of the green grass.

The hare’s head suddenly lifted up, it looked around with a panic, hurriedly fleeing after feeling the vibration on the ground.

Boom, boom, boom.

A figure more than ten meters high passed by, the grass was stepped leaving big footprints.

Su Xiao sat on female titan’s shoulder, he yawned because of being bored.

They had already traveled for seven hours, Annie and Rainer alternately carried several people on their backs, occasionally taking a break.


Reiner sat up and stretched his body, he was tired enough to fall asleep on the female titan’s shoulder.

“What time is it?”

Rainer’s sight was not clear, he had bloodshot eyes.

“8 am.”

”Is there anything left from what we had yesterday, using the power of the titan continuously is very exhausting.”

Su Xiao took out a piece of barbecue and handed it to Reiner, and took out a bottle of water.

“Turn to you after eating these, you were sleeping while Annie held herself with all of her strength.”

Reiner nodded and bit the meat listlessly.

“You seem to have never slept for one day and one night, don’t you rest?”

“For the time being, I still can’t rest.”

Although Su Xiao cooperated with several people, he did not fully trust them, the perceptions of Reiner and others were not strong.

“You’re indeed an empire’s warrior. It seems that I have been lazy in recent years, Annie stop.”

After Reiner ate the food, he shouted and the female titan Annie stopped.

They completed the alternation skillfully, after 50 seconds, Annie who was tired sat on the armored titan Reiner’s shoulder.

“Does it really make sense to travel like this? Will the Survey Corps really catch up?”

Annie looked at Su Xiao with doubts.

“If I kidnap a very important person in the Marley Empire and then destroyed the borderline, and I fled with a few spies inside of the wall, do you think how much military power the Empire would send?”

Su Xiao’s description made Annie speechless, this was an endless hatred.

Don’t say that the Survey Corps, even the royal family sending the Military police regiment would not be strange.

“So we have to leave ‘Paratitivu’ as soon as possible.”

Paratitivu was an island that everyone knew now. Although it was an island, the area was definitely not small. Otherwise, the Marley Empire would not covet the resources there.

Reiner walked slower than Annie, but Reiner was better at endurance.

About three hours later, a town could be seen vaguely, Eren, who was fixed on the armored titan’s shoulder, was obviously restless.

“This is… hometown.”

Eren sounded choked up, although it was only five years later, the city became ruins.

There were trees in the town could be seen faintly. Most of the houses collapsed because of no one inhabited for a long time. From a distance, they could see the hole on the wall that was kicked out by ‘Bertolt Hoover ’.

“We finally arrived.”

Su Xiao overlooked the town below, there were thousands of houses in the town, it was impossible to find Eren’s home by luck.

“I finally got here, finally…”

Bertolt Hoover got up and looked down at the town below, he was a bit guilty because the place was attacked by him.

“Bertolt Hoover .”

Eren whispered, and Bertolt Hoover’s body trembled.

“I will kill you one day, I swear.”

Eren didn’t shout but remained very calm. This tone made Bertolt Hoover somewhat fearful.

“If you can… kill me then do it, I had already had the consciousness of sacrifice when I lifted that foot five years ago.”

‘Bertolt Hoover’, who had always been indecisive, his tone became firm.

“Byakuya, you took the key is to enter the basement of my house, right? Although I don’t know where you get this information, I can’t believe you can find my home in many houses.”

Eren looked up at Su Xiao with a plastic smile.

The experience along the way made Eren become mature, the betrayal of his classmates, the great changes inside of the wall made Eren accelerate to grow up.

“I don’t need you to find the way.”

Su Xiao was not ready to torture and ask Eren, he had his own way.

He began to recall the details in Animation quickly.

The colossal titan kicked the wall break, the young Eren ran in the direction of his home, the mother was crushed by the house.

Su Xiao’s thoughts turned sharply. When Eren’s mother was crushed by the house, the titan had not yet entered the city. The only reason why the house collapsed was the stone that the colossal titan kicked to fly when he broke the wall.

Looking around in the town, four or five big stones came into sight.

“Reiner, look over there, as we discussed before if we can’t find Eren’s home in two hours, give up.”

The armored titan, Reiner, walked toward the direction that Su Xiao pointed and soon arrived in front of a large stone.

The big stone was surrounded by grass, the whole big stone was set in a wooden house.

“Not here, go over there.”

Reiner began to move around the town, passing one stone after another, but each stone was different from the scene in Su Xiao’s memory.

“The last one.”

Su Xiao looked at the big stone in the town closest to the city wall. That was the last hope.

The armored titan moves a step, Su Xiao’s sight quietly swept toward Eren.

Although Eren was trying to keep calm, the action that looked up from time to time revealed his intentions, this boy was still too young.

“It can’t be wrong, that’s it.”

Su Xiao could be sure.

“You bastard!”

Eren roared and tried to struggle, but he injured seriously. He only drank a small amount of water every night, which made him weak extremely.

The footsteps of the armored titan Reiner stopped, Su Xiao carefully observed the surrounding terrain.

A collapsed house, a boulder crushed the roof and a half of the female body in the nearby grass.

This was the home of Eren, the beginning of the plot.

“Reiner, open this roof.”

Reiner did not think too much, the two big hands opened the roof easily like an excavator and continued to dig down.

Soon, Reiner cleaned up the collapsed house, a black hole appeared, there was a step leading to the basement.

Below was the basement of Eren’s house, this place was an important turning point in the original plot, Su Xiao could not help but look forward.

Reiner released the titan mode and took Eren to the front of the steps. Bertolt Hoover carried at Ymir. Annie brought Christa Lenz. The treatment of this silly sweet girl was different.

“Is this? I heard you mention it many times before.”

Rainer looked at Eren in his hand.

“Reiner, can I ask you something as we were companions?”

“say it.”

“Help me to collect the bones over there, that is my mother’s bones.”

Reiner did not hesitate to step forward, took off his shirt and wrapped the half of bones, and tied his shirt on Eren’s body.

“Don’t thank me, I have known that my crime deserves more than death. I knew it five years ago.”

After finishing, Reiner ran for a few steps to keep up with Su Xiao’s pace.

Su Xiao held the flashlight in his left hand and took the key that Eren carried in the right hand and walked down the steps.

This key that Eren’s father asked Eren to conserve and it should have a key role.

Su Xiao took the lead, Annie and others followed, the expressions of several people were a little nervous.

Su Xiao easily walked in the forefront, the basement was unlikely to be dangerous.

The downward steps were not long, a wooden door appeared in front.

Standing in front of the wooden door, Su Xiao looked at the key in his hand and looked at the old wooden door.

Su Xiao suddenly lifted his foot and smashed it, the wooden door was smashed with a crack. The basement appeared in sight.

Su Xiao looked at the key in his hand and threw the key back to Eren behind him. The
Key was useless, then the key slammed into the ground.

Eren’s expression was like doubting his life, he some unbelievably looked at the key that he kept for five years. The door that the key could open was opened by a kick.