Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 183: It turned out he had a brother!

Su Xiao took the lead into the basement, the entire basement was made of wood.

The furniture in the basement was very simple. There were a wooden desk and a chair. There were wooden cabinets on both sides of the wall. There were several wooden boxes placed next to the wooden cabinets. There were a lot of bottles and jars in the wooden boxes.

Su Xiao began to look for valuable things in the basement and picked up a few slightly yellowed papers. The above were various calculation formulas, he could see the words of reconciliation and division vaguely.

Su Xiao continued to search until he picked up a test tube in a wooden box.

[You get (the bone marrow of the attack Titan).]

The bone marrow of the attack titan.

Quality: Green

Type: Experimental items

Rating: 17 (Note: The green score is 10 to 30.)

Introduction: The bone marrow of the attack titan, extracting the bone marrow
would reduce the life of the person who had the power of the titan, the research cost extremely high, deep research is not recommended.

Price: 3% of the source of the world.


After seeing the attributes of this test tube, Su Xiao was stunned, he first saw the items that could be sold as the source of the world.

It is very unlikely to get the power of ‘attack titan’ through these bone marrows, this thing may not sell at a high price.

The power of the titan was not very popular in the reincarnation paradise. It was not that it was not strong, but wanting to acquire this kind of power. The price you paid was far more than the return.

It could be seen from the remarks from the reincarnation park. The biggest use of this thing was to sell for the source of the world, Su Xiao chose to sell it.

[Get 3% of the source of the world, and now you have 3% of the source of the world.]

This was a good start, Su Xiao began to look for other things by turning cabinets upside down.

[Titan’s life drawing sheet]

[T-shaped titan’s anatomy]

[Aitmis report]

[The bone marrow of the ancient titan]

A lot of items are placed in front of Su Xiao. The quality of these things was good, but these were not useful in real function. There was a characteristic that could be sold as a source of the world.

Su Xiao felt that this was a reward from the reincarnation park to enter this basement. He sold all the items.

[Get 2% of the source of the world, and now you have 5% of the source of the world.]

[Get 1% of the source of the world, and now you have 6% of the source of the world.]


[Get 6% of the source of the world, and now you have 14% of the source of the world.]

The price of the bone marrows of the ancient titan sold by Su Xiao was very high, and it surprisingly had 6% of the source of the world.

His gaze can’t help but look at Eren, now the power of the ancient titan was in his body.

This idea was vetoed by Su Xiao when it first appeared. No matter how he thought the titan’s bone marrow was not so easy to extract, it may take complicated steps.

Entering the basement to obtain a total of 14% of the source of the world, this had already made Su Xiao satisfied, the source of the world represented the attribute points, the much more.

The basement became messy because Su Xiao turned the cabinets and boxes upside down, Annie and others stood at the door stunned, they all could not understand Su Xiao’s behaviors.

The only neat thing in the basement was the desk, Su Xiao took out the chair from the desk and sat at the desk.

On the desk, there was the ink bottle which had dried up, the scale and so on. Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager, was not only a doctor but also a researcher of titans.

Opening the drawer of the desk and three diaries were placed inside.

Su Xiao took out his diary, Reiner and others all gathered up. They also wondered what was written in the diary.

Opening the first diary, the first page of the diary was full of mottled blood, this was Eren’s father ‘Grisha Yeager’s diary.

The contents of the diary were as follows:

‘Today is my eight-year-old birthday. My father bought a cake. But the cake has too much cream. I don’t like it, but I have to pretend to be very happy. It’s my father’s mind, but my sister ate a lot, and the cream was stained on her little nose, my sister is happy, so it’s fine.’

‘Sister is dead,…a large piece of ink…, the damn Marley let the dogs bite her to die, just because we walked out of the isolated area, we just wanted to see the airship.’

