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R.P Chapter 184: They Are Here!

The content of the second diary was about to end, Su Xiao opened the third diary.

The third diary was a message from Grisha Yeager after the wall Maria was broken. It detailed the origins of the Titans and the history of the war of the ‘Eldia Empire’. These contents Su Xiao all understood.

Su Xiao threw three diaries aside. After reading these diaries, he knew more about the Marley Empire.

Now the Eldians were not in a good position in the Marley Empire, but they were much better than living inside of the walls.

After Su Xiao threw the diaries, a photo was dropped from the gap of the diary.

This photo was a group of three people, including Eren’s father Grisha Yeager, ex-wife Dina Fritz, and young Zeke Yeager.

As it could be seen from this photo, this family of three was very happy. Grisha Yeager wore a good suit. From the background, it could be seen that this family was not poor.

“Is my father… the royal family of the Marley Empire? This expensive clothing…”

Eren looked at the photos on the wooden table with stun.

“Royal family?”

Reiner talked with ridicule.

“This is just what the people in the middle stage of the Marley Empire wear. Don’t compare our empire with the inside of the walls.

Even if the empire had wars for years, the residents were still very rich.”

Bertolt Hoover was also proud as he straightened his back.

Su Xiao ignored the conversations of several people, he continued to look for something on a desk.

Although these three diaries were valuable, these gains did not match the origins of this basement.

Three minutes later, Su Xiao turned the desk upside down and still had no other gains.

”Is there only these things?”

Su Xiao put the drawer out and put on the wooden table and began to look at the interior of the wooden table, still nothing.

Just as Su Xiao was about to give up, he suddenly found that the drawers on the wooden table were weird.

Compared to the overall width of the drawers, the depth of the interior of the drawers was somewhat shallow, the interior of the drawers was engraved with some symbols, which seemed to be a reminder to someone. It could not be seen clearly if they did not look it carefully.

It was the reminder of Grisha Yeager to Eren!

Su Xiao knocked on the inside of the drawers.

Thump, thump, thump.

It’s empty.

Su Xiao took out the dagger to tilt the bottom of the drawer. With a crack, the bottom of the drawer was lifted, and a blue light appeared in the interlayer of the drawer.

Su Xiao’s sight widened and put his hand into the interlayer of the drawer.

“What is inside?”

Annie’s curiosity was attracted, several other people were very curious about the things in the interlayer of the drawer. In the basement, several people had a feeling of a treasure hunt.

“I didn’t find anything.”

Su Xiao took the drawer and broke it. The drawer was slammed into a pile of broken wood.

“I thought there is a secret, it is really disappointing, you will not secretly take it for yourself, right?”

Ymir started talking nonsense again.

“There’s nothing in this basement, let’s withdraw.”

Su Xiao walked calmly toward the ground, at this time a test tube that occasionally flashed blue light was in his storage space.

[Titan refined extract] (semi-finished product)

Quality: blue

Type: Experimental drugs

Rating: 60 (Note: Blue items scored from 31 to 70. The higher the score, the more precious the item.)

Description: This medicine could be completed after returning to the reincarnation paradise, which cost 13,000 park coins.

After completing, you will gain strength +2, Agility +2, Vitality +2, intelligence +2 after injection.

Price: 8% of the source of the world.


Su Xiao would not sell this blue medicine. It could be completed by spending 13,000 paradise coins. After injecting it, he could add 8 points of attributes.

Su Xiao was a bit grateful, he seriously searched the basement, otherwise, he would lose a lot.

Entering the basement this time, Su Xiao harvested 14% of the sources of the world and obtained a bottle of blue-quality medicine with extremely high value, which was a huge harvest.

The returning task required a total of 15% of the sources of the world, and Su Xiao was about to complete the returning task.

Going out of the basement, under the bright sunshine, the warm breeze gently flew by their cheeks.

This made Su Xiao feel better.

The hole of the wall Maria was in front after Reiner turned into an armored titan, the few men sat on the titan’s shoulder and continued on their way.

The armored titan walked to the hole of the city wall. As long as they came out of this hole, no one could find them. At that time, they would be like a fish that returned to the sea.

We finally come here again; we can go back home.”

Bertolt Hoover sighed, and the happiness on his face was not hidden.

After the armored titan got out of the hole about ten meters high, Su Xiao pupil suddenly constricted.

He suddenly jumped from the armored titan’s shoulder and looked through the hole of the wall Maria.

“They indeed do their best.”

Su Xiao pointed to the ground by his index finger, a subtle vibration came.

“What happened?”

Bertolt Hoover looked at Su Xiao with doubts.

“If I guess right, the Survey Corps arrived.”

Su Xiao thought of a possibility. If the situation is really like that, he will not care whether the Survey Corps come.


Bertolt Hoover was shocked and immediately jumped from the armored titan’s shoulder.

“I didn’t see it… it’s impossible.”

Bertolt Hoover looked far away incredibly, a large piece of cavalry looked dark in the distance was approaching quickly.

“There is nothing impossible. The Survey Corps has more horses for each person. If they are on a non-stop journey, they can check the ‘the titan’s forest’ and go straight here.

We want to leave the wall Maria in the shortest time. This is our only way.”

Even if Su Xiao knew that he would be caught up by the Survey Corps, he would come here, the basement of Eren’s house could not be given up.

“Go, get ready to start fleeing.”

Su Xiao and Bertolt Hoover returned to the armored titan’s shoulder, the armored titan ran at full speed after identifying the direction.


A shout came in the back, listening to the voice, it was Mikasa.

Eren was stunned after hearing this sound.
“Mikasa? Is it…”

Eren’s eyes were shining, the Survey Corps came!

“How did they catch it, we hurry on our way at full strength.”

Bertolt Hoover looked nervous, the seven or eight hundred members of the Survey Corps gave him a lot of pressure.

Annie’s fist tightened, if they’re caught up, everything will be over.

Unlike the two nervous people, Su Xiao looked relaxed and sat on the armored titan’s shoulder.

“Although I don’t know why you are so confident, it seems that we are going to be saved.”

Ymir looked at Su Xiao with a smile.

“Oh? Are you sure?”

Su Xiao’s calm attitude made Ymir frowned.

“Continuously traveling around the day and night, it is useless for Survey Corps to have more people.

I don’t believe that they have the fighting power after traveling for a day and night.”

Su Xiao took out the telescope and observed the Survey Corps pursuing behind.

The head of the group, Erwin, was exhausted and had dark circles around his eyes. The dry and cracked lips represented that they did not carry much food and fresh water.

Su Xiao’s mouth tilted up, a regiment of the few hundred people could not solve the problem of food by hunting.

Looking at the horses of the Survey Corps, now everyone was riding a horse as some shared horses.

After traveling with high intensity, the horse’s lips appeared white foam vaguely. These horses had not been drinking for a long time.

“Reiner, can you persist for four hours?”

The armored titan Reiner nodded, now he had no need to retain his physical strength. If he runs to collapse can insist for four hours, it will be no problem.

“Since you have sent the head for thousands of meters, then I will accept it with politeness.”

In Su Xiao’s hands, there was a revolver with a slender gun barrel. The Survey Corps had no long-range attack ability, but he did.