‘Large piece of ink…’

‘Those animals,

Animals, animals, animals, animals, animals… ’

‘My sister’s death was all my fault. I invite her to see the airship. My mother only cried silently. Dad even flattered those Marley officers. He didn’t care about his daughter’s death. I hate him, hate, hate, hate. ’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘I am eighteen years old, now I am mature, and I understand that as long as we are still under the control of the Marley people, we, the Eldians, cannot be free.’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘There was such an organization, the ‘Eldia Restorationists’ was my destination, I am very fortunate to join the restorationists.’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘It’s incredible. The member of restorationists Owl turned out to be the government staff of Marley. I finally understood why the restorationists would always escape dangers from a crisis, and I really hope to see ‘Owl.’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘Today I met a woman named Dina Fritz, she is beautiful, my heartbeats are accelerating, what’s going on with this strange feeling?’

‘Dina Fritz is actually the royal family of Eldia. It’s really surprising news.’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘I’m married to Dina, not for the organization, we just love each other. ‘


Su Xiao saw the diary written here and looked at Eren.

“This is….”

“Eren’s father’s wife? That’s Eren’s mother?”

Several people were surprised to see Eren, Eren’s family was actually from the Marley Empire.

“My… my mother was not Dina Fritz.”

Eren murmured.

“Maybe that’s your father’s ex-wife, men have a problem of preferring new things to old one.”

Ymir started talking nonsense.

Although Eren’s limbs were cut off, his sights were very dangerous.

Su Xiao continued to check the diary.

‘I will remember this day forever, I have a son! I decided to name him Zeke Yeager. ’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘The power of the titan in the thirteenth year is coming. The time for changing the host is coming. Zeke is 7 years old this year. I have used the thoughts of the restorationists to educate Zeke for many years. I decided to let Zeke go to the selection. Although only can live for 20 years is somewhat cruel. But this is the glory for the Eldia’s revival.’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘I can’t believe that my 7-year-old son, Zeke, actually sold us and sold his biological parents. The Marley soldiers have already come outside.’

‘A large piece of blood stains.’

The content of the first diary was over. It recorded the experience of ‘Grisa Yeager’ from childhood to youth. The papers that were torn down should be useless content, which made it easier to read.

Su Xiao opened the second diary.

The content was as follows:

‘I don’t know if I am fortunate or unfortunate. I haven’t been turned into a brainless titan. ‘Owl’ saved me, but Dina has become a brainless titan and has been exiled to Paratitivu forever. This is the old method that Marley punished ‘Eldians’.

‘I finally know the identity of Owl. He was actually one of the two soldiers who caught my sister and me when I was young. It was the time when my sister and I went to see the airship. Without him, my sister wouldn’t have died, but why didn’t I hate him? ’

‘Owl’s name is Eren Kruger. He has the power of the attack titan. Today he passed on this power to me. I swallowed him after becoming a brainless titan. This is obviously revenge, but why am I so sad, I will always remember your name, Eren Kruger. ’

‘Owl told me the truth about ‘Paratitivu’, the so-called king of the first generation actually signed a non-war contract with the power of the ancient titan in his body, never fighting the Marley empire, the guy’s head must have problems, this stupid pig, the Marley people have begun to covet ‘resources of Paratitivu’.

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘I successfully sneaked into the wall, the knowledge that I learned in the restorationists made it easy to sneak into the wall.’

‘The outbreak of the plague let me build prestige inside the wall. Should I find a woman to get married, which would be safer.’

‘The broken page that was pulled down… ’

‘I met a woman at the hotel today. Her name is Carla Yeager. I should probably pursue her. I want to fall in love with her. ’

‘Second marriage, which reminds me of Dina, is she still okay? It may be a blessing to become a brainless titan in this desperate world.’

‘I have a second son, I decided to name him Eren Yeager, yes, this name is to commemorate ‘Owl’ Eren Kruger who was already dead.’

‘Eren, the father will not instill any thoughts on you. Although you are not as smart as your brother, you are happier than him. It was my fault before. It was not my son, Zeke betrayed me, from the very beginning, I betrayed Zeke, I am sorry, I am not a good father.’


Read till here, everyone looked at Eren.

Eren’s world view had been strongly impacted. He was not only a second child but also had a mother, perhaps aunt? However, it was more intimate to call her Dixie.